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Toyota Motor Corporation is a elephantine name in automotive industry. It starts with a good concern construct and successful in spread outing the concern widely around the universe. The trade name name is really strong equivalent with the quality of the autos they produce. Toyota has a batch of clients who comes from different states. Most of them are really satisfied with the autos that have value for money. Toyota has involved in many undertaking every bit good as doing so much net incomes every twelvemonth. But the glorifications stop when they face the issue sing the 3rd coevals of Toyota Prius that negatively impact the repute, destruct their trade name name and led to the callback of more than 8 million vehicles in 2010.
Figure 1: 3rd Coevals of Toyota Prius
In 2010, Toyota Motor Corporation has faced a job sing the brake job on its Toyota Prius. Upon this issue, the US Transportation Department has opened an probe to place the existent job on how the brakes of the autos become dysfunctional and causes decease. The probe ‘s consequence shows that the job is related to the loanblend that finally gives impact on the sudden acceleration. This job led to several incidents that cause decease every bit good as bad hurts to the clients. As a consequence, Toyota Motor Corporation had decided to remember its Prius and they incurred losingss and diminish their gross revenues.
Until now, Toyota Motor Corporation is still in retrieving phase where they are seeking to do something that can recover their trade name name in automotive industry. Strategic planning is being prepared and below are the specifics about the procedure in assisting Toyota Motor Corporation to retrieve back due to this incident.
1.0 Planing Business Strategies.
Planing concern schemes a portion of activities that determine the way of the company and the procedure to accomplish the aims. It is highly of import for a company to hold clearly set aim in the procedure of be aftering schemes. The procedure should suit to the organisation ‘s status. If the company has bad repute, so a clearly objectives on be aftering schemes should be communicated efficaciously within the organisational members.
1.1 The Rationale for Having a Clearly Set Objective in the Procedure of Planing Schemes for Toyota.
In order to accomplish the aims of Toyota Motor Corporation in constructing the image and repute, clearly set aims should be communicate among the organisational members. It is really of import in order to guarantee that all members are watchful with the information being supplied by the organisation. When the aim is clearly set, the organisation will cognize the way of the company really good. For illustration, Toyota Motor Corporations aim is to heighten the quality of the loanblend in the Prius. This means that the organisation should concentrate more on research and development about intercrossed auto engineering. Experts and specializers from technology field should be hired and making research about the old intercrossed systems and at the same clip finds the ways to work out the jobs. If the organisation merely province the aim as to heighten the quality of the Prius, the lower lover direction might misconstrue the word and will merely better the visual aspect of the auto. If this happen, Toyota Motor Corporation may non accomplish its aim.
Other than that, clearly set aim can assist the organisation to transport out internal and external analysis whereby the organisation can look into the obstructions or menaces in accomplishing the aim from the beginning. By making this, bar stairss can be prepared before every bit good as the procedure of be aftering schemes.
Clearly set the nonsubjective truly assist the company to be after the schemes really good. It besides ensures that all the direction degree can understand the current issues and current province of the planning. Other than that, organisational members besides tend to provide full cooperation if they truly understand what the organisation intend to make. Thus, clearly set the aims should be maintain in order to accomplish the aims
2.0 Stakeholder
Harmonizing to WWF ( 2005 ) , stakeholders can be defined as:
Any single, group, or establishment who has a vested involvement in the natural resources of the undertaking country and/or who potentially will be affected by undertaking activities and have something to derive or lose if conditions change or stay the same. ”
These persons, groups and establishments are the interested parties which will be influenced with any alterations made by the organisation. They might have positive or negative impact and this makes them response in many ways towards the organisation. Stakeholders can be divided into two classs which are primary stakeholders who are straight affected and secondary stakeholder who are indirectly affected by the alterations. Primary stakeholders are the providers, employees, stockholders, distributors, clients, and moneymans. Meanwhile secondary stakeholders are the general populace, concern groups, media, authorities, militant groups, and communities.
2.1 Stakeholder Analysis and its Importance
Harmonizing to Schmeer ( 2009 ) , stakeholder analysis can be defined as:
A procedure of consistently garnering and analysing qualitative information to find whose involvements should be taken into history when developing and/or implementing a policy or plan. ”
Stakeholder analysis is really of import for a company to implement because from this analysis, the company will cognize the future outlook of the stakeholders over the policy or plan that the company intends to make. Stakeholders are really powerful because they can act upon the policy or plan to be successful or fail depending on how the company manages their involvements.
