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I observed a 3rd grade class at the Venom Hill School in Worcester, Massachusetts. There was 16 students and a good mix of ethnic groups. Mr.. Lune was the gym teacher and he taught basketball drills and vi exhibition game. The students have one 40 minute gym class each week, which doesn’t seem like enough. The class started with attendance in which the students were asked to raise there hands and say here when there names were called. The students were all sitting when this was done.
Then after attendance, the students were broken into groups and had to all work on different drills. The different drills were passing, dribbling and shooting. After all the different groups each did all the drills, they had to go line up against the wall. The teacher then gave each student a number 1-3 and that was what team you were on. Then they started to play basketball vi style on each side of the gym. This seemed to be very disorganized because he couldn’t really pay full attention to both game and the team that sat out waiting to play had nothing to do.
After team 2 won the vi basketball, the teacher talked for 2 minutes and said he would see the students next week and have a great weekend. I thought Mr.. Lune was a great person but maybe had something else on his mind. He was very friendly to me and the students. The students seemed like they were showing Off little bit because I was there observing them. Most of the students had a problem listening, but was handled okay. I would of maybe implemented a take a break side of the gym or not allow them to participate in the activities.
Only problem with that way of doing things, is that they only meet once a week for 40 minutes. So not allowing them to play, might mean that the student gets no physical activity all week. Overall this was a different experience but what I expected from this school based on its location. This is a middle class/lower class section of Worcester where many kids don’t have the same poutiness as others. I would have done a couple things different like taking attendance while they were warming up and would have made it a full court game. My overall grade of this school and physical education system would probably be an C+.

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