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Published: 2020-06-05 05:46:04
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Before get downing this subject I viewed myself as advanced in engineering. When sing the challenges I would confront as a instructor, the usage of ICT was non high on my list. This position is something I have now had to reevaluate. It is now evident that merely being able to utilize a laptop, package plans and societal media sites, will non be equal if I truly want to prosecute pupils of the twenty-first Century.
Previously when I imagined myself learning I thought back to my ain experiences and compared myself to my past instructors. I would see whether I had the accomplishments necessary to run into the demands of pupils such as myself at the clip. I now realise that although some of this is still relevant, a batch has changed, particularly the pupils. Harmonizing to Prensky ( 2001 ) Our pupils have changed radically. Today ‘s pupils are no longer the people our educational system was designed to learn ” .
My initial reaction to this was a sense of terror, nevertheless after researching farther and talking to current instructors ; I have now taken this on as a new and exciting challenge. I believe that articles such as Prensky ( 2001 ) are designed to dispute our ideas on the traditional manner of thought and instruction. Whilst some research does bespeak that many pupils will be advanced in engineering and will utilize it normally in their mundane lives, there are still a big sum of pupils who are non at the degree expected of a digital native epoch ( Bennett, Maton, & A ; Kervin, 2008 ) .
I am a digital immigrant more than I am a digital indigen, which is now obvious to me in my mundane actions such as publishing my readings and physically foregrounding them instead than reexamining them online. Knowing this has now put me at an advantage. I am really cognizant of how much I need to go more familiar with these engineerings in order to do my categories more piquant and relevant to future pupils.
TOPIC 2 – Applied ICT in the schoolroom
The profession of instruction is continuously altering which means that going a instructor is besides a committedness to lifelong acquisition. The emerging TPACK ( engineering, teaching method, and content cognition ) model demonstrates a new manner of sing the profession where alternatively of engineering simply being seen as an added supernumerary it is now being integrated into the overall cognition model required to be an effectual instructor ( Koehler & A ; Mishra, 2009 ) .
It is obvious when comparing the current History Years 7 – 10 Syllabus ( Board of Studies NSW, 2003 ) to the new History K-10 Syllabus ( Board of Studies, 2012 ) that the manner ICT has been written into the course of study has changed. It has been integrated into all subjects and elements in the new course of study alternatively of holding its ain detached subdivision. This is brooding of the manner instructors will now be expected to incorporate engineering into their lessons as they would hold antecedently done with content and pedagogical cognition.
The TPACK model demonstrates how a instructor ‘s single content, pedagogical and technological cognition all overlap in different countries. If I was to fix a Phase 4 or 5 History lesson, this model would come into drama if I was to garner my cognition of the content and unite this with my cognition of the varying pupils in my category and their single acquisition demands in order to outdo Teach this information to them all. This is where my pedagogical and content cognition would overlap. If I so decided to prosecute the pupils in a undertaking where they were required to develop a presentation on the information they had merely learnt utilizing an on-line plan such as Prezi, this would so see an convergence of all knowledge countries, concentrating in on the TPACK thought. The concluding portion of this model would so be to take into history the context of the environment and school I am learning in before implementing the lesson program.
TOPIC 3 – ICT and Pedagogy
The thought of ‘digital indigens ‘ is seen by some as an wrong generalization about all immature people. By looking chiefly at technologically advanced pupils, some could be concerned that those who are non as advanced or interested in engineering will be more likely to be neglected and that differing socio-economic and cultural factors will non be considered ( Bennett et al. , 2008 ) .
As with anything, different pupils will hold differing abilities and skill sets when it comes to ICT. Some pupils will non hold had much experience at all with the plans I will be taking to integrate into my lessons, whereas other pupils will hold grown up utilizing them. It will be possible that a figure of pupils will be more advanced than me in some countries of ICT. As with all countries of teaching method, these differing accomplishment degrees and ICT experiences will necessitate to be considered when incorporating ICT into my lesson. Churchill, Ferguson, Godinho, Johnson, Keddie, Letts, Mackay, McGill, Moss, Nagel, Nicholson, and Vick ( 2013 ) suggest that some factors worth sing are what flat each pupil is at, how much clip is needed to be set aside to learn the peculiar ICT accomplishment required, whether pupils will be expected to learn themselves the accomplishments needed as they go and if so, whether I will be able to supply them with the appropriate resources and aid in order for them to be able to make this?
