Finance in food and beverage planning

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[ Type the abstract of the papers here. The abstract is typically a short sum-up of the contents of the papers. Type the abstract of the papers here. The abstract is typically a short sum-up of the contents of the papers. ]

Undertaking 1
Undertaking 2
Undertaking 3
Undertaking 1
4.1 program a nutrient and drink service for cordial reception event within an in agreement budget
On Thursday 14Thursdayof May 2015, a eating frenzy event of nutrient and drink services by the FoodFix squad will be held at the Laksamana College of Business 3rd floor, the event will get down at 9am. The intent of the event is to supply breakfast to pupils and promote entrepreneurship endowment of pull offing nutrient and drink operation. The in agreement capital was $ 100 that can be used to run the event. Each member provides $ 10 for the event, therefore the net income will be allocated among each member by the terminal of the twenty-four hours.
4.2 implement the planned service keeping criterions of quality and wellness, safety and security
The program was to expose pupils to simple nutrient. FoodFix have 5 chefs ; Shaima, Hakim, Farah, Raidah and Fizah. Each of them was given a specific bill of fare to do. The menu consist of babe clam fried rice, beef nachos, spaghetti Carbonara, tuna sandwich and egg sandwich, and the chefs are responsible for cooking these severally. On the other manus, we have Azyan, Farid and Zirah Latif for readying of the drinks. Azyan and Farid will fix the iced tea, while Zirah Latif prepares the ‘Tea Tarik’ . While they were in charge for the bill of fare, the squad leader provided me and Izzullah with a different undertaking. Cashier for myself and merchandise booster for Izzullah.
The squad decided to give all attempt towards the presentation of our tabular array in order to pull clients. Therefore, each member had to convey their ain ornament equipment including 2 tabular arraies. The things used for the table presentation were 2 satin cloths ; green and black, clear plastic tabular array fabric and plastic flowers. An extension stopper and 1 microwave were besides needed.
The event starts at 9am, and all members were required to be present an hr earlier.
FoodFix members were require to follow the hygiene process during the event, this is to assist keep the criterions of the merchandise devising certain merchandises are safe to devour. Hygiene checklist is provided and check by the squad leader. This checklist can be refer in appendix Angstrom

Name: Farahiyah Sani
Position: Chef
Duties: Cook, service and fix spaghetti carbonara.

Name: Hakim Jambul
Position: Chef
RESPONSBILITIES: Cook, service and fix beef nachos.

Name: Raidah Ibrahim
Position: Chef
RESPONSBILITIES: Devising and fixing tuna sandwich

Name: Nur Fizah Osman
Position: Chef
Duty: Devising and fixing egg sandwich

Name: Shaima Kamis
Position: Chef
RESPONSBILITIES: Cooking and fixing babe composures fried rice

Name: Azyan Omar
Position: Bartender
RESPONSBILITIES: Preparing and functioning drinks to clients

Name: Hazirah Latif
Position: Bartender
RESPONSBILITIES: Preparing and functioning drinks to client

Name: Haziqah Shamsul
Position: Teller

Name: Farid Muhammad
Position: Bartender
RESPONSBILITIES: Preparing and functioning drinks to client

Name: Izzullah Jamil
Position: Promoter
RESPONSBILITIES: Promoting merchandise to client

