Iago and his character

Published: 2020-06-27 21:21:04
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Iago comes across as a nice, truthful, and trustworthy person. However the audience and the other characters soon learn he is a liar and manipulative. The trouble he causes ends up backfiring, as he soon gets found out on his actions. He plays on the other characters weaknesses, and plays them against each other, to cause a dispute. Iago also put various ideas into each of the characters head, and made them think in a different way. He wishes for other people’s possessions and advantages, like he wanted to be Othello’s Lieutenant, and was jealous of Cassio.
By the title of the play, I automatically thought Othello must be the name of the main character of the play or must play a leading Role. However as I read the book I learnt that one of the main characters was Iago. .
Iago is a 28 year old Venetian, and ancient of Othello. Also known as the moor.” At the start of the play Iago announced that he hated Othello, because he thinks Othello has slept with Emelia, his wife, so he plans to get even with him by using Roderigo to inform Desdemona’s Father, of her affairs with Othello. .
Iago cons Roderigo out of all his money and his land, by making false promises to him, by saying ” put money in they purse,” by this he was bribing Roderigo to pay him, to get Desdemona to go out with Roderigo. Iago however convinces Roderigo that he can win Roderigo Desdemona’s Love and affection, and Roderigo gives Iago all of his money and land, so he is left with nothing.

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