Karl Marx

Published: 2020-06-15 01:06:04
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Karl Marx along with his friend and intellectual partner Frederick Engels wrote Communist Manifesto in 1848. In the Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels have criticized capitalism, highlighted its flaws, and have wished for a new social system. They have criticized capitalism by stating that it is nothing but exploitation and domination. Capitalism has divided the people into two major classes that include bourgeois which is also called the ruling class and proletarians, also known as the working class. The bourgeois is the one who controls every means of production and they make laborers work to earn money for them. Proletarians or the workers are just producers and do not get any benefit from their production. Instead, the capitalists make all the profits and accumulate riches and do not pay the workers what they deserve.
The Communist Manifesto has greatly stressed upon the difficulties and plight of the labors in the capitalist society. The authors have discussed how a worker in capitalism is commoditized. The workers are considered as a part of the equipment and are only important for the production of objects that are meant to be sold in the market. The workers are also alienated as they are separated from the product and have no control over their creation. The authors have also stated that in order to expand and reach new markets for their products, the capitalists would move beyond the boundaries of their country. They have predicted that the constant desire for acquiring new markets and cheap labor would result in now what we call globalization.
However, they have also praised this new industrial transformation for the fact that it would eradicate old feudal system and would unite the workers. This would start a new movement against the exploitation the proletariats face. It would enable the workers to construct a new social system where they would be the one to gain profit from their products.

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