Overview of Risk Management and Quality Management in Healthcare

Published: 2020-07-18 02:40:07
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In my chosen annotated bibliography, there will be information addressing these specific issues into the background and the methodologies used to have a better awareness through analysis, numbers, or even observations of others. In my word paper. I would like to begin by discussing the problem of childhood obesity. Childhood obesity problems arises from many circumstances within a child’s life.
The problems of child obesity within this study had information where some states were looking at various ways to implement through the intent of the law, foster parent training on nutrition, obesity avoidance, exercise, and health monitoring; including guidance on nutritional and physical health (DeSantis, Cari, June 2010). I think this problem of obesity in children is a very important issues for any health care administrator. By doing this, health care administrators can become more aware of this type of a problem in their local communities with children today.
In studying, administrators can maybe implement some kind of a program into their facilities where parents of children with obesity issues or problems can come and learn a better ways of nutrition, eating habits, exercising for themselves as well as their children. Health care administrators could also study with other local facilities to have more knowledge if this problem exists in other communities to maybe come up with a plan in how to address these issues for a better success rate of combating this problem.
The main research question was, ‘’Child Obesity and making it more aware for American children today. I thought if this research question was not sufficient enough; then maybe, Let’s Move’’, campaign initiated by Mrs. Obama, which focused more on healthier kids and how they will grow into healthier adults (Policy & Practice, June, 2010). Between these two research question, child obesity will become more of a awareness for more people in our society.
The hypothesis of the study of child obesity within the article was; to improve federal and state policies and programs to support positive healthy actions that will benefit more in terms of child health and future success (DeSantis, Cari, June 2010). Another hypothesis of the study could be more flexible reimbursement methods in Medicaid programs that would allow comprehensive obesity prevention coverage, including medically monitored exercise and diet, dietary counseling and home nurse visits. Finally an effective program that can improve health and reduce costs.
The independent study variables used in the study; by urging increased access to programs and policies that support nutritious food choices and nutrition education, innovation in enhancing access to wholesome nutritious foods, and adequate funding for nutrition. In doing this or even applying all of these, maybe chance of change will take more of an effect on child obesity. The dependent study variable used was knowing that obesity in children already exists in children would make this topic to be researched more for ways to decrease the number into more healthy children with a longer life span and existence in our society today.
There was a conceptual model used where the individual who wrote this article, ‘’DeSantis, Cari tried to provide sufficient information where child obesity problems should be explored and addressed by other institutions on methods of improvements, suggestions, ideas to undertake on these issues. The theoretical framework consisted of many ways that child obesity occurs than actually trying to find ways of decreasing their numbers than with the conceptual model trying to put more awareness out for Americans to see how much this problem is affecting children today.
If a conceptual model was used in this study at least it would go more into describing the relationship between specific child obesity problems that occurs more often than in normal children instead. It would gain more insight to more individuals that would not have had any knowledge of this growing problem with children today. In reviewing the literature there was a lot of information that supported the need for this study of child obesity. Here are some reasons why I say this: (1) By states looking for ways of obesity avoidance, (2) Mrs.
Obama ‘’Let’s Move’’ campaign to make more children healthier. (3) Such programs as: Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy families, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, child care, trying to achieve better outcomes for millions of American children. (4) Some states have already initiated programing to address this issue, through state-only funded programs or public-private partnerships ( DeSantis, Cari, Policy & Practice, June 2010). With all of this type of information within the article; it would give just cause to support a need for farther study and analysis.
The study design was more of a qualitative data with issues or topics that were affected by child hood obesity than in any comparison to a quantitative designs with more of the findings hinder on or with numbers. There were subjects of childcare, ‘’First Lady Michelle Obama’’, at the White House on childhood obesity, the Public Welfare directors focusing on the provisions of the 2008 Fostering Connection Act, which addressed the physical and mental health of children in child welfare.
All of these subjects were found within the article with information, suggestions, or even solutions to each subjects. The organizations that were mentioned in the article was; Nemours Health & Prevention Services, a division of the Nemours Foundation, which supports proper nutrition and exercise for children in schools, and in child care centers. Another organization the APHSA, this organization mission and vision is to better, healthier lives for children, adults, families, and communities.
( American Public Human Services Association), interacts with Americans across the country, who have access to federal and state, public health and human services in large and small towns (DeSantis, Cari, June 2010) This study took enough time where as in the end, every issue or concerns, or topics was fully addressed and made aware of obesity through all of the informative information pertained in this article. In researching and preparing to write this research paper sure gave me a better understanding, and knowledge of child obesity as it is today in our society.

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