Family Rape Case

Published: 2020-06-05 04:01:05
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Family rape case
I have just been assigned a case involving rape; during my evaluation I discovered the rape involved a member of the victim??™s family, first I will, Define the problem, then determine who should be involved, Identify available alternative solutions to the problem, Evaluate the identified alternatives, Make the decision, Implement the decision, Evaluate the decision.
Define the problem: at age 7 her grandfather molested her. He made her perform sexually acts to him & he did the same to her. Even though she was 7 she still thought it was her fault. But stated that if you were to ask me if this happen to another 7 year old, she would tell you that its not his/her fault. She felt that??™s just something that goes along with being molested or raped. When she was a little older 13 she was raped, by some guy. He was a known pedophile. She was really scared to tell anyone because of the issue with her grandfather. People didnt believe her, they said she was lying. Teachers, some family members, and folks she didnt even know. She was yelled at, questioned over and over. And she knew that if she told anyone about this rape she would have to deal with the same thing. So she didnt, but people did find out, and the same things happen to her they did not believe her. Until people started finding out whom he was, then it was maybe she is not lying. She thought for others it was easier to tell the person you love they are lying then to believe that something bad happen to the person you love.
Then in her preteen years after dealing with being Molested and Raped; she just couldnt cope, didnt do well in school. She acted up, lied, mistreated people and anything else. She didnt want to live, she attempted suicide twice. And as you can see that didnt work out for her, because she believed God had a plan for her and she intend on doing that. She was doing better even thought She was taking Baby steps” any steps toward making a change is great.
Then at the age of 19 she believes. She was raped by a Friend of a Friend” The guy was drunk and he didn??™t seem to care that She was telling him no. things got out of hand so fast She didnt even know what was happening. Before when She was 13 She told him NO” but he didnt listen and did what he did to her. When she was 7 her grandfather threatens to kill her and her grandma if she told anyone. So by this time with all the negative affects she didnt say no right away. That was just her way of dealing with it. If She wants it then it??™s not rape, even though she knew she didnt” But she was able to say NO… She yelled it, She hit him, She tried to leave and he wouldnt stop. She stated that everyone always says if they were in that situation, they would scream, yell, fight, and do anything to get out of the situation. But you just don??™t know unless you??™re in it. She knew that if she did everything she could and couldnt get away that she would want to kill herself… so that she wouldnt have to play that situation over and over in her head. But she knew that she had to try she was sick of letting guy??™s hurt her; and to this day not many people know about it; Except her brother because he went with her to the hospital, and a couple others. Her family doesnt even know. She just said if less people know then she can forget it faster. But she knows that??™s not true.
She is now 26 and has came in for counseling; and now she really wants to work things out; she says she has been talking with others on online websites for individuals that suffer these sort of situations, she states that this is just her way of dealing and working things out; she has said it??™s ok if youve been raped and you??™re scared. You??™re not the only one, if you ask all your friends if they have been raped youd be surprised how many people would say yes. The one thing that helps her is being able to talk to someone who understands her and what she has been through like someone who has been through it. She said it helps her to just talk about it and it can take you a long way. And likes to be there online for anyone who needs to talk about what has happened to them, and lets them know there are plenty of numbers and websites for them or a friend.
Privacy and confidentiality; Many laws provide a privilege” between me as a professional and to my client, in protecting any communications between me and my client. These will range from the traditional, social worker-client privileges, and privileges protecting communications between rape crisis and domestic violence counseling and my client. Most of these privileges will not cover things such as child abuse because even though a couple of the cases happened when she was a child it has been years prior to now I know a counselor who learns of such abuse is required by law to report it but it??™s not within the Utah statute of limitation law; it was at the age of 7 when her grandfather molested her; and 13 when the rape happened but rape, sodomy, or sexual abuse of a child: has to be within 4 yrs, of the reporting offense. The area of a victims right to privacy continues to be the most important to me.
