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I have completed my six hebdomads internship in Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited Arifwala. I try my most first-class to accomplish utile cognition from this chance. My study starts with the first chapter Introduction to Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited, background, debut to EGIBL Arifwala subdivision, vision and mission of the bank. Bank vision & A ; mission statement shows the focal point of bank, the overall range and the ground of endurance. Second chapter start with the concern operations of the bank, organisational construction, branch hierarchy of Arifwala subdivision and SWOT analysis which is really important for any organisation. Business procedure analysis selling scheme and competitory scheme is besides including in this chapter.
The concluding chapter includes larning as a pupil houseman.
Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited provide me a tremendous functionary cognition through at that place constructive response to me in which my full heed is besides engage to derive cognition of more and more within a little extent of this valuable clip. Consequently, I have wholly pleased from there admirable coaction with me.
Presently I have knowledge sing a assortment of official activities and besides am familiar with how an organisation manages its concern procedure.
The intent is to get the better of and obtain benefit from the chance that are set up in the market and the chance that happen to come in being due to the error of rivals in the market. The chief aim is to achieve customization through Islamic Banking.
This study besides has decision and recommendations which I observe during my internship. Glossary and mention is besides available at the terminal of this study.
Chapter NO.1
Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited started working in February 2007 in Pakistan. It expands their web in all states in rural and urban country of Pakistan. Emirates Global Islamic Bank is a devoted Islamic commercial bank subsidize by UAE and Saudi Arabia. Emirates Global Islamic Bank offers an extended assortment of sedimentation, client funding, SME, concern finance and nest eggs banking merchandises.
These yearss the EGIBL is unifying with Al-Baraka Islamic bank. In a small while EGIBL should working as Al-Baraka Islamic bank in all metropoliss of Pakistan.
Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited started working in November 2008 in Arifwala. Now it has 67 subdivisions including Arifwala subdivision. EGIBL is an Islamic bank which introduces Islamic banking, part Riba-free so far highly feasible banking merchandises, base on the cognition of the Quran and Sunnah.
Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited believe in assembly a constructive portion to the populace by invariably Islamic banking and motivated to urge Halal banking merchandises, complement with better-quality service and progressive accomplishment. EGIBL Arifwala Branch has chief rivals ; Habib Bank, Meezan Bank, Punjab Bank, National Bank and Bank Alfalah earn tremendous gross of this country. EGIBL launch its Arifwala Branch with a brilliant and clear thought of client ‘s services.
1.3 Vision
To go a accepted and extremely respected Islamic commercial bank offering a broad scope of Shariah compliant merchandises and services to a cross-section of society, achieved by adhering to stated values of invention, unity, dedication and service quality ” .
Provide quality and efficient Shariah compliant fiscal merchandises and services to clients all over the state through an spread outing subdivision web, staffed by motivated professionals and powered by province of the art engineering ” .
Chapter NO.2
Business Operations
Business Operations
Throughout my internship I work with all the sections of Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited Arifwala and I learn batch of from their concern operations. Business operation of EGIBL are really huge bank provide many installations to their clients. The chief purpose of bank is provide quality service and customization through Islamic banking.
The construction of emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited is similar to other subdivisions. In the top place of the bank is Operation Manager ( Officiating Manager ) . The subdivision director is non there operation trough is working as an umpirage director and he is responsible all the working of the subdivision. Operation director is responsible all the other sections.
In 2nd place RM relationship director is placed which is responsible of marketing related activities and make relationship with clients. Third place is remittance officer which is other of import section. Remittance section is responsible for aggregation and glade. This section besides issue check books.
In client relationship section CRO is working. His duty is to have and direct letters to the caput offices and their clients. She besides prepared studies ; generate petitions for ATM Card, SMS banking and clients covering.
Teller is besides working who is responsible for hard currency receiving and hard currency payment. Teller generates studies for whole twenty-four hours minutess in the shutting clip and besides receives public-service corporation measures. Teller send studies to the operation section and screen the currency notes and compose their denominations harmonizing to the system. Two security guards are working in twenty-four hours times and one security guard working in dark timing. Two office male childs are working at the same clip and one helper of director is besides working at that place.
Operation Manager
( Officiating Manager )
Relationship Manager
Customer Relationship Officer
Remittance officer
Security guard ( 1 )
Morning Shift
Security guard ( 2 )
Morning Shift
Security guard ( 1 )
Night Shift
SWOT Analysis is highly important for any organisation. Because it shows its internal and external environment. For environmental analysis we utilize SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis provides whole information about organisation internal state of affairs and external factors.