As a instructor cubic decimeter will necessitate to guarantee I am familiar plenty with the ICT method I intend to utilize in order to be able to steer my pupils. As a History instructor for illustration, if I wanted to carry on a practical site survey I would necessitate to be prepared and organised in precisely how to make this ( or have the appropriate aid ) before anticipating my pupils to take part and larn from this experience.
Part B: Sample and Notes:
Summary of the ICT: Microsoft OneNote is a package plan that has replicated the basic thought of a notebook. It allows entree to as many notebooks, subdivisions and pages as you like all in one cardinal topographic point with the ability to portion and edit information with other people.
Screen grab of your acquisition:
Notes of your acquisition: I had non heard of OneNote until I started this subject. After reading about it in the survey notes I found a YouTube picture called OneNote 2013 Review by Mark Kreuzer ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=SDYR2QcDwEo ) which made me desire to cognize more. I visited the Microsoft Office web site ( http: //office.microsoft.com/en-gb/ ) and after making some research purchased Office 365. Some other enlightening links were: ( hypertext transfer protocol: //lrrpublic.cli.det.nsw.edu.au/lrrSecure/Sites/LRRView/9225/index.htm? Signature= % 288a969ef2-4157-4c01-a336-c554e18465e3 % 29 ) and hypertext transfer protocol: //www.microsoft.com/casestudies/Case_Study_Detail.aspx? CaseStudyID=4000001117 which gave existent life illustrations of how OneNote has been used in the schoolroom efficaciously by instructors and pupils. After buying OneNote 2013, I watched the introductory tutorial and so started utilizing OneNote by first organizing my ain talk and tutorial notes. Bing what Prensky refers to as a digital immigrant, up until now I have still been utilizing difficult transcript folders/notebooks. I began utilizing OneNote for the first clip in a HSIE tutorial after looking at how unorganized my booklets were. I realised that this assignment might hold introduced me to something that will be really utile for me non merely in my mundane life but hopefully in my future calling as a instructor.
Mention to syllabus/curriculum: OneNote would suit into about any country of Stage 4 or 5 History. For illustration the instructor could cover outcome 4.4 by puting up an OneNote notebook on major periods of historical clip, with each page stand foring a different period. Students could so jot down any information they already know about different people and events that fit into each specific period on the corresponding page. The instructor could so lucubrate on the pupils ‘ cognition by traveling into more item with the pupils on each period and adding links to farther information etc. to each page.
Use point points and reference more things you will cover utilizing this i.e ICT constituent. New course of study excessively.
Possibly a tabular array? Look at guidelines
Link to the schoolroom: I found some great illustrations of how OneNote could be used in the HSIE schoolroom at the following nexus ( https: //sites.google.com/site/10hsieatpagewood/changing-rights-and-freedoms ) . There are besides some more links at www.tale.edu.au nevertheless to see these in more item I require a login which I am presuming I will derive when I am a registered instructor.
Compare how this is much better than merely a normal schoolroom lesson – what are benefits
Mention how I will utilize it and so other great illustrations can be found here
Future Use: As a instructor I will utilize OneNote to organize my content information, lesson programs and research. I could besides promote pupils to utilize it to organize their ain topic notes, prep and research/assignments. When instruction, OneNote could help in being able to prosecute pupils in my lessons but making things such as get downing some notes on a topic and so sharing this papers with the pupils so they can construct on these notes. Another great thought I got from the following YouTube picture ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=T5X_iSRNueU ) would be to upload all my notes after category to OneNote so that pupils could travel over them in their ain clip if they wish.
How will I progress this even further to go even more advanced
2nd thingy
hypertext transfer protocol: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=qoKi6VeIRHQ
how to do a timeline in excel
eg day of the month of things that happened in Aboriginal history
hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_Australian_history – wikipedia

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