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Published: 2020-06-05 01:21:05
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1. Executive Summary:
This briefing is composing chiefly focused for pupils who are normally wanted to come for analyzing in UK. This briefing paper is composing as a instance survey format.
In the whole briefing paper, I am seeking to brief debut about my organisation and my client. After that, I focused my client job that will be met when they are intended to travel in UK. I chiefly identified Mr. Ashfaqs ‘ jobs which he is confronting both in the clip of using and the clip of making in UK based on PEST analysis. This briefing paper besides indicates that the SWOT analysis based on my consultancy house.
I by and large tried to concentrate on the comparing of Political issues such as instruction Torahs, wellness services. In the Economical issues, I focused the life cost, adjustment cost, amusement cost etc. in the Social issues, I focused the cultural differences between UK and Bangladesh with the assisting of Greet Hofstede ‘s five cultural dimensions and Technological issues.
I am seeking to place the some possible solutions and recommendations which are assisting to take all the barriers when Mr. Ashfaq is making in UK. I mentioned besides some prognosiss and results because if United Kingdom can follow this prognosiss and results carefully, it will assist to get by for life and fiting in UK societies and civilizations efficaciously for all international pupils and besides Mr. Ashfaq. At the terminal degree of my briefing paper, I chiefly tried to place that how to predominate over the communicating spreads and linguistic communication barriers and what are the ways to get by up with modern installations, societies and communities.
2. Footings of Mention:
Every pupil have an ain dream about their higher instruction. Many different states in the universe are supplying higher surveies for pupils. Mainly Students are taking United Kingdom and Australia for finishing their higher surveies means after Higher Secondary Certificate or A-level Equivalent. But United Kingdom is really popular for higher surveies like Bachelors Degree and Post Graduate Degree for international pupil because, it provides high criterions, up to day of the month installations, and seek to rede a right manner for an international pupil to construct his/her career way with several chances. For this ground, United Kingdom becomes much possible state for higher surveies and so on ; pupils are now taking their best option for finishing their higher surveies in United Kingdom.
For looking the high per centum rate of international pupils in United Kingdom, I choose this briefing paper which is being focused on Analyzing in UK. As a senior Consultant of MACES, I chiefly focused on the Bangladeshi pupils who are wising to finish their Post Graduation programme from our state like Bangladesh where are really prospecting and supplying information ‘s about UK survey for set uping their academic and professional calling. Chiefly, my client name is MR. Ashfaq who want to travel in UK for finishing their maestro ‘s programme in UK at University Of Bedfordshire. I am seeking to supply several information about different factors what a pupil needed such as the university which is considered at our panel like University Of Bedfordshire, university of Wales, University of Huddersfield etc. information, the UK life cost and life manners, working and education status of international pupils and what are the issues needed to be considered before really traveling abroad for faculty members and professional calling. Mr. Ashfaq is confer withing at my house because Mr. Ashfaq is taking University of Bedfordshire, University Of Huddersfield etc, and so he came to my office for confer withing about the information about classs, populating cost, distance and tuition fees, processs of apply etc.
In the present state of affairs, pupils are seeking to obtain a higher grade from an international establishment with international instruction system. So, an extended scope of issues has been discussed on the footing of Political, Economical, Social/Cultural, and Technological factors in the paper which will be considered a simple guideline for pupils that how to manage the position of conditions while be aftering to travel abroad particularly to the UK.
As the point of the paper is to carry on a comparative survey between the different civilizations, systems and group of people such as UK and other states and the survey merely focuses on the international pupils from other states who are seeking to travel In UK for finishing their higher surveies.
3. Overview of Situation:
Each twelvemonth a broad scope of pupils are going from different states in the universe for survey intent. These people are habituated many different types of civilizations and communities such as Caribbean, India, Pakistan, Africa, Southeast Asia, China, and Bulgaria. A small figure of EU pupils is analyzing in UK because In the Government of UK is supplying many installations for EU pupils instead than other states pupil. EU pupils are much familiar about UK civilizations and communities.
In UK, most of the pupils are international as they consider that the instruction system in UK is far more high-status and keep really high degrees of criterions of their instruction qualities. International pupils believed that the high position of instruction system in UK, pupils are thought that they will derive huge cognition about their academic intents. They besides thought that the high criterions of learning installations will do their calling way in the right manner. Following to these factors, an international pupil are taking chance to blend with different civilizations and communicates with each other which will assist an international pupil to take commuting spreads.
