Many Stones

Published: 2020-06-28 21:31:04
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Main Characters: Berry and her father.
Summary: Many Stones is about a girl whose name is Berry. She lives with her mom and her dad hasn’t been that much in her life until now. She lives in Indianapolis and she has a sister whose name is Laura. Laura dies from a murder in Africa. She has a mom and a dad, her parents do not live together. Her mom is dating a guy named Leroy, which means kings. Berry used to be on a swim team, but she quit. She has a boyfriend named Josh. Josh always takes her home after school because Berry is scared of being home by herself. Berry and her father go to Africa for a few days to donate money to the church and school and to see the memorial the children have built for her sister. These children did know Laura. Berry and her father meet a family in a really poor area and their family has lost two brothers from a murder. The people have confessed to their wrong doing to the family members. While Berry and her father are traveling they meet a racist woman, her name was Suzanne. She tries to fall for Berry’s dad, but he doesn’t like her. While they are in Africa they meet many people who knew her sister. One their trip they also saw a bunch of animals in the night. This story is about a father and his daughter confront each other and their own wounds in a land pulsing with loss. Berry and her father haven’t had a close relationship but this trip makes them come closer. .

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