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Down? S Syndrome Essay, Research Paper

Description: Juvenile, non-fiction, informational, image book, accompanied by text.

Jon O, as the male child with Down? s Syndrome is called, is the chief character of this kids? s book. His parents, siblings, classmates, and friends were the other characters that made up the narrative. The narrative briefly sums up what Jon O is like and why he is a? particular male child? .

Jon O was categorized as? retarded? by the household physician before he was even born, and the book portrayed him as a? particular? kid that had many differences from all the? normal? people around him. Elaine Ominsky made really clear all of the kid? s? differences? and made every achievement out to be nil short of a miracle. The Wolfensberger? s Devalued Social Roles I saw in the book were many.

Object of commiseration, ? His Mommy and Daddy cried! They were really sad that their babe was different. ? This one was spotted in the first paragraph of the book. There was one portion that can be seen as object of commiseration, object of charity/burden, and a subhuman portraiture. This portion was speaking about Jon O in the schoolroom scene, ? Sometimes the kids inquire her, [ the instructor ] ? Why does he [ Jon O ] act so amusing? ? ? Why is he different from us? ? The instructor tells them, Jon O has a particular job. He will non turn the manner most kids do. He will non be able to larn the manner most kids do. He is retarded. ? This shocked me, what a immense thing, to believe, to state. Why would it be so difficult to state? Well childs, Jon O International Relations and Security Network? t different he merely has differences. Isn? t your hair, eyes, apparels, etc. different from other peoples? Differences are what make us alone and fantastic people. ? Why couldn? t the instructors say something of that nature to non put him apart?

Another subdivision that fell under that class was about his interactions with his brothers, which
look normal until Ominsky sets him apart. ? But sometimes his brothers get angry with Jon O. He can non make all the things they can make. They forget Jon O is different. ? Good! Great! ! Why is it that he isn? t different, why can? t he be a brother capable of being one of the male childs and be hard, left out, included, and all. Then it continues, ? Jon O ne’er forgets he is different. Sometimes he is unhappy because he can non all the things that people want him to do. ? And why can? t he? Who told him he could non?
These negative functions were interspersed with some of the? six values. ? There were positive parts that Jon O was portrayed as doing. He? helps clean up after the art lesson? helps his brothers build a garrison? his female parent set the tabular array? his hole the dune buggy. ? He besides shows built-in strengths, ? ? Jon O will maintain seeking? He? s batch? s of fun. ? There are besides many relationships that are positive he plays with his classmates, friends, and brothers. Jon O besides has a healthy relationship with his instructor and parents.

I think kids would understand that this kid was particular, but besides different and that does non necessitate to be the instance. He is invariably said to be? different? and I? m non sure that that term is utile for a positive portraiture, because it was ne’er said in the book that being different was good or even O.K.s. The book reminded me of my cousin Christopher and made me glad that no 1 substituted his name for Jon O? s. I liked the book for its effort and the images, but the message was confounding at times for the intended age degree. I would urge it to other pupils in EDU 370.

The images went along good with the text and did non back up or deny the text either. I have included transcripts of the book attached.


Ominsky, Elaine. Jon O. : A Particular Boy. Prentice Hall Inc. : Englewood N.J. 1977.

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