Quality Assurance
EGIBL provides quality confidence to their clients. Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited direction besides check their services and their quality degree clip to clip for supplying high quality merchandises to their clients.
First Mover Edge
In November 2008 there is no any Islamic bank exist in Arifwala. So at this clip Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited capture their market through Islamic customization and acquire first mover border.
Default Ratio
EGIBL is an Islamic bank that is the ground its default ratio is less when we compare it with other Bankss.
Qualified Staff
EGIBL has a qualified staff and all staff knows about all merchandises. Customers can take information from any employee.
Attitude and Behavior
Behavior of the employees with client is good. When clients need any sort of aid their first precedence is to ease the clients. So clients are besides experiencing happy when employees solve their jobs in first clip.
Free Servicess
There are many services which are provided free of charge by the EGIBL like:
ATM Card
SMS Banking
Online installation
So merchandise combination is good so it creates value for their clients.
Environmental Improvement
Environment of EGIBL is good because it provides ( centrally air conditioned, neat, clean, ventilated, lighted and decorated ) .
Staff Coordination
Staff coordination is good among employees. Every employee is concern about bank and wants to take part in the growing of EGIBL.
Relationship with Customers
Selling is non an easy occupation it takes batch of clip to do high-quality connexion with the clients and there is no 2nd opportunity if u bead client in first feeling. Relationship Manager is besides focus on making relationship with clients.
Organizational Trust
Emirates Global Islamic Bank is a faithful Islamic commercial bank. So its give advantage to EGIBL because it gives Riba free ( involvement ) banking.
Admin Expenses
There are many unmanageable admin disbursals which every employee enjoy their freedom. These disbursals can be control by proper attending.
Manual Banking
EGIBL is engaged with IT system but manual system is besides exists in the subdivision that creates some jobs for employees.
Branch Network
Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited has really less subdivision web. Now it has merely one subdivision which is Arifwala subdivision in this country. There is no any other subdivision near Arifwala like Sahiwal, Pakpattan, Bhawalnagar and Okara.
Trouble Shooting
There are many Trouble hiting jobs in the subdivision which need some proper supervising like electrical, mechanical and fitting contraptions.
Selling Skills
There are no any professional employees in the subdivision for selling. Marketing plays critical function in every concern that is the ground bank place is non good.
Health Policies
Health policy is non organized by the direction. Health policy should be in the heads of top direction to protect their employees. As we know employees are the plus of every organisation direction should be focus on this affair.
Untrained Staff
Some employees are non trained they need proper supervising particularly new staff should be trained. They do non cognize about all merchandises. If clients come every employee can non steer proper for their merchandises.
Difficult Credit Procedure
Recognition process is really hard for client and faces many jobs. Because at this clip the loan installation is stop by the bank. Customer can non acquire loan from the bank. Credit is non met at a clip that why the client is non happy.
Population Growth
In this part growing rate of population is high so its makes the strong place of the bank in overall scenario.
Rising Literacy
Rising literacy is really of import for every society. As literacy is increase twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours and clients comes to the Islamic banking.
Rate of Return
The rate of return on sedimentations is high EGIBL gives high rate to its clients harmonizing to Islamic banking.
Merchandise Lines
In EGIBL merchandise lines are distinguishing that makes it differ from their rivals like:
ATM Card
SMS Banking
Auto Ijara
Low Costss
EGIBL provides low cost and free of charge merchandises like ATM Card, SMS Banking and on their sedimentation. There are no any excess charges if clients account has minimal balance like other Bankss deduct some sum if balance reaches out of their minimal bound.
Expansion of Branchs
Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited has really less subdivisions. There are many chances to spread out their subdivision degree.
Refund System
Repayment system of the bank is good clients feel happy when they receive their payment seasonably. Employees are concerted with single client.
Comparative Advantage
Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited has a comparative advantage against their rivals. Bank gives wholly Islamic services that are non provide by other Bankss.
Load Sheding
Load sloughing is the chief menace in these yearss load casting infected every concern. Banking sector is besides affected by burden casting because most of the clip when clients comes electricity is non exist that ‘s why people hesitate to come.
Terrorism besides affected every concern now yearss in Karachi the state of affairs is non good for concern. If state of affairs is in control in Karachi so the caput office of EGIBL works on a regular basis otherwise they close their subdivisions.