During the clip of analyzing in UK, as a adviser, Mr. Ashfaq and me is confronting some jobs such as understanding job, accommodating to anew life, relationship jobs, English linguistic communication trial job, using job, populating cost job, New visa system etc. Mr. Ashfaq is besides confronting some existent challenges while touching and accommodating the new civilization and environment. He can happen many troubles in communicating, seting to the new civilization, larning the regulations and ordinances, showing their ain positions, callings advices sing chances during his period of survey.
This types of jobs may be raised because there can be a conspicuous difference between the Political, Economical, Social/Cultural and Technological criterions. These types of cultural differences can make some serious jobs. In the position of my consultancy clip with Mr. Ashfaq, I have been seen that most of the clip Mr. Ashfaq is stated some jobs such as the job of linguistic communication, communications, deficiency of cognition about higher instruction systems in UK, Visa system and new point based system, class choice job etc. On the other manus, as a adviser, I am confronting some serious jobs like deficiency of cognition about survey systems in UK, a small spot knowledge about universities information, pupil support job, sharing the information jobs, and deficiency of up-to-date information etc.
This types of jobs both as a adviser and pupils showed that how of import it is for our states pupils to larn the criterions, attempts, demands both the civilizations and environment. Through, this briefing paper provinces such information that Mr. Ashfaq can larn and seek to derive some clear thought about analyzing in UK. Although, it can assist for Mr. Ashfaq that how they can understand the instruction systems in UK and can seek to have the challenges of new instruction life and new life manner to obtain his ain ends as an persons.
4. Analysis of Current Situation:
SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning method which can be used to measure the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a undertaking. It involves placing the aim of the undertaking and stipulating the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable by accomplishing that aim. The technique is credited to Albert Humphrey, who led a convention at Stanford University in the sixtiess and 1970s. ( Taken from hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .
Swot Analysis:
Here I am seeking to analyse my SWOT analysis based on my consultancy houses Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
Strong relationships: My consultancy house can be registered as a Bangladeshi representative with University of Bedfordshire, University of Huddersfield, University Of Waless etc. Because of my long old ages consultancy with University of Bedfordshire, I can construct a strong relationship with all the staffs who are working in University of Bedfordshire. So Mr. Ashfaq can easy acquire admittance from University Of Bedfordshire which he is taking already. After that, it will assist me to cognize about him from University of Bedfordshire and it will assist to be relaxed for me and the parent of Mr. Ashfaq.
Strong Financial place: My consultancy house is economically solvent. I recruited all of the employees with great wages and installations who are working in this sector more than two old ages. I besides provide pupils in English support programme and besides many short classs like sheepskin certification with experient instructors.
English Language Centre: in my consultancy house, I am supplying for pupils in assorted types of English class like IELTS, HND programme etc.
Branchs: In the starting clip of my consultancy, I was opened 3 different subdivisions in Bangladesh which was situated in DHAKA, CHITTAGONG and SYLHET.
Aim: In my consultancy house, I am seeking to put a end. My end is that I am seeking to assist all the pupils to travel in UK with different types of information which he/she will be needed.
Data Collection installations: I put it all the informations like pupil ‘s informations, employee ‘s information, and university information informations with modern equipment. I kept all the pupils data that who are come ining my consultancy house. I besides kept the informations after acquiring VISA which is helpful to recognize my pupils in future.
Deficit of advisers: In my consultancy house, deficits of advisers are a chief factor. In our state position, educational adviser is non available because in the few old ages back, there are no educational consultancy houses who are straight moving as a representative in Bangladesh.
Unable to cover with multi-disciplinary assignments because of size or deficiency of ability: Sometimes as a adviser, I am confronting some serious job when the clip of covering with multi cultural assignments because Bangladeshi people are non used to cover this types of factors.
Well established place: My consultancy house are located in the premier place in the metropolis. Because of my long twelvemonth ‘s consultancy experience, pupils are coming foremost at my consultancy house. In my consultancy house, Visa refused record is about 0 % .
Technological progresss: In my consultancy house, I was construct a new package for pupils record and twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours pass on through electronic mail with universities who are registered in my panel.
Course choice: I am seeking to form some short classs for pupils who are suppose to weak in English and the pupils who are non good in their old academic background like sheepskin classs.
Job chances: I besides provided some kind of occupation chances for pupils who are finishing their unmarried man ‘s grade.
Relationships: Each twelvemonth, I am seeking to construct a strong relationship with new universities like in 2009, I am considered as a Bangladeshi representative of University of Worcester.
Large consultancies runing at a minor degree: Chiefly the chief menace in the present state of affairs that I am runing my consultancy in a minor degree.
Competitive advantage: Now in Bangladesh, there are many educational consultancy houses are available. So in the present clip there may be in the competitory advantage.
