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Gelario, Paul David L. August 21, 2017
My views on the revival of mandatory ROTC has been negative so far. It’s true that ROTC can instill love for country, discipline, and good citizenship among the youth, but being in the ROTC means risking one’s life in the frontlines whenever our country is in conflict with another country. Most of all, how can we become good citizens ourselves if we bear arms and create more bloodshed? Peace is all that we need to embrace.
The NSTP components: CWTS and LTS did just that. Our duty as honorary citizens of this country is to serve others.
By being in the CWTS and LTS, the college students who enroll here don’t need to bear arms and risk their lives in the frontlines. Instead, they are trained to serve others and therefore making our country a better place.
The LTS demonstrates love for the country or patriotism by teaching children the basics of education. It may not be evident now, but teaching those children is like spreading seeds of knowledge in the soil. In time, those seeds will sprout, and the country will reap its benefits having more educated adults in the future.
The CWTS on the other hand, creates responsible and caring college students. They teach these students the importance of taking the initiative by cleaning the streets, building infrastructures, or a feeding program in the barangays.
All these altruistic actions are evident in both the LTS and CWTS. The students exhibit love for the country because they selflessly serve other citizens. Good citizenship and discipline because they obey the higher code of conduct by willingly devoting their time to care for others behalf other than they’re own.
The NSTP truly is the best choice because it instills love, care, and servitude for others without risking their lives in the battlefield. They may not die with valor like soldiers, but they will always live with an honorable life because they serve others.

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