Political Instability
In Pakistan there is ever fright of political instability. No 1 knows what following be happened in political relations. So Bankss besides hesitate to put in the state and they do non spread out their concern.
High Inflation
Inflation rate is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Customers have non much money to salvage in Bankss. If rising prices rate is non increasing so clients can salvage their money in Bankss.
Menace of New Entrants
Many new Bankss are come ining into the market. They see chance in the market and want to acquire benefit from the market.
Technological Menaces
New Bankss have latest engineering EGIBL besides has latest engineering. But there is ever some part available for betterment.
Foreign Rivals
Foreign Bankss are coming into the state to avail the chance. Foreign Bankss have latest engineering and big sum of money for puting.
Government ‘s Intervention
Government intercessions are the portion of our society. Government intercept in any affair so new revenue enhancements are imposes by the authorities every twelvemonth that straight goes against clients.
2.4 Selling Scheme
Selling policies are besides one of the most critical policies because they are linked to the development of the organisation. Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited besides introduces many other merchandises clip to clip like Albait, Auto Ijarah, Rahnuma Travel Services and Sarparast. These Products makes it vary from other Bankss.
Giving high-quality services and maintains superior communicating with the clients.
EGIBL promote through their employees meeting in subdivisions because they have straight relation with clients.
Boost dealingss with concern organisations.
EGIBL usage streamers in the subdivision and outer the subdivision.
EGIBL direction is working really hard now a twenty-four hours because the repute is diminishing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours.
Emirates Global Islamic bank Limited offering Riba-free which is highly competitory scheme between other Bankss. Emirates Global Islamic Bank limited provides merchandises to clients at better as lucifer up to rivals. All of its merchandises satisfy the demands of the clients.
Following are the competitory schemes of EGIBL:
Meeting with history holders on every twenty-four hours
Free services like ATM card, SMS banking
Free online installation
Having complete client sum-up
Contact with agents of different concern houses
Get in touch with concern proprietors
There are different sections are working in EGIBL which are supplying different merchandises and services. Bank supplying Islamic services and gives many services free of charge this think do it be different from other Bankss.
In EGIBL there are besides some sections which are working harmonizing to bank regulations and ordinances these sections are account opening section, finance section, hard currency dealing section, operation section, remittal section, client relationship section. Operation section is responsible for all other sections.
Now we observe the maps of all sections running in Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited Arifwala Branch.
Account gap section covering with different types of histories, ATM Card, SMS banking and shutting of history. After history opening client can give petition to account opening section for their ATM card and SMS banking which is supplying free of charge.
Types of Histories:
Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited of Pakistan is supplying different types of banking history like Current Account, Salvaging Account, and Islamic Term Deposit history, Mudarabah Premium plus Account, Basic Banking Account and Foreign Currency Account.
These histories are designed harmonizing to their clients like current history is for those clients who do non acquire any net income and salvaging history is particularly for pupils and those who want to salvage their money.
A concise debut of these histories is given below:
Current History:
Current histories are those histories in which we give no income to client on their sedimentation. Bank besides deducts no Zakat on this history. In urban and lifting states a really major measure of money is reserved under current history. Businessmen normally open this kind of history.
Salvaging History:
Salvaging histories are those histories in which the bank gives the clients net income on their sedimentation. Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited does non give any fix rate of net income. Bank besides deducts Zakat on this history. Zakat is subtracting at the rate of 2.5 % . In salvaging account income is considered on monthly mean footing and circulated on a monthly base.
Mudarabah Premium plus Account:
Mudarabah Premium plus Account is merely available in Pak Rupees where the net income is considered on a twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours footing and spread on a monthly base.
Muslim Term Deposit Account:
In this kind of history the sum is sedimentation for a peculiar period of clip. This period varies from 7 yearss minimal to maximal 5 old ages. The net income rate is besides alterations with the little period to long period. There is superior rate of turnover on long term sedimentation.
Basic Banking History:
EGIBL besides offers the Basic Banking Account to its depositors.A This history is peculiarly for those clients who are unable to continue a high balance demand. EGIBL gives this capacity to its clients for the ground that bank does non desire lose any class of client. The history is opened with Rs1000.
Cheque Book:
When the history is opened, so the client is given a check book. In Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited check book comes from caput office. Cheque Book is free for current history and Rs 50 for salvaging history.
