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Published: 2020-06-13 19:51:04
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Over the past decennary, the Information and Communication Technology industry has become one of the fastest turning industries in several states in the universe including Mauritius ( Kencki, 2008 ) . The figure of Business Process Outsourcing ( BPO ) and Information Technology ( IT ) companies has been invariably increasing similar to the figure of users using computing machines and Internet at place or educational establishments. Besides, more and more companies and administrations are now following IT solutions because of the assorted advantages being offered by new engineerings.
However, this turning of the ICT industry in Mauritius has its negative effects on the environment finally taking to climate alteration, which in bend impacts the manner to make concern. Around the universe, an increasing figure of IT administrations have already started to look at Green and sustainability issues in IT and even in Mauritius it is high clip to get down looking at green solutions for IT concerns.
1.1 Mauritius as the Emerging IT Business Hub
In the late 90 ‘s, an enterprise was taken by the Mauritius authorities to turn Mauritius into
a ‘cyber island ‘ , with the Information and Communication Technology as the 5th pillar of the economic system after the four traditional pillars viz. sugar, fabric, touristry and finance services ( Kencki, 2008 ) . In order to pull foreign companies to put in Mauritius, the Mauritanian authorities established a legal model and created fiscal inducements by offering lower corporate revenue enhancements along with a 50 % alleviation on the personal income revenue enhancements for two international employee members in the same company.
During the procedure of turning Mauritius into a ‘cyber island ‘ , the island has besides witnessed an addition in the figure of IT/BPO companies puting up their Centres in Mauritius. Between 2004 and 2008, the figure of companies in the IT/BPO sector has increased from less than 100 to over 300, and these figures are go oning to lift since Mauritius is privileged with a literate and talented labour force apart from its lingual and cultural profusion. This growing of the ICT industry besides means more and more people are being employed in this industry where the island has had the 7th highest GDP per capita in Africa at about $ 10,155 in 2005 ( Verma, 2010 ) . Mauritius, today, is the place to several planetary participants including Infosys, Ceridian, Accenture, Deutsch Bank, among others.
1.2 Climate Change and Mauritius
Climate alteration is likely to be the defining issue of the twenty-first Century ( IPCC, 2007 ) . Its chief cause in the universe today is due to planetary heating, which is the comparatively recent addition in mean temperature of the Earth ‘s ambiance and oceans and its projected continuance ( Bachelet et al 2007 ) . The chief ground of planetary heating is chiefly due to an increased in the sum of nursery gases ( GHG ) brought about by anthropomorphous causes such as additions in C dioxide degrees due to set down usage alterations and dodo fuel burning. Surveies have shown that since the pre-industrial epoch, the usage of fossil fuels in the universe has lead to an addition of around 2 grades Celsius in the mean temperature rise ( Ramanathan & A ; Feng, 2008 ) . The clime alteration effects are already being felt in different parts around the universe chiefly in the signifier of sea degree rise and utmost conditions events in the signifier of class five cyclones, drouths, and snow storms.
In Mauritius, around 3500 metric tons of Carbon is emitted into the ambiance every twelvemonth ( CSO, 2008 ) but merely about 225 metric tons are being removed. These figures are increasing each and every twelvemonth where the chief factors being an increasing figure of vehicles on the route and besides, an increasing demand for electricity to power more and more electronic devices ( including computing machines ) and contraptions. As negative effects on Mauritanian clime, environmental conditions including alteration in rainfall forms and strength, altering temperature governments, addition in sea surface temperatures, accelerated sea degree rise among others, are most likely to be felt unless pressing and drastic cuts in C emanations in the ambiance are made.
2.0 Problem Statement
The relationship between clime alteration and the growing of the IT industry is fundamentally a two-way relationship where each factor has its inauspicious impacts of the other. The turning IT industry in Mauritius besides means an addition in the overall electricity demand on the island. In order to run into this increasing demand, more power has to be harnessed and the usage of non-renewable beginnings during the procedure imply several pollutants and GHGs are released in the air finally increasing planetary heating and clime alteration effects.
The lifecycle environmental impact of IT concerns non merely GHG emanations but besides the extraction and disposal of harmful stuffs ( Plepys 2002 ) .The fast turning IT industry is lending to the production of big measures of electrical and electronic waste ( e.g. computing machines, telephones, pressmans, etc ) . One of the chief factors that contributed to the addition in e-waste is the decrease of the life span of computing machines and some electronic devices including nomadic phones to about 2-3 old ages ( Jaragh & A ; Boushahri, 2009 ) . Electronic equipment is known to incorporate risky stuffs and improper disposal pose a possible menace to human wellness and the environment since they may incorporate heavy metals such as Lead, Mercury or other toxic compound such as PVC-plastic. Statistics show that 40 % of all lead and 70 % of other heavy metals found in the landfills are e-waste related, and particularly from high tech merchandises ( EPA, 2008 ) .
On the other manner unit of ammunition, clime alteration besides impacts concerns in the manner that an unstable clime with terrible drouths or frequent cyclones can cut down the figure of visitants in the island and these visitants include tourers and even concern investors. Similarly, a rise in temperature due to the altering clime besides increases the demand for chilling devices such as air conditioners in work-places which is another energy guzzling monster that adversely increases the electricity measures of companies.
In different states around the universe, companies are already facing, or are close to making, difficult bounds in the sum of power they can afford or are allowed to devour ( Rogers and Homann, 2008 ) . In the close hereafter, if the energy ingestion in Mauritius supports on increasing along with the changeless rise of energy measures, several concerns will be affected with a lessening in their Net income after Tax ( PAT ) . This lessening will besides hold some negative effects runing from lessening in fillip to cut downing the figure of employees in companies and besides shuting down of companies incurring losingss. If this happens, the economic system of Mauritius will be greatly affected.