This analysis besides helps the company to place possible struggles or hazards that could endanger the enterprise. Once the possible hazards have been identified, the company can endeavor to seek the solution or other possible enterprises in order to avoid the hazards. Other than that, chances and relationship besides can be built during the execution of the policy. This is because the company is already known who are the stakeholders and cognize everything about their involvements. When the company understands their involvements, the relationship between them will be good and chances will come together with the successful of the policy.
Other than that, stakeholder analysis can besides assist the company to place the groups that should be encouraged to take part in different phases of the undertakings. For illustration, if the company wants to establish a run, they can take any Non Government Organization ( NGO ) to take part and assist the run to be successful. Besides that, the company besides can place appropriate schemes and attacks for stakeholder battle and the ways to cut down negative impacts on vulnerable and deprived groups.
2.2 New Strategies for Toyota to Change Stakeholder Attitude.
With the jobs that Toyota faced sing the callbacks of the autos, the repute and image of Toyota is fall particularly in their stakeholder ‘s sight. They besides face many menaces from the rivals such as Honda, Hyundai, General Motor and Ford. These rivals are seeking to take advantage when the market leader of automotive industry, Toyota is confronting the job sing the safety of the autos. In order to get the better of this job, Toyota Motor Corporation needs to implement suited schemes that can continue their image and at the same clip maintain their competitory advantage every bit good as possible. The new schemes to be implemented by Toyota in order to alter stakeholder attitude are:
Defensive scheme.
Defensive scheme is a scheme being used in order to defence the company itself from the rival ‘s onslaught. When the leader of the market holding job with the concern operation, the other company that act as the followings, rivals and nicher will take advantage and seek to take the leader ‘s clients. This state of affairs represents Toyota state of affairs where other companies want to take advantage of the job faced by them sing the safety issue. There are four types of defensive scheme which is joint venture, retrenchment, divestiture and settlement defensive schemes. The most suited scheme that Toyota Motor Corporation should implement is joint venture and retrenchment scheme.
Harmonizing to Bizcovering.html ( 2007 ) , joint venture defensive scheme is a popular scheme that occurs when two or more companies form a impermanent partnership or pool for the intent of capitalising on some chance. When Toyota implements this scheme, it will be considered as defensive because it is non set abouting the undertaking entirely. Possible company that Toyota can take to organize joint venture is Honda. Both companies can better communicating and networking to globalise operation and minimize hazard is researching the technological promotion of intercrossed engine. Toyota truly needs outside expertness to go on bring forthing intercrossed autos. Or else, they merely have to halt the production in order to avoid the same job happened once more. This scheme might hold effects since they collaborate with their rivals. Internal struggle might happen, for illustration, the rival ‘s might steal any old information from Toyota, every bit good as the profile of Toyota ‘s clients. But if Toyota handles this scheme with good attention and cautious, such things will ne’er happened. They have to form all meetings decently and working merely in the necessary portion of the joint venture.
Other than joint venture, Toyota can besides implement retrenchment scheme. Harmonizing to David ( 2006 ) , retrenchment occurs when an organisation regroups through cost and plus decrease to change by reversal worsening gross revenues and net incomes. This scheme is suited for Toyota because it has failed to run into the aims and ends systematically over clip but has typical competences and capablenesss. It helps Toyota to strengthen basic typical competency. Toyota Motor Corporation has good research and development Centre. This means that it has good resources to be used, yet requires a batch of money to put in the research and development. By retrenchment scheme, Toyota can salvage cost and cut down disbursement. This can be done by major internal reorganisation.
Strategic selling planning
Harmonizing to ( 2009 ) , strategic selling planning is the procedure of developing and keeping the schemes fit between the organisational ends and its altering selling chances. Toyota Motor Corporation should implement these schemes in order to beef up their selling and develop new schemes in order to increase gross revenues and net incomes. Because of the safety issue, Toyota incurred losingss and the gross revenues bead from clip to clip. In order to implement this scheme, Toyota should follow the below diagram:
Strategic planning, execution and control procedure
The above diagram shows how Toyota Motor Corporation can implement strategic selling planning in the organisation. It starts with planning procedure where in this phase, all degree of direction will affect in be aftering the selling schemes to market the autos. For illustration, Toyota can take to advance price reduction or zero down payment to increase the gross revenues of the autos as the schemes to be implemented. After that, this selling scheme will be organized and implemented. The advancement of this scheme will be viewed from clip to clip and the consequence of the scheme will be measured. If the scheme is non successful, direction will take disciplinary action or develop other selling schemes for the company.