ATM Card:
After opening an history client can use for an ATM card. If any client want to go so he merely take ATM card and can entree his history more so 3600 ATMs across Pakistan. There are no charges of ATM card in Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited. Through ATM card client can take out hard currency any clip and besides can bespeak for a mini statement, double statement and check book. Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited besides provides convenience and radical engineering.
SMS Banking:
After opening an history client can give petition for SMS banking. SMS banking is really helpful because when we are registered in EGIBL SMS banking so we done any dealing related to retreat or lodge EGIBL direct us a SMS for informing the dealing. There are no charges of SMS banking.
Shutting Of History:
If client petitions to shut an history he has to given an application to the caput of the operations section for shuting his history. Then history holder will return staying foliages of check book and ATM card if issued. Bank gives an history shuting signifier to the client to make full that signifier. The Manager first verifies the signature of history holder, so sends this petition to the Head Office with all relevant paperss like SSC, ID card, shuting signifier, a/c shuting application and others if available for this history shuting a fee of Rs. 300/- is charge.
Finance section of the bank trade with those clients who want to acquire loan and other merchandises like Local Purchase Murabaha, Murabaha funding against Imported Merchandise ( FIM ) , Murabaha funding against Trust Receipt ( MTR ) , Export Murabaha ( Pre-shipment ) , Direct Ijarah, Sale and rent back Ijarah and other merchandises.
Business Banking
EGIBL provide halal merchandises to their clients. Bank ever struggles to do certain that your fiscal minutess are free from Riba ( involvement ) . EGIBL funding merchandises are based on the values of Murabaha and Ijarah. Emirates Global offers not stop subdivision banking from 9am to 5:30 autopsy with modified concentration ( apart from Friday & A ; Saturday )
Cash section is concerned in hard currency reception and hard currency payment hard currency section is besides responsible for any activity which is associated to hard currency like screening of hard currency, shutting of hard currency, different denominations and study coevals. The hard currency section is that through which all the gross and outgo of bank are prepared. Besides the bank hard currency cogent evidence remains with this section. The public-service corporation measures are besides collected by this section.
The single currency values are counted. Individual currency note and hard currency are count harmonizing to system. Cash denomination registry in the system displays in a row about all denomination in the hard currency balance book on the terminal of the twenty-four hours clip. At the terminal of twenty-four hours clip each denomination in the hard currency balance book should fit really with hard currency nowadays in the hard currency room.
Cash section receives hard currency that may include non-issue able Bank Notes. It is responsibility of hard currency section to publish merely issue able Bank Notes. In screening currency notes are screened out into issue able and non-issue able. The assorted currency Notes are referred to unsorted hard currency.
At the terminal of the twenty-four hours agreement of each Teller Debit or Credit is transferred. Debit or Credit balance of each Teller is refreshed after transportation entry.
After the terminal of the twenty-four hours teller generate the study for whole twenty-four hours minutess and frontward this study to the relevant section.
Utility Bills
Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited accepts the undermentioned types of public-service corporation measures:
Electricity Bills
Sui Gas Bills
Ptcl Bills
Operations section of the Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited is accountable for the whole operations of the bank. Mr. Asim Masood ( Operations Manager ) is in charge for all map under operation section. Operation section are engaged with every section because every section direct studies to this section. Operation Manager is besides responsible for the whole supervising of the subdivision when subdivision director is non available so operation director will work as an umpirage director.
Operation section besides responsible for the whole hard currency of the subdivision and it should do safety for hard currency. If there is any error in hard currency by the Teller so he is besides responsible for this error. Cash section besides send whole twenty-four hours study to the operation section after shutting.
Remittance section besides send studies to the operation section. When any dealing is passed by remittal section so it sends this dealing to the operation section for blessing.
Account gap section is besides under the operation section. When any signifier is fill for history gap so it is send to the operation director for blessing after some confirmation operation director O.K. the from and direct it to the caput office.
Customer relationship section manage different types of clients and besides direct study to the operation section. This section besides takes petition for history gap and generates Business Relation Number ( BRN ) after operation director blessing.
Remittance section of Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited trades with the different kind of remittals like Demand Draft ( DD ) , Pay Order ( PO ) , Mail Transfer ( MT ) and Telegraphic Transfer ( TT ) . Remittance section besides responsible for Inward Bills for Collection ( IBC ) , Outward Bills for Collection ( OBC ) , National Institutional Facilitation Technologies ( NIFT ) . Remittance section besides issue the cheque book to the client who open their history in the bank. Online installation is besides available in EGIBL clients can direct online on free of charge.