4.3 Evaluate factors to find the success of the service, doing recommendations for betterment
The factors to find success: –
One of the factors that determine success is the proper planning of the event. An immediate meeting was called on Tuesday, 12ThursdayMay 2015 bespeaking all FoodFix members to go to at Laksamana College of Business cafeteria. The intent of the meeting was to delegate functions and duties for each members, treatment of equipment needed and table presentation, and gross revenues merchandises. The 2nd meeting was held the following eventide of Wednesday, 13ThursdayMay 2015 to finalise all demands and responsibilities for the approaching ‘Feeding Frenzy Event’ .
The 2nd factor that can find success is the effectual advertizement through societal media particularly Instagram. Since societal media plays a large function in mundane life, the squad decided to publicize the event through Instagram, among the Laksamana College of Business pupils, and this is to derive the pupils attending towards the FoodFix squad.
The 3rd factor is the strategic locations. Most of the members have agreed that the best topographic point to sell our merchandise was on the 3rdfloor of Laksamana College. The ground we selected the country was because more pupil have their categories on the 3rdfloor than the 2neodymiumfloor. Our location is handily confronting the pupil sofa and such that it is near to the escalator, where pupils and talks would ever go through by.
The last major factor is evidently, teamwork. Each of the Foodfix members is required to give their best attempt, and effectual communicating towards the squad.
Recommendation for betterment can be seen in appendix B, in a questionnaire signifier.
Undertaking 2
2.1 discuss the fiscal statements in nutrient and drink operations
The usage of a fiscal statement is to sum up the company’s disbursals and gross for a period of clip. The fiscal statement consists of statements such as the cost and gross revenues, discrepancy analysis, and the operating statements.
Cost and Gross saless are by and large in simple footings, the sum needed to get down up, purchase stuffs and any other cost related to the concern. Gross saless are the sum received through the merchandising of the business’s merchandises and services.
Discrepancy analysis refers to an analysis or anticipation of the entire disbursal and gross generated through the concern. It is used to steer the concern financially, so the concern has an thought of how much they will be doing or disbursement.
Operating statements are fiscal statement consequences of operating for a certain period of clip.
2.2 demonstrate the usage of cost and pricing procedures
2.3 analyze the buying procedure



Unit Price

Unit of measurement


680 g

Nestea Peach Tea

BND $ 6.30

Gram ( g )

BND $ 6.30

680 g

Nestea Lemon Tea

BND $ 6.60 = per bag

Gram ( g )

BND $ 6.60

9.5 liters

Spritzer Mineral Water

BND $ 4.90 = 1 gallon

Litre ( cubic decimeter )

BND $ 4.90

3 liters

Suci Mineral Water

BND $ 0.90 = per liter
ten = 3 liters
0.90 ten 3 = 2.70

Litre ( cubic decimeter )

BND $ 2.70

850 g

Linkz Peaches

BND $ 2.40 = 1 can

Gram ( g )

BND $ 2.40

Entire cost:

BND $ 22.90

Part cost:

BND $ 0.48

Name of drink: Iced lemon tea & A ; Iced Peach Tea
Number of parts:48 cups
By: Azyan and Farid ( Bartenders )
Pricing Scheme:
Beverages in Foodfix are sold in a Market-based pricing method which is similar to a competition pricing scheme. Harmonizing to ( David Bowie, 2011 ; Anthony ) a market-based pricing method is used to set up the highest pricing degree as the merchandise offers more characteristics ( which is usually the similar merchandise ) than competition that clients are willing to pay. This is besides one of the profitable pricing schemes because when demand of the merchandise is high, a concern will be able to sell merchandise at higher monetary value. As market-based pricing is similar to a competition pricing, selling monetary value is usually in line with rivals. Therefore, in order to win the pricing competition during the event, our concern has decided to do a strategic program to pull clients by offering iced ‘shaken’ Prunus persica tea for merely a dollar alternatively of the usual two dollars per cup of drink being offered by the rivals or at the markets ( refer to appendix omega ) . In other words, our drinks portion the same cost as rivals but differ in quality and technique.

Name of dish: Teh Tarik

Number of part: 25



Unit monetary value

Unit of measurement



Tea Dust

250g = $ 2.80
1 = ?
? =0.011

Gram ( g )


Gold Coin
Condense Milk

1000 = $ 1.99
1 = ?
? = 0.002

Gram ( g )

= $ 1.00 ( $ 0.995 )


Evaporated Cream pitcher

385ml = 0.99
1 = ?
? = 0.003

Millilitre ( milliliter )

= $ 0.64

Entire cost = $ 2.76

Part Cost = $ 0.11

By: Zeera ( Bartender )
Pricing Scheme:
As for drinks, we use competitory pricing since other rivals besides have the same monetary value. Basically, competitory pricing is puting the monetary value of the merchandise or service based on what other rivals are bear downing with their drinks. By and large, any concerns can put their monetary value below the competition, a degree with the competition or above, nevertheless, in order to do it above the competition, the concern demand to hold excess characteristics into it so people can see the difference.
Since we are the exclusive distributer of ‘Teh Tarik’ , our rivals are merely Freshco nutrient tribunal, Waroeng Penyet and My Town Cafe but in footings of distance between our store and the remainder of the mercantile establishments, we really assist pupil to less consume clip by holding our drinks alternatively of other topographic points.