3.0 Audited account
Audit is a portion of analysing the status and public presentation of a company. It can be internal or external audit. Both types of audit are carried on in different countries where internal audit focused on measuring the internal status of a company such as its fiscal systems. On the other manus, external audit involve measuring the external factors that can act upon the public presentation of a company.
3.1 Definition of the term ‘Organizational Audit ‘ and ‘Environmental Audit ‘ .
Organizational audit is besides known as internal audit. It is an independent, nonsubjective confidence and consulting activity designed to add value and better an organisation ‘s operation. By implementing organisation audit, the organisation can analyze the current position of the concern ‘s organisational context, processs and flow chart and analyze whether the occupation description, duty and flow chart are match to each other or non. It besides can specify the schemes to be implemented for organisational betterment. Organizational audit can be carried out by analysing the bing informations and measure them. For illustration, measure the maps of the organisational flow chart. Analyzing the information and information received besides can be done in audit the organisation. Other than that, interviews can be done with persons involved such as the directors and the staffs.
On the other manus, environmental audit can be described as external audit which involve measuring the external factors that can act upon the company public presentation. It has to be done on a regular basis to supervise the activities of the organisation that can act upon public. Environmental audit advancing good environmental direction whereby the activities of the company is controlled so that it follows the criterion. Factors that need to be audited include societal, cultural, demographic, environmental, economic, political, and engineerings.
3.2 Two Internal Factors Need to be Audited for Toyota Motor Corporation.
Effectiveness and efficiency of operations.
Sing the job of the autos that faced by Toyota, they truly need to scrutinize the operations particularly in their research and development, every bit good as the technology and fabrication works. Toyota need to look into to do of the job whether it is origin from research and development section or the technology and fabrication works which involve the assembly of the autos. The procedures of the piecing the autos have to be taken into history and be audited on the standard processs of the procedure. This action is to do certain that all the procedure is being done right and accomplish the criterion. The same goes to research and development section where hearers need to measure the research about the intercrossed engineering done by the squad. It is really of import to do certain that the consequence of the research is valid and can be used safely in bring forthing the autos.
Other than place the existent causes of the job sing the brake of the autos, Toyota besides can utilize operational audit to be more advanced. When the whole operations are evaluated, there will be new thoughts in bettering the procedures of the operations and besides the quality of the autos. For illustration, Toyota can bring forth its Prius without intercrossed engineering but with other particular characteristics such as distant keyless entry, antilock brakes systems ( ALB ) and Telescoping maneuvering wheel or adjustable pedals. These inventions can give option to clients who are non preferred to purchase intercrossed autos due to the incidents sing the brake.
Financial and runing information.
Due to the job that needs callback for Toyota autos, this organisation incurred losingss and bead of gross revenues is 2010. This means that the fiscal place of this organisation is in unsafe degree. There will be a batch of fiscal statement sing the dealing. Accounting section will hold a batch of plants to make sing the computation of the disbursals and any other specifics. Data sing the job and the estimated cost involved besides need to be prepared from clip to clip. This state of affairs will make chances for employees to perpetrate fraud or by chance produce mistake in bring forthing the fiscal statement. Financial audit demand to be done on a regular basis in order to minimise the hazards of mistake and fraud to be happened. This audit is highly of import because if anybody in the company deliberately commits fraud and undermine the company, there is ever possibility that Toyota Motor Corporation can travel bankrupt.
In this state of affairs, scrutinizing can be a utile tool is detecting the fiscal information and guarantee that all the process in bring forthing the statement is followed by the employees. The dependability of the fiscal statement can be measured by utilizing specific precaution package. For this ground, Toyota should put in appropriate package in order to supervise the dependability of the informations. By this manner, they can observe if anyone in the company commits fraud and besides detect the mistake.
3.2 Two External Factors Need to be Audited for Toyota Motor Corporation.
Technological forces.
