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Published: 2020-07-30 01:30:05
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Did you know that some students cannot live without their cellular device, but some students cannot even bring their cellphone to school? Many people would agree that students should not have a cellphone in the classroom. This can led to so many problems because many students can have their cellphones stolen, lost, or taken by a teacher because many do not allow cell phones to be used in their classrooms. Cellphones are very distracting to the classroom, they can cause problems with theft or various issues dealing with bullying could arise. Today, cellphones can be quite a distraction in a students’ education.
Education is very important for everybody from grades K-12. If cellphones get in the way of education, students will not have an understanding of what is needed in the real world. Their inability to focus and pay attention in class because of cellphone use has been quite a problem in the last few years. Teachers, administrators and school systems have been trying to find a solution, but no solution for proper cellphone use in the classroom has been given. Furthermore, cellular devices cause major issues between students due to cellphones getting stolen from each other.
When teens have physical education they either have to leave their cellphone in their locker unlocked or put it on the blenchers, which is out in the open where any student can steal it. Not only will this cause a student to get mad, pitch a fit, or cry because they lost their cell phone, but it is a very expensive loss as well. This can also lead to time away from the classroom in order to report it missing or stolen, even file a police report. Another factor, cellphones can be used as a bullying source because some teens today are mean, rude, obnoxious, and disrespectful.
Students have begun to use cellphones as a tool to foster these bad habits. They may send text messages about another student in a rude manner, then the other student will find out about it and get mad. When students use cellphone to take picture of any students it’s either to be entail or pleasant. On the contrary, lots of students do use their cellphones in the classroom. They may need to use them for emergencies, citing information or research information, and class related websites such as looking up their grades on Infinite Campus, or pulling work on My Big Campus.
To go against the unpleasant use of cell phones or bullying, administrators could teach cell phone etiquette classes that will teach students how to use them properly. As mentioned earlier, students should not use cellphones in classroom because of these reasons they could get hurt, cry, or even get very entail. When some administrators call parents to come and get their child(s) cellphone. Parents get mad because they are looking like they should have pay attention in class more than their cellphone. That’s why students should keep their cellphone at home. ?

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