Name OF DISH: TUNA Sandwich

Date: 21STMAY 2015






Unit of measurement



Roti Mas White Bread

$ 3.60

540G = $ 1.80
1 = Ten
X = 1.80/540 = 0.003

Gram ( g )

1,080 x 0.003
= $ 3.24


Tuna Mayo ( Ayam Brand )

$ 2.29

185G = $ 2.29
1 = Ten
X = 2.29/185 = 0.012

Gram ( g )

740 x 0.012
= $ 8.88

Entire Cost:

$ 12.12

Entire Part:

$ 0.60

By: Raidah ( Chef )
Pricing Scheme:
The pricing scheme which was used for the Tuna Sandwich was the position quo pricing scheme. Harmonizing to ( Boundless, 2014 ) , A position quo pricing aim is one that maintains current monetary value degrees or meets the monetary value degrees of the competition.” Since it is merely a one twenty-four hours event and the mark market is rather little, the position quo is sensible as compared to holding different monetary value than the market monetary value. If a higher monetary value than the market monetary value were used, it would take to more loss.

Name of dish =Egg Sandwich

Date: 21th May 2015

No. of Portion= 20



Unit Price


Unit of measurement




$ 2.20

10nos = $ 2.20
[ Equation ]


10? 0.22
= $ 2.20


Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise

$ 4.40

470ml= $ 4.40
X= [ Equation ]
X= 0.009

Millilitre ( milliliter )

470 x 0.009
=$ 4.70
4.70 ? 2
= $ 2.35


Gardenia’s white staff of life

$ 2.00

600g= $ 2.00
X= [ Equation ]

Gram ( g )

1200 x 0.003
X= $ 3.60

By: Fizah ( Chef )

Entire Cost: $ 8.15

Entire part:$ 0.41

Thepricing scheme ismarket- based monetary value because there is competition from other groups that were selling sandwiches. Therefore, in order to pull clients the monetary value has to see harmonizing to the clients demand and budget since the mark market is pupils. Other than that, the quality and the measure of the merchandise are different from other group. The demand of the merchandise may be high at the beginning of the concern but it began to decelerate down. Furthermore, when make up one’s minding on puting the monetary value, we had toconsideron how much the clients willing to pay for a sandwich where there are competitions.

Name of the Dish: Fried Rice Baby Clam

Number of Portion: 15




Unit of measurement


10 Eggs


10nos= $ 2.10
X = 0.21


10 Eggs x 0.21
= $ 2.10


Baby Clam

180 g = $ 5.40
X = 0.03

1 Gram

180g x 0.03
= $ 5.40


Large Onions

190 g = $ 1.50
X = 0.00789

1 Gram

190g x 0.00789
= $ 1.50



1120g = $ 3.00
X = 0.002678

1 gm

1120g x 0.002678



534g = $ 1.32
X = 0.00247

1 gm

534g x 0.00247
= $ 1.32


$ 13.00

Part Cost:

$ 0.87

By: Shy ( Chef )
We are usingMarket Based Pricing strategyfor the Baby Clam Fried Rice dish which merely costabout $ 2.00. Thereare no othersellersorvendors that have this dish available on their bill of fares so we have the advantageofsellingthis dish harmonizing to the market monetary value and with the right sum of parts of the Baby Clam fried rice to perchance pull high Numberss of clients.
Name of dish:Hakim’s Beefy Nachos
Number of Parts: 20



Unit monetary value

Unit of measurement



Hunt’s Traditional sauce

680g= $ 2.99
=2.99 / 680

Gram ( g )

1360g X 0.004
= $ 5.44


Capsicum ( green )

246g= $ 1.30
=1.30 / 246

Gram ( g )

501g X 0.005
= $ 2.50

Capsicum ( yellow )

255g= $ 1.26
=1.25 / 255

Gram ( g )