Since Toyota Motor Corporation is involved in automotive industry, the kernel of engineerings is really of import for the company to vie with the bing automotive organisation. Technology promotion can give competitory advantage for Toyota if it is used in the production of autos. The latest engineering sing the automotive industry is intercrossed auto engineering. This engineering can profit the users by its fuel efficient and low pollution. As we all know, the intercrossed autos produce by Toyota give bad impact to the clients and this job is due to proficient job while bring forthing the loanblend.
Toyota Motor Corporation needs to scrutinize technological forces because by making this, they can place whether the loanblend used for their auto is in good quality or non. Other than that, they can measure the public presentation of their autos and comparing the autos with other companies that produce intercrossed autos. This action should be implemented to better the quality of bing auto. Other than that, Toyota besides can detect any new engineerings sing the automotive engineering in the industry. If there any chance for them to utilize new engineering, they might come out with new merchandise that have better quality than the old theoretical account of autos which can better their repute.
Competitive forces.
In scrutinizing the competitory forces of Toyota, hearer has to place the rival houses which truly close to them. This audit involved aggregation and rating of information on rivals. The information will be used to bring forth good schemes in order to vie with them in the industry. In competitory forces audit, things that need to be emphasize is to place the strengths, failings, capablenesss, chances, menaces, aims, and the schemes of the company. However, it is hard to acquire these information because it need a batch of attempts particularly in place the schemes of a peculiar rival company.
In the crisis that hit Toyota, it is really of import for them to happen ways to detect their rival failings, so that they can work the chances. Example of failing of a company is in term of their advertisement. There are several auto companies that weak in bring forthing good advertisement. Toyota can take this as an chance to work and be aftering the schemes by bring forthing good quality of advertisement which can act upon people to purchase their autos. Although the repute of Toyota Prius is really low affected from the job of the brake, Toyota still can utilize other theoretical accounts of their autos to publicize efficaciously and by making that, their gross revenues might increase.
Other than that, Toyota besides can place the aims of their rival houses and bear in head about the purpose of their rivals every bit good as their schemes. This audit needs to be done in order to foretell future outlook of the rivals. For illustration, Honda has the aim of bettering the airbag systems in their autos for safety intent. By cognizing this, Toyota besides can better the safety of their autos by utilizing other methods. This betterment will do both companies have standard safety autos and they can vie good.
3.3 Techniques Applied for Environmental and Organizational Audits.
It is really of import for Toyota to use appropriate techniques in placing which factors of environmental and organisation should be audited. Appropriate techniques will give better consequence and stress more on the component that need to be taken in history. In order to place the factors, I recommend Toyota Motor Corporation to utilize EFE Matrix ( external factor rating ) to measure environmental audits and IFE Matrix ( internal factor rating ) to measure organisational audits.
IFE Matrix.
Harmonizing to David ( 2006 ) , this strategy-formulation tool summarizes and evaluated the major strengths and the failings in the functional countries of concern, and it besides provide the footing for placing and measuring relationship among those country. In developing the IFE matrix, intuitive judgements are required where the research worker usage burdening technique in identify which factors influenced more to the organisation. There are five of import stairss in developing the IFE matrix and the stairss are described as follows:
Stairss in developing IFE Matrix
The above illustration is taken from David ( 2009 ) which indicated the stairss used in developing the IFE matrix. In order to use the stairss, I will utilize Toyota as a company to be evaluated in developing IFE matrix.
Internal strengths:
High degree of capablenesss
Strong direction squad
Strong research and development capablenesss
Internal failings:
Poor web site
Safety issues sing the autos
Slow research squad
Rating is applied to each factor.
Major failing is represented by 1.0
Minor failing is represented by 2.0
Minor strength represented by 3.0
Major Strength represented by 4.0
From the IFE matrix above, the direction of Toyota can place which factors that needs to be considered in developing and choose alternate schemes efficaciously.
EFE Matrix.
