Is It Realistic to Expect Marriage to Last Life Time

Published: 2020-05-24 03:56:03
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Is it realistic to expect marriage to last lifetime? Marriage suppose to last forever. When we decide to get married, we truly believe that forever will happen. Most of us do not have realistic policy or strategy to know how to make a marriage last lifetime . marriage is a bond between a woman and a man. One of the major reasons of unhappy marriage is having unrealistic expectations. There are many ways that make marriage last lifetime and will be discussed later in this paper.
The first thing to remember is that keeping marriage healthy and happy requires nurturing or caring and energy . marriage contains two human beings who both need to be appreciated ,heard, valued and respected. In building a strong marriage is to treat each other with affection and respect. Affection and respect are essential for long lasting marriage. Meanwhile we should be courteous, tender, and thoughtful to each other and help each other when hard times come.
We have to forgive each other because without forgiveness we cannot walk together or cannot live together. However, when we fall in love, we usually think that is all we will need to be happy . In the beginning of relationship we do our best to express our love and good will even when we are upset. In addition, lasting marriage lifetime requires good communication . communication is the ability to express and listen to each other .
For instance, when we feel angry, hurt and disappointment; we have to talk to our partner and do our best to resolve our argument as soon as it arises. We have to have mutual respect and trust on each other and we have to convince each other. Successful couples are able to replace the romantic love with a more long lasting love. Marriage is bound to have ups and down . this does not mean marriages cannot be happy.

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