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Published: 2020-06-15 10:46:03
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In the small beach town of Onadas lived a young, newlywed couple, Annabelle and Cole. Annabelle was an aspiring artist. Annabelle loved to paint the world as she saw it and her dream was to make an honest living from her passion. Cole was carpenter who loved working with hands. He loved designing and making furniture. He hoped that one day he would be able to spend his days making and selling his furniture. But for now, they would both have to put their dreams on hold. Annabelle worked as a cleaning lady in texas and Cole worked at a gas station in New York to make a living but they both pursue their passions in what little free time they had. Everything cost more than expected. Recently, Annabelle called Noah and told him that she was coming to see him before the year was over and came with the most amazing gift he has ever seen.. When Noah hung up the phone, his heart skipped a beat and it danced in the rising rays of the sun.
Annabelle sat in the plane reading The Fault in our Stars when the captain’s voice comes on the intercom he said, ” ladies and gentlemen we are experiencing some turbulence, please fasten your seatbelt right away.” After Annabelle put on her seatbelt she looked outside the window to find the airplanes wings bouncing and shaking making a clunking sound. Then annabelle realized that one of the plane’s engines was failing. Quietly to herself, she said the plane was going down.
The intercom turned on, ” we will be making an emergency stop immediately in kentucky, prepare for impact.” Annabelle knew it and she felt as if her stomach was rising to her head.
The planes roof started rattling and people were crying all around Annabelle. Then, the oxygen masks came flying down from the roof. After Annabelle put hers on she noticed that the man beside her was struggling to put his on. Quickley annabelle put the mask on over his head.
The flight attendants ladies were running across the plane helping the elderly and anyone who hasn’t put their oxygen masks over their heads. Annabelle was just staring into the blank space as she felt the cool stale air rush through her body. The plane dropped and for a second Annabelle’s heart stopped.
Annabelle was sitting there wondering what happened. Annabelle could see the ground out the window rushing toward her. Annabelle mind was only set on whether or wether not she was going to be able to see Noah. Which she had recently promised that she would. She looked down and grabbed her bag and looked inside just to make sure Noah’s gift-7 planks of antique cherrywood which she had to sell her paintbrushes.
As Annabelle stepped outside she immediately called Noah and told him what happened.
Are you okay,” Noah said.
Yes, I am fine, but how can I meet you I am stuck at the airport, Annabelle pleaded
Don’t worry about it, I’ll meet you at the airport”
Then I guess all see you soon”
Goodbye my love”
About three hours later, Noah came just as he promised. As soon as as they saw each other, their hands coiled like a stuffed monkey with velcro hands. Together, the couple went to the baggage claim to get Annabelle’s bags. When her plane’s bags come rolling in, Noah sees a giant stack of Antique cherrywood. Annabelle then grabs the stack and gives it to Noah. Dumbfounded and astonished, Noah finally finds the words to tall Annabelle that he sold his tools to buy her paint. He then shows her the arabian paint that was neatly wrapped in plastic back tied with a neat red bow.
Oh Noah.” She exclaimed, I sold my paint brushes to by you the wood.”
The two set the gifts aside knowing that they wouldn’t be able to use their gifts. And as the ball dropped, Noah yanked her into his lips and covered his mouth with his. Happy new year, Noah.”

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