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Published: 2020-08-13 02:25:04
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I. Are you imagine to have your own puppy or kitty when childhood?
II. The subject I am speaking about is the process to train your pet at home.
III. Pet training is a lifelong process to train your pet with good behavior and companionship in the lifetime.
IV. You can review some basics of pet training before you start to train your pet.
V. Today I will explain the proper steps to train your pet even though you never have any experiences on it.
(Transition: We will start by looking at the way to train a pet at home.)
I. Firstly, you need to pick a subject as household pet, such as a cat, a bird or a dog.
a. The household pet that you choose is your favor pet and you willing to spend the time of training with it.
i. There are different types of pet has different in terms of care, feeding, behavior, cost, housing and demands.
ii. You may get the opinion from your friends those adopt a dog or a cat as pet.
iii. You may get help from staff that work at local animal shelter to get the right pet which is matching with your personality and lifestyle.
b. You should do the survey before you decide to adopt a pet.
i. You may do a list of questions to determine what type of pet suitable for you.
1. The type of animal is the suitable be adopt in your home.
2. The time that you have to spend with your pet.
3. The financial resources if your pet has a medical crisis.
4. The activity level as you are a person that sedentary or physically active?
5. Get permission from your family member to welcome a pet to home especially children.
II. The next thing to do is to choose a reward in the training process to encourage your pet more willing to learn the new things.
a. The most easy and effective reward used to train your pet is food.
i. The timing of giving food as reward is important as it is hungry.
ii. You should avoid teaching a new trick with pet after it has eaten.
b. You should know how to use the food as reward to train your pet.
i. When the pet performs the desired trick, you need to give it a reward.
ii. You can apply the concept of conditional reinforce” which is connecting the food with something else as a ringing bell.
iii. The conditioned reinforce” is the sound of the bell produced.
III. Finally, you need to choose the trick you want to teach normally will start with the easy trick first.
a. You need to get ready before you start to train your pet.
i. You need to review the basics of pet training.
ii. Your attitude need to be positive, be patient and careful the body language.
iii. The period of a training session between 10 to 15 minutes.
b. The first trick is teaching your pet to roll over.
i. You should try to shape the behavior of dog by reinforcing anything that you want to teach.
ii. Next, you give the food to pet and ring the bell every time you reinforce its behaviors.
iii. It will relate the bell sound with the trick you just teach.
iv. After that, you need to reinforce closer approximations of rolling over continuously.
v. At the same time, do not forget to give it the food as reward.
c. You hope to teach more tricks in future.
i. According to Skinner, the pet will learn a new trick within 5 minutes.
ii. The examples of tricks can be teach in future as stay, sit, down, settle and so on.
iii. You need to arrange the time properly to start a new teaching session.
I. In conclusion, it is not a difficult task to train your pet at home.
II. Besides you spend the time playing with your pet, you can put some effort to train your pet too.
III. You just like parent, try to teach your little girl or boy”, you will get an unexpected happiness when you getting success to teach it a new trick.

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