Harmonizing to MBA Tutorial.html ( 2009 ) , the EFE matrix is the strategic tool used to measure steadfast bing schemes, EFE matrix can be defined as the strategic tool to measure external environment or macro environment of the house include economic, societal, technological, authorities, political, legal and competitory information. The stairss in developing EFE matrix are same as IFE matrix. The different is merely the factors being evaluated is from external factors. Let ‘s state after developing EFE matrix, factors that have high weighted mark is rivals. Then, this factor will be taken into consideration and the following phase of rating procedure will take topographic point. In Toyota instance, I choose rivals as the factors that need to be evaluated and the rating are as follows:
In order to make external audit on rivals, Toyota can utilize Five Forces Analysis.
Five Forces Analysis
Figure 2 is the diagram of Porter ‘s Five Forces which being used to do a comparative steps of public presentation with other companies. This diagram will explicate the competitory environment which highly of import for Toyota to carry on. There are five constituents in this diagram which I will lucubrate below:
Menaces of new entrants.
In automotive industry, new entrants are really hard to last. This is because the bing company such as Honda, Ford, General Motor, Hyundai and Nissan is already suppressing the industry. This means that Toyota does n’t hold to endeavor in identify scheme to crush the new entrants.
Dickering power of purchasers.
Dickering power is the ability to act upon the scene of monetary values. It means that when the purchasers refuse to purchase a merchandise or services, company tends to do alterations on monetary value in order to derive clients. This factor should be audited in order to cognize the bargaining power of purchasers. In add-on, this factor can act upon the gross revenues of Toyota.
Menaces of replacement merchandises.
There are assorted types of replacement merchandises of Toyota autos in the market. These merchandises are come from different companies that offering same characteristics as Toyota autos to the clients. This means that clients can easy take other trade name of autos if they think Toyota autos are non safety. Therefore, menaces of replacement merchandises should be analyze deeply in order to happen the failings of the merchandises and seek to better the company merchandises by adding characteristics that have no failings.
Dickering power of providers.
Buyer-supplier relationship should be taking into consideration if the company want be success. Dickering power of providers can act upon the competitory competition in the market when purchasers are seeking really difficult to do relationship with good providers. Furthermore, the costs of exchanging the providers are high and this lead to the high competition in the market. Dickering power of providers involves the engineering promotion where engineering is concern among the rivals. In Toyota Motor Corporation, provider relationship is really good and they ever set up it for long clip. Even the relationship is good, Toyota has to do certain that the provider is non exchanging their clients and will ever provide the stuff for Toyota. Therefore, this factor should ever be audited.
4.0 Toyota Current Situation
Toyota late faces a batch of guesss from its stakeholders sing the jobs. Harmonizing to Fowlkes ( 2010 ) , a Toyota executive testified in forepart of the House Energy and Commerce Committee on 23rd February 2010 that the callback may non wholly work out ” the current jobs. I am agree with this statement because in my sentiment, it is really hard to place the existent causes of the job. There will be a batch of possibilities that result in this job. Toyota has decided to remember the autos but how confident they are in specifying the causes of the sudden acceleration of the autos? Until today, the people or the users have n’t seen any alterations after the callback and they think that Toyota is seeking to salvage money every bit much as possible in the callbacks. To get the better of this job, Toyota Motor Corporation has to be analyzed in term of their strategic place. In analysing Toyota ‘s state of affairs in the scenario given in this assignment, I have used SWOT matrix in order to suggest a strategic place for the company.
4.1 SWOT Matrix for Toyota Motor Corporation
Possess high degree of capableness, accomplishment, experience, contacts and good background in automotive industries.
Own extraordinary fabrication works and technology engineerings that enable them to bring forth quality autos.
Possess strong research and development capacity.
Good relationship with the providers.
Poor web sites.
Sudden acceleration on the autos and do it unsafely.
Research squad is really slow in look intoing the existent jobs to the faulty brakes.
Alliances with other automotive company.
Electronic concern and digital engineering.
S1O1- Use the bing advantages to organize strategic confederations with other company and portion the engineerings in order to construct the repute once more.
S3O2- Doing research on how to affect in electronic and digital industry in order to spread out the concern.
W1O1- Enhances the creativeness in making interesting web site and pull more companies to see. This can increase the possibilities for strategic confederations with reputable company.
Consumer confident on Toyota autos is become lesser each twenty-four hours.
Many rivals. ( HONDA, CHRYSLER, and etc )
S1T1- High degree of capacity can be used to better the quality of autos and win the clients back.
S2T2- Improves the technology engineering and competes with the rivals in term of engineering promotion.
