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Published: 2020-06-17 17:56:04
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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins had me interested because it deals with a 16 year-old miss that goes through a drastic alteration after some events that happen in her life. The Hunger Games is about a miss. Katniss. that voluntaries to take the topographic point of her 12 year-old sister. Prim. in the Hunger Games.
The Hunger Games is a televised event in which a male child and a miss between the ages of 12 and 18 from each of the 12 territories of Panem. is randomly chosen each twelvemonth to contend to the decease against the other 23 participants. or more normally known as tributes. ” The testimonials are enclosed in a big. unsafe sphere that is controlled by the Capitol. ” They must contend to the decease and happen a manner to last and be the last one alive. to win what are known as The Hunger Games. ” Katniss promises she would win for her sister.
In the terminal. non merely does she win. but her fellow testimonial Peeta Mellark which comes from the same territory as her. wins as good. They manage this by moving like lovers. ” throughout the full event. so that the audience feels sorry for them. I can candidly state that this is one of the best books I have of all time read. It gives the genre Fantasy Fiction/Sci-Fi a whole different facet. I personally do non like that genre. but when I read this one it made me recognize that I shouldn’t judge the full genre merely because of one book that I had read in the yesteryear. However. since there aren’t many books based on dystopias it makes it interesting to read about a small something less common in literature.
All in all. this is one great piece. This narrative is set in the state of Panem. in the hereafter after North America is destroyed due to a series of obscure catastrophes. Panem consists of 13 territories one of which has been wholly demolished ( District 13 ) . Part of the narrative takes topographic point in District 12 which is where the chief character lives. The book ne’er precisely references where the sphere for the Hunger Games is. but that is where the remainder of the narrative takes topographic point along with some parts being in the Capitol.
The narrative is told in the point of position of the chief character. Katniss Evergreen. Katniss is a determined. weather. 16 twelvemonth old miss that has been through a batch. Her male parent died when she was younger in a mine detonation doing her female parent to travel into a deep depression which finally leads to her barricading herself from the remainder of the universe. Besides. she shows courage when she volunteers to take her sister’s topographic point in the Hunger Games. The secret plan of this narrative captures the reader’s attending.
Because it had to make with a dystopia. it makes readers all of a sudden interested because it is a new subject. Not many books that are directed towards our age group have to make with dystopias. So. since it’s something reasonably new to us. it becomes interesting. Besides. the sudden turns that the writer adds here and at that place do the narrative unpredictable which is what many readers. including me. enjoy. It kept me entertained chapter after chapter. The book ne’er has a dull minute. in my sentiment. Even though the genre of the book is Science Fiction. the characters are credible. They respond merely as a regular adolescent would respond in state of affairss. hard or non. that they face.
Katniss besides changes drastically by the terminal of the book. She seems to hold matured. and looks at life through a different position. The characters are besides interesting. In between all of the action that happens in the sphere. Katniss faces some internal jobs. She doesn’t know if she starts to experience existent feelings towards Peeta. or if she continues to hold those feelings for her friend back place. Gale Hawthorne. I would decidedly urge this book to others. Particularly if they want to seek and read something a small different. that they usually wouldn’t expect to wish. I can about vouch that anyone who gives this book a opportunity. will fall in love with it merely as I have.
This book keeps you on the border of your place. It’s full of action and suspense that makes you want to read more. In decision. I believe that the chief character. Katniss. changes a batch from the beginning of the book. to the terminal. She learns to cover with her internal jobs. and looks at life from the eyes of a wholly different individual. One can state that she has decidedly matured. This book left a fantastic feeling on me. I am decidedly looking frontward to completing the full trilogy. I would urge this book to anyone looking to read a merriment. cliff-hanging. and touching novel. They should decidedly turn to The Hunger Games.

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