How did the world view of the European affects China

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How did the universe position of the European affects China
In the Ming and Qing dynasty, European started to sail to the universe and they eventually connected to China. They wanted trade and brought many Chinese’s things back to Europe. They wanted to make this because it’s excessively expensive to purchase those things from the western European state. They boosted Chinese from a self-sufficing state to a world-wide trading state. They came and utilize their engineering and cognition to interchange for goods or permission to distribute Christian. European brought Chinese that China should utilize universe trading to increase wealth. However, Chinese treated those states like their Lords but non look at them at same degree. Chinese use those European’s engineering of military to cover their ain rebellion and the farming engineering to increase the population. Chinese emperor besides had lesson on the European scientific discipline, uranology, geographics, mathematics. Those missional usage this opportunity to distribute the thought of Christian. It’s the first clip that Chinese received a new faith. There’s merely Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism take topographic point in China. The God” had been brought by those European missional and they built a batch of church in large metropoliss like Beijing and Nanjing. European besides brought negative impacts to China. They brought excessively much Chinese things and they lost tonss of gold and Ag in China. In order to acquire it back, they started to sell coffin nail and caused the war in the late Qing. European’s worldview of trading, engineering of farming and industry, and cognition of many topics and faith of Christianity affect China in Ming and Qing dynasty.
The Europeans opened a door of universe trading and made Chinese saw the great benefit of trading and commanding district around the universe would raise their power. European sailed to China and started to merchandise. Portuguese was the first one and one by one, European’s started to come to China for new things. They bought tonss of Chinese things and besides spread an thought of universe trading. More and more silver flow from American settlement to China and do China a sink” for Ag. They brought merchandising mark to China and wanted China to open ports officially. The immense wealth increased the involvement to the Chinese authorities and would wish to sail like those European ( China: the Ming and the Qing and Nayan Chanda ) . Chinese emperor sent representative like Cheng He to sail to the universe. They were similar European, wanted to detect new land and trade with them. The whole Ship carried with a clump of wealth to India and more farer. They besides tried to distribute the Great China like those European and they would wish those states to manus in their testimonial to China ( Nayan Chanda ) .
Due to the trade expended, more European came to China and they besides brought their engineering on military to China. China did non hold any sort of cannon and guns until the Portuguese introduced them to Chinese. Chinese started to accept things from outside of China. They eventually agree that those European military arms are better than Chinese. They started to garner solders and develop them with a European commanding officer and bought some guns from them. They started to accommodate European’s thought of contending and tried to utilize them to support themselves. They learned to larn other’s thought to strength themselves ( China: the Ming and the Qing )
Europeans besides brought their progress agriculture engineering and new harvests to China. Christopher Columbus had already spread the Sweet murphies, white murphies, maize, and peanuts to America and Philippines. Those harvests found their manner to China at 1500s. The planting engineerings besides go with them. Chinese population grew from 150 million to 450 million. It merely took 250 old ages to raise 300 million people in China. It reaches the highest population after the Yuan dynasty’s pillage in China ( Susan V. Lawrence ) .
Europeans brought the usage of machine to China to take over usage of labour. Chinese people can produce16 million indistinguishable Fe arrowheads a twelvemonth. Chinese besides use water wheels to power their working at farm. However, they didn’t travel any farther. Europeans came to China and they brought their thought of usage machine to bring forth tonss of merchandises. It made Chinese people gained more clip and they could make more work that they don’t have clip to make before ( Mark Elvin ) .
European missionaries brought European cognition and Christianity which change the Chinese thought. Although, Chinese had studied stars for 1000s of old ages, but Europeans had more cognition of utilizing stars to specify where they are and they had better uranology. They used better telescopes and survey stars for many centuries. Chinese Emperor absorbed those new thoughts from the missional. It’s opened a large connexion between China and batch of European states. Chinese emperor besides learned tonss subject like biological science, scientific discipline, geometry from those missionaries. For illustration, Qing emperor used Holland missional to plan cannons and taught emperor about uranology. Then, more and more Chinese people learned about western civilization and western thoughts, which made them believe more and tried in different ways of looking at everything. Missionaries gained the permission to distribute Christian in China by working for Chinese emperor or Chinese people. Missionaries built tonss of Church in large metropoliss like Beijing, Tianjin, and Nanjing. They spread the thought of Gods and they change about few per centum of people. They set up mission school to learn people and seek to do them believe and believed in God. They helped the hapless and set a theoretical account of modern school in China. Chinese started to Change from larning merely poems to more topics. They started to utilize western head and believed in western thoughts. They besides trained Chinese kids to be missionaries of China and direct them to European to larn more about God and cognition. The interflow between two states made Chinese more international but non self sufficient any more ( China: the Ming and the Qing and Christian Missionaries in China ) .
European’s worldview of trading, engineering of farming and industry, and cognition of many topics and faith of Christianity affect China in Ming and Qing dynasty. European spread their thoughts by going though Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Their position of universe alteration Chinese thought of self-sufficing, and told Chinese that merely maintain on detecting and accommodating things can do them stronger.
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