How Happy could Gay Men be in a Homophobic Society such as Ours Essay

Published: 2020-07-17 09:30:05
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Homosexuality is no longer an unrevealed thought amongst us. and their being in our society is no longer a inquiry to be raised. As we know. they enter the same shops we visit every now and so ; they ride the same coachs and subways we catch ; they walk the same streets we tread everyday ; they breathe the same air we do. all for one evident ground: they are no less human than any of us in this society could perchance be.
Despite the common cognition we all have about the being of these people who all of a sudden came out from the box. it still raises different reactions from the crowd of the so called normal people”—as the society itself may mention to it. While others have learned to accept the given fact that there is a possibility of change to the socially set criterion of normalcy. such as this one on the country of gender. there are still some who merely couldn’t pattern the act of coexistence with these so called new strains. There are still people who sacredly believe that the rebelliousness of the norm” such as traversing from one gender to another is perfectly unacceptable. Given this world. a batch of efforts have been made to somehow sway these people out of their enclosed bubbles. Even media. one of the most influential elements in our society. took a measure farther by acknowledging the being of homosexuals and tribades in their undertakings themed after different pieces of life—like the top notching series Will & A ; Grace. and the award-winning film Philadelphia.
With people’s warm embracing with the thought in traveling images. it seemed no far from the possibility that they could. one manner or another. welcome the thought in world with unfastened weaponries ; the lone inquiry staying is: how broad unfastened could these people extend their weaponries based on what their telecastings feed them? Harmonizing to Marisa Conolly on her article entitled Homosexuality on Television: The Heterosexualization of Will & A ; Grace in Print Media. despite the telecasting show Will & A ; Grace’s effort to advance the normality” of the being of cheery work forces in the society. the show wasn’t able to to the full emancipate the misunderstood clump.
Intentionally or non. certain restrictions have been set by the said show. go forthing unneeded commissariats among viewing audiences which they could mention to in footings of sorting homosexualism unacceptable and acceptable for the public’s eyes. Generally. Will. one of the chief characters of the said show who happens to play a portion of a supposed homophile. was someway portrayed in a heterosexual mode ; his mere association with Grace. a consecutive female character. shades the scene to a different colour.
Their supposed friendly relationship was brought into a different heterosexual boundary line of relationship. wherein platonic is brought into a distorted romantic angle—somehow portraying him caught in between the certainty of homosexualism and the inclination to tilt on heterosexualism. Unfortunately. their possible involvement to sell is wholly contradicting the publicity of the other. therefore doing it more complicated for the viewing audiences whether to absorb him as a elusive homosexual who merely seeks acknowledgment. or as a male. in the center of an individuality crisis. still cleaving on the idealism of heterosexualism through slippery dramatisation of his relationship with a consecutive adult female.
The same thought was raised in the movie Philadelphia by Jonathan Demme. On the said film. alternatively weighing through the incompatibility of the sensed representation of character. the viewing audiences are merely being caught in the center of a life and decease state of affairs. Alternatively of doing their viewing audiences understand the existent mark within the extent of world that the movie itself is supplying. they are subconsciously redefining commiseration as a replacement for this apprehension. They have misused the forthcoming of decease to the homosexual persona’s advantage by playing on it as if stating: Hey. I am deceasing now of AIDS. and I am gay.
Now that I will be go forthing this mortal topographic point shortly. will you delight hold the compassion of accepting me for who I truly am? ” Personally. I don’t think that this is the proper manner of educating the people because it is fundamentally deceptive. Though the two groups are closely knitted by its changeless response of privacy from the society. it is unjust to specify being cheery no different from holding AIDS. Being homosexual is non a deathly viral disease like AIDS ; it is merely a manner of life that is. more frequently than non. being misunderstood.
Upon watching the movie. I was left caught at the vagueness of Denzel Washington’s character. I thought at first that he will be the one responsible to put free Tom Hanks’ character. but by the terminal of the movie. my hopes were dropped on the floor. His supposed homophobia. which I foremost thought will be the critical component he has as one of the lead character. somehow got lost in the latter portion of the narrative. The issue tackled dealt chiefly on Hanks’ viral unwellness and how most people by and large react to it—giving the homosexualism issue. which is more widespread in world. a weak point of view.
The common land between the two different portraitures of cheery work forces stated supra is its inclination to seek for conditions before really opening the thought of credence. For telecasting situation comedy Will & A ; Grace. they sought for a elusive manner to conform with the norms” by partly heterosexualizing the homosexual character. while for the film Philadelphia. they played with emotions. most specifically guilt. by conveying into their attending that decease is an uneventful hereafter for the character.
Basically. in their ain peculiar ways. they are ever looking for certain loop holes to draw off homosexuality acceptable—meaning homosexuality itself defines no ground to stand on its ain. In this instance. their noncritical viewing audiences tend to acquire accustomed in looking for such transitions before they really accept certain fortunes. which unluckily non every homosexual adult male has. In the terminal. publication of thoughts and pieces of life such as these lone implies that as clip passed by the society is still maintaining its doors closed to the acknowledgment of homosexuality’s being.
Again it merely shows the greatest failing that any society has: a fright of the unordinary. ” They are non precisely release but instead a signifier of misrepresentation in order to exchange the attending of the critical populace sing their claim for ample acknowledgment to homophiles. None of these traveling images placed a point at the terminal of the statement we accept homosexuality” ; alternatively. they merely made the issue more complex than of all time by adding up the status if and merely if” to the said declaration. If the shows themselves couldn’t accept the fact that cheery work forces exist. how could their viewing audiences make?
I could give recognition for the effort pull out homosexuals and tribades from their malicious-satirical stereotype of merely being unpleasant. loud and arch. but still. that doesn’t do it plenty for me. Compassion may be the best manner to seek blessing. but seeking cogent evidence out of the ordinary and go throughing it off as the best solution is nil but a deficient accomplishment. Homosexuality isn’t really an issue seeking for a particular intervention ; that will be manner excessively much for a end now that it couldn’t even make the blessing of being lined up on the mean degree.
All homosexuals and tribades need is the opportunity to be treated in a normal way—no more and no less than how people accept heterosexuals—where in they are non shoved off as if they are infective animals. Since media started this crooked representation of homosexualism on screen in the first topographic point. I believe that they will be the lone 1 who could rectify this. Following clip they produce best selling narratives about homophiles on their reels. they should seek taking off those special cases” that tend to sensationalize their stories—like researching Will’s manfully side as a homosexual adult male and Hanks’ incurable unwellness.
If they want to stand for cheery work forces as portion of the normal sector in our society. so they could likely stand for them every bit simple as being another friendly neighbour from the block without a semi-romantic relationship with a consecutive female. but instead a casual relationship with another adult male. or a successful attorney who need non decease at the terminal of the narrative merely to derive acknowledgment for his success as a attorney ; alternatively. he could merely be another attorney who saved the day—roles every bit simple as that. merely like most straight persons portray.
In that manner. it will look to be more realistic and just for these people who normally live under the shadow of our judgmental society.

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