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System to Develop ?? Health & safety
To prevent hazards there must be a proper system which is unique to the relevant project & according to the environment as well. To maintain proper Health & safety conditions within a construction site we can use below strategies from the beginning of the project.
* Continuing to raise awareness for the industries to improve health and safety performance, focusing on the management of significant risk areas.
* Promoting the value of health and safety management auditing by companies.
* Promoting this Common Strategy to non-Forum member trade associations and other industry health and safety committees and groups.
* Participating in conferences and seminars and writing journal articles to promote the priority H&S issues.
* Promoting the Recipe for Safety??™ initiative and encouraging member associations and companies to take positive actions to pursue the main causes of injuries and occupational ill health.
* Promoting the value of health and safety management auditing.
* Participating in conferences and events to promote health and safety priorities and promoting/introducing initiatives. Promoting health and safety issues through in-house journals and newsletters.
* Publishing health and safety guidance specific to risks in their industry, or the industries with which they are involved.
* Encouraging companies to carry out joint working on health and safety issues with their employees, their representatives and trade unions at local level.
* Calculating their company??™s injury rate and comparing it with benchmarks given in A Recipe for safety??™ and elsewhere.
* Concentrating health and safety efforts on their main causes of injury and occupational ill health ?? in general these will be those highlighted in A Recipe for Safety??™ with particular attention to reducing musculoskeletal injuries and slips injuries.
* Carrying out health and safety management auditing to monitor and review prevention strategies implemented.
* Ensuring full involvement of the workforce in health and safety by training and effective feedback arrangements.
* Arrange workshop like things in coordination with the district hospital by instructing how to maintain personal health & safety.

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