3.0 Research Gap
As energy costs has been lifting over the past old ages, and as the inauspicious effects of energy production have become more evident, more and more concerns around the universe are traveling green ( Minasyan, 2006 ) . Companies are easy gaining that the beginning and sum of their energy ingestion significantly contributes to GHG emanations ( Curtis, 2008 ) and the easiest and cheapest manner to cut down GHG emanations is energy efficiency.
In general, Green ” has become a popular term for depicting things that are good for the environment, by and large healthful and, more late, economically reasonable ( Anthony, 2008 ) . Traveling Green ” implies cut downing energy usage and pollution footmark and derived from the Going Green ” construct, Green IT Businesses refer to endeavors that participates in environmentally friendly or green activities to guarantee that all procedures, merchandises, and activities in the full life rhythm of calculating are adequately turn toing current environmental concerns while keeping their net income ( Cooney, 2008 ) .
Different researches are already being conducted around the universe particularly in universities and these surveies have been rather good to concerns. Different best patterns being applied that can better energy efficiencies within IT companies while besides cut downing energy measures. As an illustration, Korn et Al ( 2006 ) studied on triping Computer Power Management in U.S. endeavors which can $ 100 per computing machine yearly. If 50 computing machines are present in a little and medium IT companies, $ 50,000 can be saved yearly. This is one of the techniques though and many other best patterns and techniques can be applied that will be really good to IT companies in Mauritius whereby besides accommodating to the clime alteration jobs being faced today.
4.0 Research Aims and Aims
As a solution to accommodate to the clime alteration jobs contributed by the turning ICT industry in Mauritius today, survey in the country of Green IT with the purpose of set uping a model that IT concerns in Mauritius can follow in order to better energy efficiency while besides cut downing their energy costs. As aims, the research will seek to find:
the bing energy efficiency techniques and best patterns that can be applied within IT administrations,
the bing prosodies which can be used to compare energy efficiency at different degrees of package, hardware, human resource, etc,
an energy optimised manner for IT organisations to run by following an energy efficient model,
the efficiency and public presentation of the model demoing the per centum of decrease of energy use and energy measures
5.0 Research Methodology
The survey will get down with a literature reappraisal in the countries of Green IT Businesses to place the different techniques and best patterns presently being used which help cut down energy ingestion within IT administrations. The prosodies for energy ingestion measuring at different degrees within an IT administration including hardware, package and organizational ( in footings of people, edifice, etc ) , will so be need to be identified. This will assist to simplify determination devising in order to compare energy efficiency at the different mentioned degrees.
Following the pick of prosodies, the demands for a Green IT Business model will be gathered by making a critical analysis of the administration ( in footings of IT infrastructures ) where the survey is being conducted. Based on the demands, a model will be designed and developed with the purpose to better energy efficiency at the different degrees within IT organisations whereby advancing Green IT Businesses. As such, the model will include a theoretical account for energy ingestion decrease complecting the different degrees along with the policies and best patterns on how energy ingestion can be reduced during normal twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operations within IT Businesses.
The developed model will so be tested by using it to different take parting administrations for continual appraisal. By utilizing the ab initio identified prosodies, the company ‘s energy ingestion after following the model will be compared with the company ‘s energy ingestion before following the model, in order to finally measure the model.
6.0 Research Benefits
Investing in the country of Green IT and energy ingestion decrease will convey the undermentioned benefits be it to our people, the environment in Mauritius and most significantly to IT concerns runing in Mauritius:
Lower energy costs which is good to Mauritius in the undermentioned ways:
Increases the net income after revenue enhancement of concerns
Promote more foreign investors to come to Mauritius
Reduces the demand for electricity production
Provides a control to energy monetary values and C revenue enhancements
Increasing people ‘s consciousness in traveling green would cut down energy ingestion every bit good as electronic waste disposal in the environment,
Greener environment and version towards climate alteration can increase the life span of citizens of Mauritius every bit good as encourage more tourers to see the island.
7.0 Expected Results
The expected results of the survey are depicted in Table 1 below:
Duration ( yearss )
Literature Review ( Existing Best Practices and Metrics )
Gather demands for model
Proposition of model
Design and Development of model
Evaluation of model
Undertaking Submission
Table 1 -Expected Results
8.0 Time Plan
The planned start day of the month has been taken as 1st April 2011 and the Gantt chart for this survey to be completed over a period of 3 old ages is shown as follows:
9.0 Needed Resources
During the class of the survey the needed resources are as follows:
Hardware and Software
The different hardware/software demands for the research will be:
Computes and Waiters
Modeling Tools ( Mat Lab, Visio )
Devicess to mensurate energy ingestion including circuit metres
Power metre for measuring of power ingestion
Open beginning SDK ( e.g. Java or PHP )
Analysis Software ( e.g. SPSS )
Paper Resources
Entree to research/conference documents and diaries will be needed in order to be up-to-date with related work in the same country. Two major libraries where entree will be needed include the ACM Portal and IEEE web site.
The installations needed are in footings of the infinite needed for carry oning the survey. The University of Technology, Mauritius will supply the infinite for carry oning the survey.
Participating Administrations
For rating of the model, understanding will be needed with different IT concerns in Mauritius to use the model for informations aggregation, analysis and decision.
10.0 Budget Estimates
The budget estimates for the three old ages of this survey makes a sum of Rs. 570,000. Detailss are as in Table 2 below:
Estimated Cost ( Rs. )
University Fees ( 3 old ages )
Purchase of Books and Documents
Equipments for research ( Acuvim L 3 Phase Power Meter )
Engagement in conferences and workshops ( one time per twelvemonth )
Traveling for Research Supervision ( 2 times )
Rs. 570,000
Table 2 – Budget Estimates

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