Loss of cardinal staff: Sometimes I am confronting a serious job when an experient individual is resigned his occupation or exchange his occupation to another consultancy houses. In that instance, I am fring my cardinal staffs.
PEST Analysis:
Here I am seeking to analyse the PEST analysis based on my pupil like MR. Ashfaq who is confronting such Political, Economical, Social and Technological factors in UK.
Political Issues:
United Kingdom is more stable and good recognized political state as comparison to other state because United Kingdom is the developed state. United Kingdom is really careful about the in-migration, employment. They are observed all the clip for pupil life, working installations etc. While a pupil determined to go UK for finishing the surveies, he/she is required to acquire a visa, which is to be stated by functionaries at a British Embassy in Bangladesh or whatever the states. Once all the processs are cleared, the visa will be placed into the pupil ‘s passport.
Harmonizing to UK Border Agency ( 2007-08 ) , suggests that the demands enter United Kingdom as a pupil is that:
The applier has to be accepted as a full-time pupil for a class of survey at under-graduate or postgraduate degree.
The applier should be able to run into the costs of his class and adjustment.
The applier does non mean to prosecute in concern or to take employment, except parttime or holiday work.
The applicant intends to go forth UK at the terminal of his surveies and will non remain illicitly.
( Taken from the hypertext transfer protocol: // )
Education jurisprudence:
The cardinal portion of statute law sing instruction in England and Wales is the Education Act 1996 which is being a consolidating act which incorporates the 1944 Education Act.
Health and Safety Issues:
The conditions status in UK is cold as comparison to other Asiatic states. So in that state of affairs, most of the pupils can hard to fit with this altering conditions and it is a serious injury for international pupils both mentally and physically.
UK authorities are supplying a free National Health Service ( NHS ) for international pupils for their wellness and safety issues.
Economic issues:
When the clip of analyzing in UK, a pupil can able to work portion clip beside his full clip survey. UK authorities is fixed working hours for international pupil which is 20 Hours in a hebdomad. Government besides fixed the rate that ?5.52 per hr. Based on this rate, a pupil can easy bear his/her tuition fees and populating cost easy.
UK is the more financially solvent state in the whole universe. They can easy get by up with all the sectors like instruction sector, trade sector because modern installations, technological progresss are available here. In UK, labor markets are more efficient instead than Asiatic states. So here, pupils can easy acquire a occupation because of high demand in labor.
The cost of life in UK varies such factors like Location, adjustment, nutrient traveling and amusement costs beside the academic costs. Some comparing has been stated below:
Cost Per Month ( ? )
Food & A ; Drink
Transportation system
United Kingdom
United Kingdom2 Average figures taken from: hypertext transfer protocol: //
The above information from the tabular array of comparing can be increased each twelvemonth based on the economic status in UK.
Social & A ; Cultural Issues:
Culture is reasonably related to lifestyle, societal interaction, communications manner. All of the states can their ain civilization, imposts and beliefs. Sometimes pupils are faced a large job when they are entered in multi cultural society like UK. Students are confronting chiefly linguistic communication job, communicating job etc.
Differences of Social Valuess:
There may be different societal values, beliefs, political ; positions in UK. The UK society is more single than leftists. Here, people are more separately freedom and seek to take their ain life as ain life manner. They can non dependent with each other. But in the Asiatic civilizations are wholly opposite of UK civilization.
Harmonizing to Guirdham ( 2002 ) suggests that ”cultural differences affect persons on footing of their engagement in work, understanding to their position, clip direction and engagement in our feelings and the relationships. ”
If we try to place based on Geert Hofsted Cultural Dimensions so we can easy understand the difference between civilizations.
Power Distance In UK, people are non much aware of other people societal position, beliefs and powers. They are wholly causal in the clip of communicating non formal. In the office, power is wholly distributed with inequality place but in Bangladesh, people are seeking to construct strong relationships with other.
Individuality In UK, people are more witting about individuality which may creates weak relationship with each other. In the corporate sector, people are seeking to make their ain work without the aid of higher authorization here. But in Bangladesh, People are seeking to construct the strong relationship separately with squad work.
Maleness In UK, people are ever acquiring penchant with equality means all sexes of people whatever male or female. They are working together with most efficient factor. But in Bangladesh, most of the clip, they preferred male instead than female.
Uncertainty Avoidance In UK, people are ever ready to take uncertainness turning away in all the sectors but in Bangladesh, people are far off from uncertainness state of affairs. So that ‘s why concern sectors in Bangladesh are really hapless because most of the business communities are non ready to take some kind of hazards.
