Pregnancy Before Marriage

Published: 2020-06-02 13:46:04
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Pregnancy before Marriage Pregnancy before marriage is consider a destructive social ill so US government has stepped in, determined to curtail this sad phenomenon. The portrayal of pregnancy out of marriage has been dramatic, and when we hear of young women heavy with the child no spouse to help raise the future child, our hearts go out to them. A pregnant teen who is not married also makes one think of the kind of future she will have. Teen explain why about this phenomena.
They think that by engaging in sexual relation with their boyfriends, they’re got that part of their emotional life under lock and key. Maybe it’s the desire to keep up with things fashionable and cool. Then they are not aware that seen from a larger perspective, they realize, somewhat late, that they’re giving up their entire lives to care for a baby. