Many Monotheistic. This is a huge debate

Published: 2020-08-10 18:40:04
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Many people have different opinions on if they think Hinduism is Polytheistic or Monotheistic. This is a huge debate between many Hindus. None of their opinions are wrong, but there is no simple answer to this question. It could be either, both, or none because it all depends on how one looks at their religion, on their point of view, on ones dashana.
There is lots of evidence and reason for one to think that Hinduism is Polytheistic. Polytheism is ones belief of many deva’s or diva’s, meaning that they worship and believe that there is more than one god. In our homework, they clearly state that there are several gods, such as, Krishna, Vishnu, and Radna. Not only did they refer to those three gods but they also introduced the Trimuti which are known as the three forms” of god. Their names are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. The Trimurti is necessary because it forms the powers of the devi, creation, preservation, and recycling. According to the article we had read, the only reason it says that hinduism can be considered as monotheistic is because of your dashana, however, that is not the case because if you are a follower of Hinduism, you can’t just ignore other gods like they are not there. Another piece of evidence of polytheistic is in the Bhagavhad Gita and other ancient texts state that there are several gods in Hinduism. Making Hindus strongly believe that Hinduism is Polytheistic.
Meanwhile many Hindus also believe in Monotheism. This religious belief means that there is only one god. Many think this because their understanding of Hinduism is monotheistic. In our culture, we think of monotheism through the lens of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Even though Hinduism is monotheistic it is still different then the abrahamic religions. Hindus believe that even though many divine beings exists, they are all one and they are all brahman.
Brahman is the power that is present in all aspects of nature. It is a sensation that can be experienced. Although It cannot be seen or heard. As it is found in all things, it can be found in various forms.

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