Long-run Orientation In UK, people are non concern about long term orientation. They are seeking to make some plants without proper planning. If people are confronting large problem so they are seeking to happen solution for it. It will be taken longer clip. But in Bangladesh, people are seeking to make some plants with future planning.
Based on these cultural dimensions and differences in societal values, we can understand that what the differences between UK and Bangladeshi civilization are. As an international pupil, he/ she will hold to easy understand that when he/she will hold to confront all these issues so he/she should hold got knowledge about how to fit with these different civilizations.
Technological issues:
In UK, there are extremely engineerings which they can be used in each and every sector. Peoples are more advanced with technologically whether they are stayed at place, work, other topographic points. Peoples are communicated with each other by utilizing cyberspace because every topographic point is captured in WiFi web. So in that ground, UK is more effectual and efficient in each and every sector. Here pupils are adopted their academic lessons rapidly because most of the establishments are utilizing multimedia projector for presenting their ain talks. In the present position, most of the academic establishments are working in association with several transnational big companies to supply the pupils with enlisting land. So that ‘s the ground, pupils are acquiring intelligence from cyberspace and that will assist to be employed.
5. Solutions and Recommendation:
Solutions: Through the above analysis, we can place the possible solutions are given below:
Meet with the different cultural people: Students should seek to hang out with local and other states international pupils. So that ‘s why, pupils can easy understand the different cultural background, life styles, beliefs, ideas etc.
Language Barriers: Students should seek to analyze some international diaries, articles and newspapers. They should besides seek to do some good relationships with other international pupils. In the significance of that, they can easy get by with all the people who are belonging in different cultural background and easy take linguistic communication barriers through this.
Course Choice: Students should seek to acquire proper cognition about their classs which they become selected before coming in UK. Students should seek to take classs which will be indicated the hereafter chances for pupils. Without planning, class choice is non bespeaking a good mark.
Recommendations: Through the above analysis, we can place some possible recommendations are given below:
Pre-session English support: IN UK, the clip of analyzing for a postgraduate degree, Universities should seek to present some pre-session English linguistic communication support for international pupils. It will assist to acquire thoughts about English linguistic communication. During the clip of pre-session class, they can easy fit many different civilizations and societies. As a consequence, after completion their pre-session class, they can easy get by with academic talks in English and effectual about UK civilizations.
Work license: UK authorities should be able to acquire work license more for international pupils because they can easy equilibrate their tuition fees and populating cost. In UK Government, they gave the work license merely 20 hours for international pupils harmonizing to their jurisprudence. It should be increased because it will assist a pupil to be motivated with his/her surveies and adjustment.
Scholarship: if pupil should acquire a scholarship from UK authorities, so it will assist much for pupils to bear their adjustment fees. Therefore, it will assist to be motivated for international pupils to concentrate their surveies decently.
Visa systems: UK authorities is ever intended to alter their in-migration regulations for international pupils. It might be much affected for pupils. If UK authorities is fixed their in-migration regulation, pupils can acquire their visa for higher instruction easy. It will assist for all of the pupils in all over the universe who are already believing for traveling in UK to finish their higher surveies like station graduation programme and besides farther surveies like PHD.
6. Prognosiss and Results:
Traveling towards in UK: East pakistani pupils are more hypnotized for analyzing in UK establishments because it provides pupils for multicultural cognition and efficient environment with other international pupils. They besides provided pupils with supreme support in instruction, value for money with a broad scope of academic classs back uping to high engineerings and modern equipment to the clip of presenting the talks and talk stuffs.
Academic jobs: Students can look different jobs such as the visa system, linguistic communication barriers, mixture of different civilizations etc. Besides pupils can confront different types of troubles such as how to entree survey resources, how to utilize about library stuffs thorough unseeable and seeable manner, how to capture the talk stuffs, how to make after graduation because there is less chance to acquire a good occupation in UK.
Degree rating: Students will be extremely appreciated for analyzing in UK because after graduation pupils can develop their academic and working accomplishments efficaciously and expeditiously. In UK station graduation grade is valued all over the universe. After taking the station graduation grade from UK, pupils can acquire knowledge about independency, creativeness power which will assist excessively much for get bying in any other states in the whole universe. In the present clip, UK grade is extremely valuable in all over the universe corporate sector.
Technological cognition: United Kingdom is extremely technological advanced state over the past few old ages. In all over the sector like instruction sector, corporate sector, industrial sector etc, they can be used modern equipments and installations. During to that ground, pupil can easy understand about the modern engineerings. With the cognition of these types of engineerings, they can travel around any other states and easy matched with these states throughout in every sector.

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