The Informed consent once the evaluation was complete I discussed the informed consent with my client I explained that a social worker or another professional will not intervene in her life or release confidential information(Ethical decisions p-89) about her unless she has consented.
Identify available alternative solutions to the problem; I Determined who should be involved; within time I feel that the whole family should be involved of the healing process seem it??™s a problem within the family. But I am reluctant to bring in the grandfather because she had stated that he would hurt her and her grandmother if she ever told but I also think it is vital to have her grandfather involved for the healing process.
In evaluating and identifying alternatives and Making the decision; I feel that family group therapy could really benefit the family; being involved with a group that has same kind of rape incest experiences that they have experienced; I feel that it is vital that she keeps a one on one therapy counseling; I will help my client to self ?¬determination and assist my client in her efforts to identify and clarify her goals, one goal is keeping appointments with me her social worker, and another goal is to participate in group family meetings, also the online incest recourses she has already stated that it has been a comfort in her healing process.
Implement the decision: I feel that the family counseling for an incest resource group is going to be essential in the healing process to my clients well being, I also would like to include one on one with my client, I also believe that joining an online Resource Support group Provides educational and resource materials for my client as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, There are many Online resource groups; Where she will get support, education and resources to sexual violence survivors and their supporters, Operates an online support group, message board and chat room for rape and sexual abuse survivors; and Offers a Sexual Assault Lending Library, which lends materials on sexual violence and recovery, and it is free of charge; she can get Newsletters, literature and national conferences she and her family could attend and be involved in. ( there is also a group of Incest Survivors where They Use a 12-step/12-traditions, principles and tools of recovery. partnership of men and women and teens who meet to share their experience, strength and hope so that they may recover from their incest experiences and break free to a new peace of mind. The Group is Open to anyone sexually abused as a child (they are a spiritual, self-help group of women and men, 18 years or older, who are guided by a set of 12 Suggested Steps and 12 Traditions as borrowed from AA, There are no dues or fees. Everything that is said there, in the group or member to member, must be held in strict confidence. They do not have a professional therapist working in the group; but is not a replacement for therapy or any other professional service. I define incest very broadly as a sexual encounter initiated by a family member or by an extended family member that damaged the child. By extended family” I mean aunts, uncle, in-laws, as in my clients case her grandfather.
As I Evaluated my decision; in concerning the grandfather I think it would be best to consult with him in a one on one at first because of the comment he had made in the previous years about harming my client and her grandmother, I would have to access the intent and mental state because all that are at stake. However, privilege between social workers and client is subject to another important exception. If the patient makes a realistic threat to cause harm to my client, then as a social worker I will under a duty to take certain action. In our state this includes warning the targeted individual or reporting the statement to the police (U.S. Department of Justice). I will have one on one sessions with my client and I will refer my client to a professional that specializes in incest group therapy, because I believe that the advantage of group treatment will be of great help to my client in the process of self help determination, the apparent balanced for group treatment is alleviating the most subtle characteristics and the effects of incest. The impaired interpersonal functioning and the mistrust which results from this human induced trauma are reworked in a perspective that requires interpersonal engagement; group allows for the breaking of the confidentiality, isolation and shame, resulting from the abuse, and nurtures my client with exploration and resolution of the trauma and its aftermath, the sharing and empathy resulting from common experiences and reactions as well as the study of the interactions of the members are of great therapeutic value, together the group member will build an environment of safety and consistency in which to explore the effects incest has had on their lives and help each other undo the damage by developing trust and by practicing new skills and behaviors; My client will participate in individual therapy because most trauma victims benefit from the individual therapy it allows disclosure of the trauma provided that a degree of safety can be established in the individual therapy relationship, and then will be followed by the incest group therapy, and work towards family group therapy.
Dolgoff Ralph, Loewenberg Frank, Harrington Donna; Ethical decisions for social work practice eighth edition; brooks/Cole Cengage Learning.
Office for Victims of Crime, U.S. Department of Justice; (1986), Privileged Communication between Victim and Counselor. retrieved: 10/13/2010)

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