John Keats’ When I have fears that I may cease to be”: Analysis of Sonnet Essay Sample

Published: 2020-06-25 20:51:03
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Keats’ verse form is a Shakespearian Sonnet with an elevated tone and is divided into three quatrains and riming pair as opposed to octave and sestet. Continuity is gained by the repeat of the word when” at the beginning of each quatrain. This builds the tenseness of the verse form depicting countries of concern for unfinished undertakings. The word before” in the 2nd line is echoed during the 3rd reenforcing the speaker’s list of coveted achievements before it is excessively late. This syntax sets the tone to guarantee apprehension of the speaker’s turning fright about clip running out.
The insistent usage of the word when” gives impulse throughout the narrative and serves to signpost the altering capable affairs utilizing strong imagination for each metaphor. In the first the talker likens the literature he has yet to compose as the full ripened grain” . In the 2nd he looks to the sky with huge cloudy symbols” to depict loves non yet found and eventually fair animal of an hour” to exemplify the passing of clip. The repeat of the word never” is another mention to the passing of clip. The suspensory pauses draw us frontward at the enjambements on the 3rd line of every quatrain emphasizing the urgency to avoid lost chances.
The summing up of the sonnet starts when the beat is broken halfway in line 12 utilizing a caesural intermission at the word then” before get downing the shutting riming pair. An emotional intermission at the words stand alone” leads us to to the full grok the speaker’s predicament with the concluding line where love and celebrity to nothingness make sink” . The rhyme strategy ( ABAB CDCD EFEF GG ) is known as a Shakespearian method.
In decision. utilizing repeat keeps the continuity of idea throughout the sonnet and the significance is conveyed utilizing strong imagination. The sonnet builds to its flood tide go forthing the reader with the sad realization that the speaker’s ultimate fright is really founded.

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