W3T1- Speed up the research about the jobs and happen out the existent jobs so that consumers will be satisfied by cognizing the existent grounds for the jobs.
So strategies-use a house ‘s internal strengths to take advantage of external chances.
WO strategies-are aimed at bettering internal failings by taking advantage of external chances.
ST strategies-use a house ‘s strengths to avoid or cut down the impact of external menaces.
WT strategies-are defensive tactics directed at cut downing internal failings and avoiding external menaces.
4.2 Evaluation on the Strategies Developed from SWOT Matrix for Toyota Motor Corporation
Based on the SWOT analysis that I have developed above, several schemes have been identified. One of the schemes that existed from strengths and chances is to utilize the bing advantages to organize strategic confederations with other company and portion the engineerings in order to construct the repute once more. From my sentiment, Toyota Motor Corporation truly needs to implement this scheme because the possibility for them to retrieve from the state of affairs is rather high. They can utilize other beginnings of engineering which comes from other company and better the bing engineering that they have been implemented. Example of company that forms strategic confederation with other automotive industry in order to better the engineering is our national auto company, Proton Holding Berhad. The strategic confederation of Proton is Mitsubishi. The same should travel to Toyota. They should mention to the company that expert in intercrossed engineering vehicles such as Ford. They can merely collaborate in this engineering in order to work out the jobs sing the sudden acceleration of Toyota autos. Other than that, Toyota Motor Corporation can better their web site in order to pull more people to see their web site. This can heighten the possibility for other automotive industry to be interested to organize strategic confederation with Toyota.
Other than bettering the intercrossed engineering, I think Toyota besides has good opportunities to be successful in electronic and digital industry. This is because they have a good Centre of research and development where they can make their forte in making electronic and digital merchandises. This is a really good manner to Toyota in spread outing the concern. Entering the new market does n’t intend that Toyota run off from their job, but to do the concern strong and can cover the loss consequence from the callback. The net income they made in electronic and digital industry can be used to cover the disbursals in the callback.
Other than that, Toyota besides can rush up the research about the sudden acceleration of the autos in order to win back the confident of their clients over their trade name. By cognizing the existent job, clients can believe in principle and justice it. But if the clients ne’er get the reply or ground of the job, they might believe that Toyota want to maintain the ground as a secret and force them off. So I think rush up the research is a good scheme for Toyota.
4.3 Strategic place for Toyota Motor Corporation.
In order to find the strategic place for Toyota, SWOT analysis in the old page explained portion of the place. With the strengths that Toyota possesses, it becomes the leader of automotive industry in Japan. Harmonizing to Reportlinker.html ( 2009 ) , Toyota ‘s automotive gross revenues distribution web is the largest in Japan where his web comprises of 290 traders using about 40,000 gross revenues forces and runing more than 4,800 gross revenues and service mercantile establishments. With this information, it shows that Toyota is the market leader and in the first ranking of autos maker in Japan. But because of the job sing the safety issue, the strategic place of Toyota Motor Corporation falls under ST ( schemes and menaces ) . In this portion, Toyota needs to utilize strengths to avoid menaces.
From the SWOT matrix in the old page, I have recommended that Toyota should utilize the bing high degree capacity in order to better the quality of autos and win the clients back. Before the job sing the safety of the autos originate, Toyota used to be a auto maker that produce high quality autos complete with the excess characteristics and safety demands. It came out with assorted theoretical accounts of autos that attracted many people around the Earth. Toyota besides should better the technology engineering and competes with the rivals in term of engineering promotion. This is because Toyota has the capablenesss and accomplishments in this field. Even though Toyota ‘s repute is fall, but they still have the strengths which is really good organize them to stand strong in the automotive industry once more. Furthermore, the repute of Toyota is still considered good in other states such as Malaysia.