Wage Order ( PO ) :
As we know pay order is offered for payment in uncluttering. Pay order is used when payment is made to person indoors the same metropolis. PO is used for protection as non like cheque payment against PO is confirmed. There are many troubles for a carrier check to be bounced like a check can be post dated, out of hard currency, sum in figures and words may non be the same etc. Amount in wage order is guaranteed when purchaser has deposit the sum.
Mail Transfer ( MT ) :
Mail Transfer is used when we need reassign of money from one subdivision to another subdivision of the same bank through mail service. So in mail transportation there is no call for of counsel as the sum is straight credited to the receiving system ‘s history.
Telegraphic Transfer ( TT ) :
When a client petition for a telegraphic transportation so drawee subdivision is advised through wire. Telegraphic Transfer is the critical method of remit the currency from one topographic point to topographic point. It is used when the transmitter requests to direct instantly.
In this instance the transmitter requests the director of the subdivision to publish TT. Now this installation is non in usage.
Collection has two types through the outpost checks are collected. These types are inward measures for aggregation and outward measures for aggregation.
Inward Bills for Collection ( IBC ) :
When check bill of exchanges, etc, of our subdivision presented to us for uncluttering by the SBP.
Outward Bills for Collection ( OBC ) :
The check of other Bankss, which the history holder sedimentation in their histories is, sends for aggregation. It incurred charges and takes 4 to 5 yearss for uncluttering checks, wage orders.
Clearing is besides collected by remittal section. Clearing is available in all on the job yearss and glade besides comes from other metropoliss. Clearing has two types which are inward glade and outward glade.
Inward Clearing:
If Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited receives checks from other Bankss for payment so it is called inward glade. These checks are received after a process and glade house direct it to the relevant subdivisions.
Outward Clearing:
If Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited send checks to the other Bankss for payment on behalf of their client so it is called outward glade. These checks are directing to after some process.
National Institutional Facilitation Technologies ( NIFT ) :
Nift is a glade house that is used for Collection and Clearing. A uncluttering individual comes on day-to-day footing in the subdivision for aggregation and glade.
On-line Facility:
Customers can give petition to the remittal section for on-line installation. There is no charge of on-line installation in EGIBL. Online installation is merely available in EGIBL to EGIBL.
Cheque Book Issuance:
When the history is opened, so the client is given a check book. In Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited check book comes from caput office and remittal officer gives cheque book to the client after some confirmation and client signature. Cheque book is free for current history and Rs 50 for salvaging history.
Bank issues the undermentioned check books:
25 foliages
50 foliages
100 foliages
Customer relationship section trades with the different types of the clients who come on day-to-day footing with their jobs. Customer relationship officer besides attend phone call and forward these calls to the relevant section. Customer relationship section is authorized for ATM card, SMS banking and different types of studies. Dealingss with clients are the portion of client relationship officer. Customer relationship officer besides revise the KYC ( cognize your client ) as per instructions.
Chapter NO.3
I had passed an first-class case in Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited as an intern. I become skilled on set of consciousness from my place.
3.1 Duties
I was assign under bid of Mr. Jalal Waris. My responsibility was to look for and happen out in general working standard of organisation.
Account Opening Department
In first hebdomad I was positioned in history gap section. In history gap section I learned about
Account Opening Procedure
The individuals who are eligible to open an history
sort of Histories offered by EGIBL
Account opening signifier
KYC ( Know Your Customer )
Documents required by different classs of individuals
Issue of check book
Procedure of shuting an history
I work with Miss Anila Noreen in this subdivision. She was frequently busy covering with clients as in this section tonss of clients come day-to-day. But still she told me a batch about history opening process.
In this section I worked for 5 yearss and in this span of clip I well-read different sort of histories bing in bank, stomping foliage, come ining of books in check book issue book and entries in system.
Second WEEK
Finance Department
In finance section I work with Mr. Asif Maneka. He tells me about finance section and Islamic funding.
At this clip I learn about the recognition installations provide to clients. He besides told what is Murabah funding and how it differ from conventional manner of funding. So he clears my construct about Islamic banking.
This section deals with corporate clients who want to avail this installation. Bank is able to pay for any goods purchased but bank would non give them hard currency. This is chief fluctuation between Islamic and conventional banking.
