Downside of technology in personal selling

Published: 2020-06-07 23:31:05
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Technology have revolutionized personal merchandising and assist out in many ways. But, engineering has besides lead to a few downsides in personal merchandising. Particularly in the ethical portion of personal merchandising. Besides that, with the engineering turning quickly and personal merchandising gets more and more dependent with engineering, the cost of personal merchandising due to technological betterments will increase enormously.
Ethical motive
In the moralss portion, we shall discourse how engineering has affected the physical, societal and moral qualities involved with personal merchandising.
Physical merchandise qualities.
The quality of merchandises sold through personal selling is n’t up to par with the what promised. Like for illustration, when one sends a message supplying how assuring a merchandise may be, but it turns out the criterion of the merchandise is low. This may do the client to experience non satisfied toward the company or the individual who sells them the goods. As consequence, company will be unable to a good client relationship direction, and to retain the client and hold a good portion of client equity. Another illustration is, during a presentation, many gross revenues individual may infix in some images of their merchandises sold ( particularly goods ) . Through engineering, those images of their merchandises are largely being modified or airbrush so that the images may look more appealing and attractive to their customers.A good illustration if an airbrushed merchandise is the Big Mac Burger sold by McDonalds. There is a distinguishable difference between the normal Burger a client may buy, and airbrushed Burger that is used in publicity.
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Figure: Left Pic: Usual Big Mac Burger sold on McDonald Right movie: The airbrushed Big Mac Burger.
Social qualities
Low and unequal feedback
In personal merchandising gross revenues individual are ever promote to remain near, listen and understand their client. But through engineering many companies do n’t understand what the client demand and want out from them.
Through personal merchandising utilizing electronic mails or confabs online, one may non cognize what ‘s the client reaction and verbal feedback of that peculiar merchandise and wo n’t cognize whether the clients are experiencing uncomfortable or confused about the merchandises. For illustration, after doing gross revenues with the client, it ‘s ever of import thing for a gross revenues individual to make the last measure of personal merchandising which is the ‘follow up ‘ measure. Like for illustration, to acquire the feedback from the client about the merchandise sold, sometimes the questionnaires which are sent to the clients ‘ electronic mail may non be replied due to assorted grounds and on-line canvass or the replies given by the clients may non be accurate or unequal and make non assist in the company in understanding their clients better and to better their product..
Communication may differ and understanding between the gross revenues individual and the client possibly low. Due to human nature, it ‘s normal for people to decode information otherwise when they write and read something. For illustration, during a cold call made by a gross revenues individual to a possible client, he or she may non be able to visualise to the full of what the sales representative is seeking to advance and may acquire a incorrect image of the merchandise alternatively of the existent merchandise. Compared if the gross revenues individual were to run into face to face with the client and explicate the merchandise, it ‘s ever easier for the client to cognize better.
Moral qualities
Promotional electronic mails ( spam electronic mails ) and random naming.
Some gross revenues people are a small aggressive in making personal merchandising. This is in order to make the gross revenues quota set by the company. Therefore there are rather a figure of gross revenues people who sends a many promotional electronic mails people and does n’t truly care about who ‘s the receivers. For illustration, when they get client informations like their electronic mails or telephone Numberss, either from internal or external databases, they merely indiscriminately send the promotional electronic mails of the company ‘s merchandise or randomly giving call to everyone without look intoing the background and personality of the client. This may do annoyance among the clients and besides they will easy acquire annoyed with the company and may purchase less with that company and hence taking the company to hold a lower portion of client and client equity.
Unethical manner of acquiring and use of client information.
Although clients do portion some of their information with their gross revenues individual, some gross revenues individual cheques their possible clients ‘ profile through reading through people ‘s facebook to look into their profile or sometimes stalking. Although it may be a norm for many gross revenues individual to do personal merchandising through Facebook or other societal web site and to look exhaustively into their clients and clients profile, in our sentiment we think that it is a non a really polite thing to make as it may be noticeable towards the client ‘s privateness. Yes, although it ‘s of import for a gross revenues individual to hold a research about their possible clients, but there are some who abuse it and utilize those information they got for other intents and does non follow the codifications of moralss that are set by the company. For illustration, there is ever a possible for sales representative to portion this information
with a client ‘s rivals, either intentionally or by chance
As engineering have improve enormously, but the cost of developing the gross revenues individual to be more technologically savvy. For illustration, in footings on how a gross revenues individual to be more persuasive when seeking to acquire a client to purchase a merchandise through cyberspace, they may necessitate to travel through some classs to be able to make so and to smooth up their accomplishments. Apart from that companies have to fork out money to purchase appliances and other technological merchandises for their sales representative to make personal merchandising through the cyberspace such as, laptops, cyberspace broadband and others. Sometimes companies have to supply transit like autos for them to go from one topographic point to another. Apart from that companies need bear the high cost when their gross revenues individual make cold naming to advance the company ‘s merchandise to the clients, without any cognition of the chance clients ‘ background, needs or their fiscal position.

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