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By taking this course, students will learn the importance of managing marketing activities and environments within and outside of corporations that promoting competitive edge. 5. Semester and Year offered: Semester 1 , 2012/2013 6. Total Student Learning Time (SSL) Face to Face Total Guided and Independent Learning L = Lecture T = Tutorial P = Practical 0= Others o Refer To Appendix A 7. Credit Value: 3 8. Prerequisite (if any): Nil 9. Learning outcomes: At the conclusion of this course, students should be able : 1.
To understand the core concepts and fundamentals strategies of marketing 2. To gain better understanding on how firms organize, implement, evaluate, and control marketing activities. . To analyze how such major changes in the business environment today will affect marketing environments off company. 4. To apply an understanding of marketing strategies such as understanding terms, concepts, and principles relevant to planning and formulating marketing strategies for appropriate product or services 5.
To gain experiences in making effective marketing decisions via using the case learning approach 10. Transferable Skills: Through lecture in classroom and presentation. 11. Teaching-learning and assessment strategy Knowledge of Discipline Area Practical Skills Problem solving and scientific skills Communication Skills Social and team Skills and Responsibilities Value, Attitude and professionalism Information management and Long learning Skills Managerial and Entrepreneurial Skills Leadership and Team Skills Assessments A.
Individual Individual Malaysian Marketing Case Study Report Individual in class participation Final Exam 15 10 B. Group Group Exercise Group Project and Presentation 20 12. Synopsis: The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the comprehensive overview of factors that influence marketing decision making and traceries at the management level, based on the marketing principles and concepts that had been learned. Students will also be exposed to current issues in marketing management.
Discussion on current issues and case studies will be emphasized throughout this course. 13. Mode of Delivery: Lecture, presentations 14. Assessment Methods and Types: Course Evaluation Percent 1 . Individual Writing Assignment: Each student is required to select four Journal articles from the year 2010 onwards (branding/marketing Handel/culture and branding/green marketing/culture and marketing) and try to analyses and synthesize the articles. Write your analysis and recommendations to the problems you have identified.
This exercise must be typed, double spaced, Tomato font size 1 1 and maximum 5 pages. The original articles must be attached together with the assignment. The deadline for this assignment is on Wednesday, 1 5th October, 2012. 2. Individual- in class participation: Rather than a one way communication in class, class session will be devoted to probing, extending and plying the text material. Students are expected to have read the assigned chapter beforehand.
Students are encouraged to take part in the classroom. This makes up 10% of your final grade. 3. Group Exercise-Case Studies: Each group will be assigned a case study which requires in class presentation. Each group is given 30 minutes for presentation and 20 minutes for Q&A. Please make some copies of your slides presentation and distribute them among your colleagues. Please refer to the course week outline for the deadline and presentation of the case study. 20% 4.

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