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The intent of the undermentioned thesis is to analyse and find the viability and finally the fight of the emerging Vietnamese Stock Market in comparing to the more well-known and successful stock markets throughout the universe. In other words, is it, or will it be a a safe and profitable investing for the hereafter. The first measure in this analysis, and the focal point of this essay is to find whether this Vietnamese Stock Market is weak form efficient at this phase of the game. This finding depends on analysing two different attacks. The first the trial used is of entropy ; 2nd, the trial of predictability. To to the full find the consequences of each, the trials will chiefly concentrate on an scrutiny of the cogency and pertinence of the proficient analysis of both trials implemented.
Trial of Randomness.
There are basically three trials involved to analyze entropy: 1 ) The portmanteau trial of auto-correlations ; 2 ) the unit root trials, and 3 ) the Lo and MacKinlay ‘s discrepancy ratio trial. The Vietnamese Stock Market has shown great promise over the past decennary. In an effort to mensurate random walk hypothesis of this market, these trials were summarily applied. They were applied to a series of returns, hebdomadal, of the Vietnamese monetary value index. They revealed that there are, so, significant divergences from the random walk hypothesis of the returns in the stock market in Vietnam.
Trial of Predictability.
Additionally, predictability was the following end. In order to mensurate predictability of the Vietnamese Market, pertinence trials of proficient trading regulations were used. These trials showed that the monetary values of stock alterations in the Vietnamese market, can be predictable. This predictability factor means that such productively can work trading cost cyberspaces. In visible radiation of these consequences, the logical decision that can be gleaned is that the Vietnamese stock market is non weak-form efficient.
Efficient Market Hypothesis.
The Efficient Market Hypothesis is one of the most debated issues in concern. The United Kingdom and United States markets can both be considered at the really least weak-form markets. ( Bachelier, 1900. )
The Vietnamese Stock Market has merely been in being for a small over a decennary, and yet it is graded twenty-fourth in the universe harmonizing to the VN index. This is singular growing for such an adolescent market. During the past decennary, this stock market has grown significantly, from holding merely two stocks traded at the beginning to 258 listed companies on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange and 328 companies on the Hanoi Stock Exchange. ( USA Today, 2010 ) More research workers need to take non of these aforesaid monumental successes in the Vietnam Stock Market. Potential investors would more than probably put in this gold mine if merely they had all of the information. Because of this enormous growing, the followers is an analysis of this market, specifically, the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange. This research seeks to see if the grounds points to Vietnam Stock Market is, through 2006-2010 a hebdomad signifier efficiency.
In 1986, Vietnam made a series of what has proven to be profitable reforms to their economic policies and banking systems. Vietnam ‘s first stock market was launched in 2000. It is known as the Ho Chi Minh City Securities Center ( HoSTC ) . The grounds of its growing is clear. The first twenty-four hours of trading was in July of 2000, with merely two equities, REE and SAM. By 2010, the figure of equities rose to 680, an impressive growing. Furthermore, the market value is close to 33 billion USD, which equal to 39 per cent of Vietnam ‘s GDP ( USAtoday, 2010 ) . At first the growing was slow, but had a roar in the market value and the figure of companies listed, ensuing in Vietnam officially going the hundred-and-fiftieth member of the WTO by 2006. By 2007, the market increased to more that 1000 points. Furthermore, their listed companies had grown to a humongous 400. Trouble came in 2008, nevertheless, as it did with about all economic systems throughout the universe. Farber et Al ( 2006 ) claimed that there are a figure of factors that straight or indirectly had an impact on the market ; viz. bunchs of limit-hits, the consequence of fiscal policies, and the bound of information transparence. This is frequently referred to as the herd consequence, ” and has been a serious challenge to non merely the Vietnamese market, but to about every market. However, the Consumer Price Index ( CPI ) was increasing, and peaked in 2008 at 19.89 % . ( QDND.vn, 2009 )
The Vietnamese stock market has had great growing and great challenges. Hankering and Tran ( 2009 ) believe that investors, particularly foreign investors, lack adequate information about the development of the Vietnam Stock Market, as mentioned above. There merely has non been sufficient empirical surveies on this market.
Literature Reappraisal: Empirical Evidence on Efficient market Hypothesis.
About all of the research, empirical and otherwise, on theory of the efficient markets concerns whether monetary values to the full reflect ” a peculiar subset of information ( Fama 1970 ) . Particularly, the empirical surveies have been divided in trials on the strong-form, semi strong-form and weak-form
of the efficient market hypothesis.
Assorted surveies have attempted to prove the hypothesis that most early empirical plants have resulted in grounds back uping the weak-form of market efficiency. Most of the information is gleaned from the random walk literature. Surveies have attempted to prove this hypothesis by analyzing the correlativity between the current return on a security and the return on the same security over a old period. If the random hypothesis were true, so the correlativity would be expected to be zero. In 1937 Cowles and Jones developed one of the first trials of the random walk hypothesis ( RWH ) . There were a figure of mistakes acknowledged, no lupus erythematosus, in the research. Consequently, the consequence of their survey does non back up the RWH.
