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Hurricanes Essay, Research Paper

1.Tornadoes travel at an norm of 45 miles per hour with a diameter between 150 and 600 metres and maximal air current speeds up to 600 km/hr. Middle latitude cyclones can cross across a continent and normally necessitate 2-4 yearss to traverse a part. Hurricanes range in velocity from 119 km/hr to sometimes over 250 km/hr and mean close to 600 kilometers across.

2.The months from August through October are when hurricanes normally strike North America. When the ocean H2O temperature is warm and combines with the hot air and wet that accompany the summer months, hurricane formations possible.

3.a. The enwind velocities of a hurricane near the equator aren & # 8217 ; t sufficient plenty to supply the rotary gesture due to the failing of the Coriolis consequence.

b. Tornados are by and large smaller in size and Don & # 8217 ; t cover every bit much country as a hurricane. Hurricanes last for yearss compared to maybe an hr or three for a twister.

4.Hurricanes can be detected long before they strike and coastal citizens can evacuate and hold a opportunity to procure their shops and places prior to the storm. Tornadoes, on the other manus, work stoppage rapidly with small or no warning.

5.Population growing on the seashores has exceeded the engineering of warning prognosiss. Large residential communities don & # 8217 ; Ts have adequate clip to fix for a hurricane.

6.a. A tropical depression is
when a cyclones wind speed doesn’t reach 61 km/hr whereas a tropical storm’s air current velocities range form 61-119 km/hr.
B. A category-2 hurricane produces moderate harm with powerful air currents of about 100 km/hr and a Category-5 hurricane has thrusting air currents of over 250-km/hr cause ruinous harm with its rush 18 pess or more.

c. The oculus is the really centre of the storm where the oculus wall is a doughnut shaped wall of intense connective activity environing the oculus and bring forthing the strongest air currents and heavy rain.

7.On July 15, a tropical perturbation advanced to a tropical storm in the Northern part of the Indian Ocean with velocities at the oculus near to 70 km/hr. On July 17, the tropical storm was & # 8220 ; upgraded & # 8221 ; to a hurricane as the storm moves toward the island of Sri Lanka with velocities over 150 km/hr. On July 18, with air current velocities in surplus of 180 km/hr, Hurricane Luigi swept across the northern tip of Sri Lanka and is set to lay waste to the metropoliss of Madurai of Tiruchchirapalli with its high air currents. July 19, Luigi breaks up the seashore saving the afore mentioned metropoliss. Approaching a category-5 categorization, Luigi eyes the metropolis of Madras, as it & # 8217 ; s following victim. On July 20, Luigi, now a category-5 hurricane with air current velocities of 265 km/hr, hooked to the West merely before the oculus reached Madras and headed inland toward Bangalore. July 21, Luigi dies out as occupants in Southern India Begin to reconstruct.

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