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Good evening everyone, to all the faculty member??™s, staff??™s and admin, I am very thankful that we are gathered here today as we celebrate our graduation day, first I would like to congratulate my fellow students regarding their loving parents to join us here, one of the most memorable day in our life.
Could we imagine, here we are now in the stage we??™ve waited so long, after 6 years in elementary, 4 years in high school and 4 years as a college student here we are now wearing our the black toga finally , coz as we all know ELEM and HS graduation is maybe ordinary because we only wear white toga, but now it??™s all in black, still I can??™t imagined how my life would be before I graduate, but thanks to all the teacher??™s who guided me through my way where I am now, I can still remember the lessons they thought us not just literally the lessons on the subjects but also the lessons in real life situations, all the experience we??™ve shared a lot, the seminars, the hang outs, the party??™s we have in this school, so I am very thankful to have them not just our second mother or father but also our buddy when we have problems, we shared it to them, and they give us some advices too, they cheer up us when we are down or I should say if we are unhappy they give us a lots of ENERVON, because as the commercial plays ENERVON, MORE ENERGY MAS HAPPY so I could say that they can be our second family that we have, and also thanks to the staffs and admin here in our school, because thay also helped us when we need something we don??™t have, and we could ask them too if we need some regarding to cleaning our waste, our favorite DRAGON SEED so I just loved our school. And to my classmates, thanks for the time we??™ve shared for the last 3yrs of our life being together, ill not forgot you all, as the day passed, and as we grow older we will always be classmates and nothing will be forgotten.
Regarding to our parents, I know their kind busy on their business but still they are here with us, thank you for supporting us giving us what we need, especially when it comes to money matters, we all know that not all students in our school are rich but still our parents are here for us, even though they can??™t afford our tuition because of the high rate, still they let us here so I am a big fan of them, because they can do multi tasking work and being a parents to us, so im not just saluting us but also the parents who??™ve worked hard for us. That??™s all, thanks you and I love you all

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