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Bullying is a plight among children that has been around for many generations. It has caused a lot of pain and suffering throughout the years, most of which does not go away. Bullying can scar people for life and has even drove people to commit suicide. As the years go on, bullying becomes a bit less violent, but it has also taken on a new form, cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is done through the internet, through text, or through E-mail. Though it is indirect, cyber-bullying is just as harmful as direct physical or verbal bullying. Some say that bullying has gone away more and more as the years go on, but they are wrong, bullying is still present, and an even larger threat today than ten years ago.
One form of bullying is physical bullying. Physical bullying is bullying that occurs between one person physically hurting another. This can by by punching, slapping, kicking, pinching, and anything along that manner. This kind of bullying is not as common as it was before, but it is now a lot more dangerous. Kids these days are now bringing weapons to school, threatening the lives of every student.
Another form of bullying is verbal bullying. This is where students hurt others by saying harmful things to them and making fun of them for any number of reasons. This is a form of bullying that does not seem that serious, but it is. Words can hurt just as much as anything someone could do to you physically. The names that people are being called now are very harsh and have driven people to extreme actions, such a suicide or school shootings. Over 70% of people in todays schools experience verbal bullying in some way shape or form. Verbal bullying may be taken more lightly than other forms, but it is just as serious and a lot more common.
The most recent form of bullying is cyber-bullying. Cyber-bulllying is a new form of bullying in which the victims are bullies through the internet or through any form of technology, including, but not limited to: text-messaging, through the phone and/or E-mail. Cyber-bullying is taking the world by storm and is just as serious as any other kind of bullying.
Bullying. The very word inspires pictures of anger and sadness. There is no such thing as good bully. Bullies are people too, however, and probably do so because of personal reasons, such as abuse at home. Sometimes you have to be the bigger person and try to befriend the bully and help them. You will find that most of the time that all a bully really seeks is attention and approval.

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