Fama ( 1970 ) , and the earlier plants of Kendall, found a series of bad monetary value alterations to be linearly independent. This has been measured by auto-correlation, and can be defined by random walks. Osborne ( 1959 ) , Cootner ( 1962 ) and Fama ( 1965 ) found similar consequences. ( Dimson and Mussavian 1998 ) . Osborne ( 1959 ) attributed an economic principle behind the independency of consecutive monetary value alterations, claiming that the determinations of investors in an single security are independent, which is one ground why we see independent monetary value alterations. ( Fama 1970 )
Since information is random in visual aspect, so stock monetary value motions should follow a random
walk. This would bespeak that they are statistically independent. ( Leroy 1989 ) Additionally, Fama ( 1965 ) applies the consecutive correlativity trial. Alexander found a really little positive correlativity, which is statistically no different than nothing. He used the filter regulation technique to day-to-day informations of 30 single stocks quoted in the Dow Jones Industrial Average for the period from 1956 to 1962. There, the
figure of tallies was found to be smaller than expected, which indicates that the positive correlativity found by the consecutive correlativity trial was shown.
Both of the aforesaid trials show that the independency in the consecutive monetary value alterations is either one of two thins: 1 ) Highly little ; or 2 ) Nonexistent. The filter regulation technique besides showed no profitableness. All this lead Fama to reason that the DJLA was weak-form efficient. The same consequence was found by analyzing the additions from proficient analysis.
Alexander ( 1965 ) has shown that the peculiar filter schemes have had no effects on net incomes when dealing costs were taken into history. The consequences of Fama and Blume ( 1966 ) supply farther grounds. Up to the 1990s, Fama and Blume ( 1966 ) remained the best peer-reviewed, most influential paper on mechanical trading regulations. The initial trials besides supported semi-strong signifier of efficient market hypothesis. Initially carried out in the signifier of event surveies, the testing of semi-strong signifier of market efficiency the norm. ( Fama 1991 ) . The empirical trials were concentrated on information such as stock splits or net incomes proclamations, and/or velocity and rightness of monetary value accommodation to new events. These innovators
on this sort of survey, Fama et Al. ( 1969 ) , studied the reaction of 940 stocks to divide proclamations and concluded that market monetary values adjusted decently to the information that resulted in a split. ( Findlay and Williams 2000 )
Ball and Brown ( 1968 ) examined the effects of one-year gaining proclamations. They found that investors were non able to merchandise productively. The ground for this was that the proclamations since the relevant information had already been reflected in the stock monetary values by the clip of an proclamation. Since the first event surveies, legion other surveies continue to value a battalion of important intelligence
events such as coup d’etats, portion issues, redemptions, dividend proclamations, and so on. ( Dimson and Mussavian 1998 ; Fama 1970 )
There are a figure of factors attesting weak and semi-strong signifier efficiency, while grounds for strong-form efficiency remains to be seen. Empirical trials of strong signifier efficiency are focused on two issues: whether insider trading consequences in unnatural returns, or if professional investors, analysts and
directors have profitable information. ( Fama 1991, Fama 1970 )
Niederhofferand Osborne ( 1966 ) have shown that the specializers on the NYSE darnel the system by utilizing their entree to information about unfilled bound orders to obtain superior returns. Scholes ( 1972 ) besides argues that officers of corporations might hold monopolistic entree to information about their houses. ( Fama 1970 ) Jaffe ( 1974 ) besides found and reported that there was, and still is considerable grounds that insider trades are profitable. Jensen ( 1968 ) investigated fund directors ‘ public presentation utilizing 115 common financess over the period 1955-1964 and shows that financess on norm could non surpass the old scheme. ( Dimson and Mussavian 1998 )
Since the late seventiess, legion surveies have provided theoretical and empirical challenges to the efficient market hypothesis. In other words, the hypothesis is being hit at all sides. Recent empirical consequences have clearly shown that stock returns to be partly predictable and non-normally distributed. By the way, this is contrary to the EMH anticipations. Recent literature shows that there is grounds against the random walk hypothesis for stock returns ( Poterba and Summers 1986 ; Fama and Gallic 1988 ; Lo and MacKinlay 1988 ) .
A figure of surveies find the grounds inefficiency consistent with the weak signifier of efficient market hypothesis ; viz. extra volatility ( Shiller 1981 ) , momentum consequence ( Lehman 1990 ; Jegadeesh and Titman 1993 ) , overreaction ( Debondt and Thaler 1979 ) , average reversion ( Fama and Gallic 1988 ; Poterba and Summers 1986 ) , and anomalousnesss ( Lakonishok 1988 ; Gallic 1980 ; Ariel 1990 ) .
These surveies concentrate such as on size effects and January effects, whereas major surveies besides show inefficiency consistent with semi-strong signifier of efficient market hypothesis, ( Fama and Gallic 1993 ) . ( Fama 1991 ; Fama 1998 ; Malkiel 2003 )

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