LowLife: Food

Published: 2020-06-28 08:31:04
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You Know Who You Are – Rodney P & Farma G/Mystro/Braintax.

Showbitchness – Verbal T & Harry Love.

City Sickness – Jehst & Asaviour & Usman.
13. Rockstarz – Task Force & Braintax.
14. What Eye See – Yungun .
With each new year comes the predictable glut of new year resolutions, but while heads may stick to their guns when they promise to stop smoking, get more exercise, or quit dissing Def Jux artists, the old favourite of losing weight will be a struggle to follow through when you see the cover of Low Life’s new compilation. The compilation album bluntly named food Personally I think its only right to show a gastronomical amount of food. The Main image also complements the amount of juicy very well made and presented tracks on this LP. Though some of the emcee’s featured don’t bring rhymes that they are capable of they still easily show why they represent UK hip-hop to the highest degree. The People at Low Life were hoping that this album would leave your mouth watering like a drunken Friday night kebab.
Things get kicked off nicely with a little preliminary intro in the theme of him on the microphone hosting a gig of some sort. ‘You Know Who You Are’ is a brilliant all-star line up with Rodney P, Farma G, Mystro and Braintax taking turns on the mic, as Shortee Blitz adds vicious cuts and scratches to ‘tax’s fast paced bouncy beat. The beat drops with a very astute sounding guitar sound just repeating a simple two note tune, over the top you hear Rodney P Shouting out and blatantly telling you, that this is a Low Life Records compilation and it its called Food. This Track is very hard hitting and could actually become mainstream with the right promotion as the beat is nice and friendly. Mystro and Braintax are the two emcees that make this track what it is white kids wanna be black/ rich kids shout yeah blud ya get me, nah f*ck that”, being a personal Favourite.
Mystro at his best on the first solo joint My Type Of Party” Joint layed down by C-Swing has quite a melodic riff to it with a nice and easy xylophone motif over a heavy drum beat.

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