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Published: 2020-06-11 21:11:04
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Imagine yourself placed under force per unit area. Can you keep on to your ethical motives and beliefs? Will you expose your true ego when you can non command your emphasis? The term crucible can either be a metallic container used for heating substances in high temperature or a terrible trial or test. Metaphorically, Judge Danforth applies both definitions in his quotation mark. He informs that the governments will uncloak anyone who tries to conceal the truth. The Crucible, a drama written by Arthur Miller, takes topographic point in Salem, Massachusetts around 1692. Salem is divided into Salem Village and Salem Town, where people populating in the small town tend to impeach those in town of witchcraft. This enchantress craze in Salem is a cause of convulsion to the people since they are tested under force per unit area. Because of tests, their reputes are at interest. The Salem society centralizes their lives in reputes and personal involvements, such as Reverend Parris, and seeking retribution on those they are covetous of, like Abigail Williams and the Putnam ‘s. Out of those who are victims of this mass craze, John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse are the most outstanding 1s. John Proctor, a husbandman in his in-between mid-thirtiess, ” is the supporter of this drama ( Miller 175 ) . He is portrayed as a adult male who dislikes lip service, yet battles in the drama because he is one himself. In other words, he feels guilty for concealing the fact that he has committed criminal conversation with Abigail. Rebecca Nurse, a minor character around her 1970ss, is the married woman of Francis Nurse and accoucheuse to many households in the small town. Both Proctor and Rebecca portion similar features of unity, yet, despite holding similar ethical motives, both have significantly opposite personalities and different grounds for giving themselves.
John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse are characters of unity, who instead be hanged than confess a offense they ne’er committed. Under the force per unit area of being accused of witchery, both demonstrates integrity through their moral rules and beliefs. Throughout the drama, Proctor conveys unity. For illustration, he confesses to Elizabeth his matter with Abigail, speaks out about his disfavor for how Parris corrupts the church, and confesses his offense of criminal conversation. Furthermore, when Danforth interrogates Proctor about the other participants in witchcraft, Proctor says that he speaks of his ain wickednesss and non others ( Miller 239 ) . This proves that Proctor is a good adult male and citizen who does non mean to ache anyone. Proctor believes in no such thing as witchery and he is able to remain with his ain beliefs regardless of the effects. Likewise, Rebecca, pure, pious and true, attempts to better the state of affairs over Ruth by soothing Ann Putman. She says that Ruth will finally wake up because she has witnessed all kinds of kids traveling through their cockamamie seasons ” ( Miller 179 ) . It did non affair for Rebecca to put on the line her life by showing her existent ideas to Goody Proctor, cognizing that she envied her. Rebecca proves righteousness by taking duty for her ain actions, instead than faulting others. We see this when she says, There is a colossal danger in the seeking of loose liquors. I fear it. I fear it. Let us instead blame ourselves and – ” ( Miller 180 ) . In add-on, she portrays pureness and goodness when she tries to assist people who are fighting, and likewise, she has no purpose to ache anyone, like Proctor. Due to Goody Putman ‘s green-eyed monster, she accuses Rebecca for the supernatural slaying ” of her babes ( Miller 201 ) . Unlike Rebecca, Mrs. Putman is despairing to impeach others of witchery in order to alleviate the guilt she has for her babes ‘ deceases. Therefore, Rebecca, whipping boy of Mrs. Putman, is sent to gaol. Yet, during her three months in gaol, she has ne’er spoken a word ( Miller 231 ) . This reveals how she refuses to compromise her honestness by non lying. In this manner, non merely does she demo unity, but she besides sticks to her rules. Although they are both characters of unity, Rebecca ‘s unity ne’er wavers ; she is firm whereas Proctor is less certain of himself because he doubts whether he should give up his name and squeal a prevarication.
