Nationalism and Feminism in Ja

Published: 2020-07-14 05:55:04
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Nationalism and Feminism in Japan and in Turkey.
I-History and Description of the Project; Major Questions Explored.
II-Work Plan, Methodology, and Summer Schedule.
III-Bibliography/Bibliographical Resources.
IV-Advisor Endorsements.
I-History and Description of the Project; Major Questions Explored.
Since coming to Denison, I have had opportunities through my coursework to develop comparative interest in feminism and social movements. During my first year in Denison I took two courses in international studies. The introductory course, the Making of the Modern World” with Dr. Pamela Scully highlighted ways of thinking about global processes. During the second semester, I had a chance to explore women’s issues connection with transnational processes in International Studies 200 Gender and Globalization” with Dr. Sita Ranchod-Nilsson. This course raised my interest in the issues of International Studies, and also in Women’s Studies. Last semester, I took two more courses in Women’s Studies in order to expand my knowledge about the issues of women, feminism, and society. All these courses have contributed to my interest in the project I want to pursue this summer, comparative study of nationalism and feminism in Japan and in Turkey. I hope that by understanding this comparison I can find out how ideologies of westernization and modernization, influenced these countries, and in particular the lives of Japanese and Turkish women. By understanding this comparative study I hope to develop a clear sense of the ways in which nationalist drives to modernize in Japan and Turkey created similar opportunities for women, but also how women’s experiences differed in each case. I believe that these similarities and differences will help to explain the evolution of contemporary women’s movements in each country.
I am a Turkish citizen and grew up in that country. Although I studied Turkish History, and nationalist movement of Mustapha Kemal, I have not had the opportunity to focus on women’s issues (they were not emphasized in the history I studies at home).

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