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Be a leader with a vision, not just a manager Look beyond the leadership stereotypes Understand Situational Leadership Know thyself Influence with passion and empower others to act Increase the performance of your team by setting objectives, expectations and goals Communicate with confidence and clarity so you are always understood Use creative problem solving & decision making methods Improve your influence by developing listening and questioning skills Give feedback to inspire greater performance with engagement and buy in Identify and manage conflict within the team Appreciate the importance of organization culture and the leader’s role in establishing it Understand key success factors (Skiffs) for successful roll of Management of Change in dynamic organizations Who Should Attend This course is suitable for Team Leaders, Project Managers, Middle Managers, Supervisors, Executives and Team Members and anyone else who is or will be responsible for managing teams or individuals.
Method of Delivery This is a highly interactive course based on the application of theoretical concepts of leadership to practical situations that faced by newly appointed managers. Participants will work in small groups throughout the course to apply the learning to real issues and leadership challenges. Practical exercises and case studies will be used extensively during the course. Leadership Skills Development – Course Outline . Introduction & Objectives Leadership -? Role, Skills and Styles 2. A. Definition and the Leadership Grid b. Collaborative leadership c. Transitional leadership d. Visionary leadership e. Situational leadership 3. Leadership and Communication a.
Basics of effective Communication b. Barriers to communications c. Verbal & non-verbal communication d. The art of listening e. Conducting effective meetings adhering and Problem-solving . A. Problem solving steps b. Identifying the problem c. Techniques for developing alternatives d. Getting consensus e. The leader as a problem solver 5. Leadership and Management a. Authority vs.. Responsibility b. Delegation and Acceptance c. Roles and relationships d. The manager as a leader e. Being a leader: Bridging the gap 6. Leadership and Coaching a. The coaching cycle Pre-requisites for coaching & mentoring c. Coaching for performance d. The Leader’s role in coaching e.

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