A cardinal difference between Proctor and Rebecca is that while Proctor is a dynamic character, Rebecca is a inactive character. Proctor alterations during the drama and learns through events and experiences. At the beginning of the drama, Proctor does non desire to acquire involved in the witch-hunts because he is scared to expose the fact that he had an matter with Abigail and destroy his public repute. But when Elizabeth is arrested, he becomes fired up. He changes from a quiet adult male to one who stands up with bravery and speaks up against what he believes is the right thing. Unfortunately, when he confesses his wickedness to salvage his married woman, it does non work out. At the terminal of Act IV, Proctor exclaims to Danforth, How can I live without my name? I have given you my psyche ; go forth me my name! ” ( Miller 240 ) . This shows that he still cares about holding his name clean and protected because he believes that a human being is granted with merely one name in their life-time. At first, he decides to take the easy manner out and squeal a prevarication. Yet, when Proctor realizes that he has to do up his head to take either his name or his life, he decides that he instead dies with an honest name than to populate in a corrupt one ( Miller 240 ) . Proctor considers his name more significantly than his life because he did non desire Danforth to utilize his name to acquire other people to squeal, so he instead dice than hold his name blacken. Hence, he chooses to give himself uprightly go forthing no declinations and salvage Elizabeth from the pandemonium. Rebecca, nevertheless, stays the same throughout the full drama. Since Rebecca is a function theoretical account in the town of Salem, many people respect her for that ground. She ne’er doubts her beliefs every bit good as people in Salem. In malice of this, when Proctor confesses a prevarication in forepart of her, he feels ashamed of himself since he knows deep inside him that he is making the incorrect thing. Rebecca symbolizes the Christ figure, person who portrays bravery and religion. She is ever straightforward towards everyone no affair what state of affairs she is in. For case, when she is questioned by the governments, she spoke no prevarications and merely the truth.
The difference between Proctor and Rebecca is that as Proctor ‘s personality, he is unprompted, crabbed, and violent at times, yet Rebecca is rational and inactive. An act of impulsiveness from Proctor is shown when Cheever comes with a warrant to collar Elizabeth, and Proctor tears it without believing the effects. Beside this, in Act I, when Abigail tries to score Proctor, he violently tells her, do you look for wippin ‘ ? ” ( Miller 177 ) . Then in Act II, when Elizabeth starts to inquire why he has been entirely with Abigail, he angrily tells her, No more! I should hold roared you down when foremost you told me your suspicionaˆ¦let you look sometimes for the goodness in me, and judge me non ” ( Miller 194 ) . Furthermore, in Act III, when Proctor could non digest Abigail ‘s prevarications, he leaps at Abigail and, catching her by the hair, pulls her to her pess ” ( Miller 219 ) . Finally, in Act IV, he defies the governments and admits that what he has confessed is a prevarication and he wants to make the right thing by deceasing. Although Proctor did non desire to decease shortly and be able to see his boies grow up, he does non desire to populate under a prevarication. On the contrary to Proctor ‘s personality, Rebecca is a stereotype of all good that exists ; the compassion she has within her and the love for truth that keeps her strong. Since Rebecca has already lived long, she is well-experienced and unflawed throughout the drama. She thinks over a state of affairs thoughtfully and ushers people through a logical manner of thought. Because she has lived long and maintained her good repute, it did non affair for her whether she is traveling to decease. She is satisfied with her life for holding 11 kids and being a grandma for 26 times ( Miller 179 ) . Rebecca tells Proctor when they are to be hanged, Let you fear nil! Another judgement waits us all! ” ( Miller 240 ) . Through this quotation mark, it depicts the truth that ne’er fades off inside her, therefore, she spreads her strength to promote and actuate Proctor to do the right pick as her, state the truth, and go the function theoretical account for the Salem society.
In The Crucible, John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse are indispensable characters because they both represent the voice of ground. Both characters demonstrate unity and are willing to decease than to squeal to witchcraft. Even though Proctor does non desire to acquire involved in the tests, he does so at last because of Elizabeth. He becomes tired of Abigail ‘s prevarications and decides to do his move and battle for what he thought is right. However, both are different in how Proctor alterations and Rebecca does non, and similarly, both have different personalities. Proctor is self-generated and aggressive, and he does non believe through things every bit clear as Rebecca does. Unlike Proctor, Rebecca is inactive and compassionate. Furthermore, she has lived longer and she has learned technically everything she needed in life. Yet, Proctor has non, which is why Miller deliberately makes Proctor a evildoer who is traveling against his ain vision of nice behaviors ” ( Miller 175 ) . The ground behind this is because Miller wants the reader to understand how guilt can devour one ‘s life and alter one individual internally. Miller shows us how people would respond under certain fortunes, like how Proctor reacts when Danforth insistently wants to hang up his signed confession on the church door ; it is so that Proctor takes back his words. In The Crucible, the witch-hunt is an fable of what Miller describes the Communist ‘s tests. Miller justifies that there is no justness in the society, unless that individual chooses to contend based on what they think is right. Everyone commits errors, but non all agree to rectify them. The 1s who chooses to rectify their mistakes, demonstrates characters of unity and bravery, like both John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse.

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