5.0- Strategic Planning Process
Strategic planning procedure is stairss involve is strategic direction. Harmonizing to Bizcovering.html ( 2007 ) , strategic direction is the art and scientific discipline of formulating, implementing and measuring transverse functional determinations that enable an organisation to accomplish its aims. In order to accomplish the organisational success, strategic direction of a company focal point on incorporating direction, selling, finance, research and development, accounting, operation, and computing machine information system. These are the transverse functional squads in the organisation where their determinations will be taken into consideration and will be evaluated in order to obtain the best determinations and assist the organisation to accomplish the aims. In implementing strategic direction in an organisation, several cardinal footings should be identified. The cardinal footings are strategist, vision and mission statement, policies, one-year aims, long-run aims, internal strengths and failings and external chances and menaces. All these cardinal footings will be analyzed in order to organize strategic planning of the company. When all the cardinal footings are identified, the overall aims of the company will be broken into clear statements of what needs to be done at all degree. This means that action demands to be taken is addressed at all degree of the company. This will do them concentrate on each activity and achieve the mark of the activities. Other than that, strategic planning besides provides a footing for measuring how successfully the programs are being implemented.
5.1 Stairss in the Strategic Planning Process
The above diagram is taken from Strategic Management: Concepts & A ; Cases by Fred David ( 11th edition ) . These are the stairss that involve in strategic planning procedure. The procedures are dynamic, uninterrupted and really suited to be implemented in big organisation such as Toyota Motor Corporation.
The stairss involve in strategic direction above moves in rhythm where it will ne’er halt. This means that the direction will ever revise the bing vision and mission and ever making audit and be aftering the schemes for the endurance of the company. For Toyota Motor Corporation, their vision and mission is stated as follow:
Vision & A ; Philosophy of Toyota
The above statement is extracted from the official web site of Toyota Motor Corporation. From this statement, I consider that the direction is really concern about the people and seek their best to give the best for the society, every bit good as the environment. They besides aim for stable long-run growing without pretermiting the society and environment. This vision and doctrine will be revised from clip to clip and the internal and external audit will be done. Audit is really of import in order to do certain that all the organisational activities are being done in accurate manners, so that the vision and doctrine is right followed. From internal and external audit, Toyota Motor Corporation can better communicating and increase apprehension.
After measuring the vision and doctrine, every bit good as the internal and external audit, Toyota Motor Corporation can go on the strategic direction by concentrating on long-run aims. In the recent jobs of Toyota, they can concentrate on constructing the image of their trade name as their long-run aim. From the internal and external audit that I have explained in the old page, direction of Toyota Motor Corporation can look upon their forces and choosing the suited schemes. This measure should be done to get the better of the jobs generated from the audits in order to accomplish the long-run aim. Brainstorming between the top, in-between and lower direction should be done in order to happen out appropriate solution sing the job. The appropriate schemes for Toyota have been identified in the old undertaking through SWOT analysis that I have been developed. But it is non restricted merely to the SWOT analysis. Any thoughts besides should be considered.
The following measure in strategic planning procedure is to implement the schemes that have been identified from the old stairss. In this measure, the cross functional squads in Toyota Motor Corporation will collaborate by taking suited action in implementing the schemes. For illustration, research and development squad will working on developing other merchandises such as electronic and digital merchandises in order to develop the trade name name of Toyota. The same goes to other section such as selling section. They can make something that can recover the trade name name of Toyota. For illustration to publicize the run of back uping environmental rehabilitation by advancing theoretical accounts of Toyota autos that produce less pollution to the environment.
The last but non least, Toyota Motor Corporation can mensurate and measure the public presentation of the schemes being implemented and action taken by the cross functional squads of the organisation. If the schemes show good impact, Toyota can continually implement it or develop it farther. On the other manus, if the schemes show no or negative impact, Toyota can reorganise it or brainstorming to seek for better schemes. In this status, the strategic direction procedure will get down from the beginning once more. Example of method that can be used is study method. This can be done by seting the frequence and weight for the schemes being implemented. From the study consequence, direction will cognize how effectual the schemes are.
As a decision, Toyota Motor Corporation still has the opportunity to retrieve from the jobs that they are confronting. There are a batch of schemes that Toyota can implement in order to better the direction, merchandises every bit good as the stakeholder attitude. The planning of the schemes should be stressing more towards the disciplinary action from the sudden acceleration of the autos. Other than that, Toyota besides can beef up their internal factors and at the same clip can seek the chance for them to construct up their image once more. Auditing procedure besides should be taken into history where audit will do certain that Toyota is at the right path in running the concern. This is a manner to do certain any jobs can be avoided. If Toyota Motor Corporation implements concern scheme decently, I am certain that Toyota will success once more and will stay as the leader of the automotive industry.

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