He besides showed me different files of corporate clients and I observed what legal certification is done after having blessing. All the paperss were signed by the clients. He besides tells me why casts are placed on these paperss. I besides filled a few Murabah documents.
3rd hebdomad
Selling Department
In 3rd hebdomad, I work in selling section, with Relationship Manager Mr. Saleem Akbar. As we be familiar with selling is non an easy occupation. It takes batch of clip to do high-quality connexion with the clients and there is no 2nd opportunity if u bead client in first feeling. I go with Relationship Manager to the different clients.
He state me how create relationship with the clients and how to cover with every single client. Because different clients has different attitude.
Cash Department
In forth hebdomad I work in Cash section with Mr. Asif Shabeer Ghouri. Now I learned how hard currency traffics are completed by the Teller. It is important section of any bank which receives hard currency grosss and wages hard currency payment. Cash payment is made after some confirmation.
Customer Relationship Department
Following hebdomad I work in Customer Relationship section with Miss Anila Noreen. She explains me the whole thing that she can in this short span of clip.
Here I gain cognition about history gap, ATM application and how to bring forth petition for SMS banking. I besides learn how trade with clients and work out their jobs.
6th hebdomad
Uncluttering Department/ Remittances Department
As in glade and remittals section has really fewer work to done so they are joint in individual section in Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited. So I work in remittal section with Mr. Jalal Waris. He told me about different activities of this section.
First of wholly he told me about:
Procedure of uncluttering a checks
Checking of checks
Inward and outward glade
Different ground of returning a checks
Types of glade casts
Next he told me about remittal. Here I gain understanding about inward glade and outward glade.
He tells me about following things:
Demand bill of exchange ( D.D )
Wage order ( P.O )
Local remittals and surpassing remittals
Agenda of bank charges for remittals
3.2 Accomplishments
I fruitfully accepted my work and examine nature of operational and happen out how it should be. I got awareness about all sections in organisation and larn their responsibilities.
Throughout my internship, beside completion of my internship, I learnt how recognition is offered, how clients are gaining control, about the hard currency dealing round the state. I besides got knowledge about different histories and their process for opening. I work with every section of EGIBL that ‘s the motivation I learn batch of cognition from my internship.
For the extent of my preparation at EGIBL I observed assorted countries that need become cognizant of the direction like:
Some employees which are non interested in their occupation. They do non experience any duty that is the ground bank is non traveling good. If top direction has proper cheque and balance so should avoid these go oning. In my internship loan installation is non offered but I get knowledge about this installation myself.
This internship at Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited will show really of import for me during my professional calling. Because it was my initial acquisition patterns for working in an organisation. It will be really supportive for me to demo ordinance, difficult working and how work is done in any organisation. No uncertainty it will demo a superb indicant in my hereafter.
Throughout my internship in Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited I have learned a batch and my vision and realistic exposure has broadened vastly from my six hebdomads internship, concluded that banking sector is given that a cherished substructure for the facilitation of full society and for the rushing up of economic activities.
More, I besides concluded that present attending, full attention, logical, redolent and communicating accomplishments and histories related information are the cardinal rudimentss for working in banking industry as the banking universe revolves around the figures.
Contribution to Industry
In the banking sector, EGIBL is lending a batch at countrywide. The brand usage of IT has opened new skylines for the banking industry and has changed the concern scenario to a big extent.
Career Safety
In EGIBL calling of the employees should be secure. If employees are impermanent placed so they ever fear of occupation. So competent employees may go forth EGIBL and can travel for other Bankss.
Salary and Bonus
Handsome wage should be offer to the employees harmonizing to market. Bonus besides gives to employees harmonizing to their public presentation that should increase motive degree.
Furthermore, accurately speaking this internship of six hebdomads is unforgettable epoch for me all through which I availed the opportunity to boom my communicating accomplishments, reflect my capablenesss and abilities, better my understanding about banking sector and do wider my vision and exposure towards practical life.
Slangs or acronyms
EGIBL ( Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited )
MPPA ( Mudarabah Premium Plus Account )
KYC ( Know Your Customer )
DD ( Demand bill of exchange )
PO ( Pay order )
MT ( Mail Transfer )
TT ( Telegraphic Transfer )
S.S Card A A A A ( Signature Specimen Card )
SBP ( State Bank of Pakistan )
RM ( Relationship Manager )
CRO ( Customer Relationship Officer )
NIFT ( National Institutional Facilitation Technologies )

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