501g X 0.004
= $ 2.00


Minced beef

500g= $ 4.39
=4.39 / 500

Gram ( g )

500g X 500
= $ 4.00


Nachos ( little )

800g= $ 14.00
=14 / 800

Gram ( g )

1170 X 0.017
= $ 19.89

Entire Cost = $ 33.83

Part Cost = $ 1.68

By: Hakim ( Chef )
Pricing Scheme
The pricing scheme for this merchandise is based on competition between other groups which they sell nachos besides e.g. ElNachojittosells their nachos for $ 2.50 and others sell for $ 3.00. This led us to sell our nachos for $ 2.00 each so it’s cheaper from the others.

Name of Dish: Spaghetti Carbonara
Number of Parts: 25



Unit Price

Unit of measurement


1 500g

Instant Spaghetti

750g = $ 2.35
1g = 2.35/750

Gram ( g )




10nos = $ 2.10
1nos= 2.10/10




Cheddar Cheese

450g = $ 4.50
1g = 4.50/450

Gram ( g )



Parmesan Cheese

250g = $ 7.90
1g = 7.90/250

Gram ( g )



Beef Vermillion rockfishs

250g = $ 4.90
1g = 4.90/250

Gram ( g )



Fresh Parsley

160g = $ 1.35
1g = 1.35/160

Gram ( g )



Cayenne Powder

20g = $ 3.75
1g = 3.75/20

Gram ( g )



Chicken Stock

100g = $ 2.05
1g = 2.05/100

Gram ( g )



Button Mushroom

425g = $ 1.15
1g = 1.15/425

Gram ( g )


Entire Cost: $ 24.471
Part Cost: $ 0.98

By: Farah ( Chef )

LCB is following to Jollibee – whereby students’ go-to tiffin topographic point.
Jollibee sells Spaghetti Carbonara at $ 3.00, the cheapest in the country.
Priced of carbonara $ 2.50 is to pull pupils to purchase from us alternatively of traveling to Jollibee.
Competitive advantage – The lone seller selling Spaghetti Carbonara during the Feeding Frenzy event within LCB.

Undertaking 3
3.1 compile nutrient and drink cordial reception
3.2 justify the choice in footings of pricing, mark audience and specific ingredients event
The bill of fare provided by the FoodFix squad can be seen in the cusp below:

Beefy Nachos — $ 2
Crispy nacho french friess with tomato concasse , pepper and succulent minced beef.
Authoritative Sandwiches — $ 1
Fluffy white staff of life with no crusts, spread with a pick of creamy egg or tuna mayo.

Teh Tarik — $ 1
Aromatic bubbling milk tea to be enjoyed any clip of the twenty-four hours. * ( Contains milk ) *
Iced Tea ( Lemon or Peach ) — $ 1
Thirst-quenching iced tea with a pick of either Lemon or Peach for chilling off those dry pharynxs.
The choice in footings of pricing was decided by each and every Chef for their ain nutrient, the monetary value is being considered in footings of rivals, ingredients used and part of nutrient. Our merchandise is non that expensive because our mark audience is pupils of Laksamana College of Business, therefore we tend to maintain the monetary value depression than other rivals, because it is necessary to see offering low monetary value merchandise towards the dependent pupils.
The ingredients used.

Tea Tarik: Tea Dust, Gold Coin, Condense Milk and Evaporated Creamer

Iced peach/lemon tea: Nestea Peach Tea, Nestea Lemon Tea, Spritzer Mineral Water, Suci Mineral Water and Linkz Peaches

Baby calm fried rice: Eggs, Baby Clam, Big Onions, Rice, Chives

Beef nachos: Hunt’s Traditional sauce, Capsicum ( green ) , Capsicum ( xanthous ) , Minced beef and Nachos ( little )

Spaghetti carbonara: Instantaneous Spaghetti, Eggs, Cheddar Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Beef Rashers, Fresh Parsley, Cayenne Powder, Chicken Stock and Button Mushroom

Egg sandwich: Eggs, Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise and Gardenia’s white staff of life

Tuna sandwich: Roti Mas White Bread
Tuna Mayo ( Ayam Brand )


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