Placing distance (only 11 for Austria and

Published: 2020-05-27 10:36:03
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Placing unitedly national scores (from 1 for the below to 120 for the above), Hofstede’s six-dimensions design enables global comparison between cultures, also called comparative research:
Power distance index reveals huge scores for Asian and Latin countries, African cities, and the Arab countries. On the different hand, Germanic and Anglo countries have a profound power distance (only 11 for Austria and 18 for Denmark).
For example, the United States has a 40 on the cultural range of Hofstede’s study. Confronted to Guatemala where the power distance is very big and Israel where it is very weak, the United States is in the center.
A high UAI and Belgium, even extra corresponded to Sweden or Denmark despite their geographic closeness. However, few countries have very weak UAI.
Masculinity is very low in Nordic nations: Norway secures 8 and Sweden just 5. In opposition, Masculinity is very high in Japan, and in European countries like Austria, Switzerland, and Hungary influenced by German culture. In the Anglo world, masculinity counts are moderately high with 66 for the United Kingdom for example. Latin countries show differing scores: for example, Venezuela has a 73-point rate whereas Chile’s is only 28.

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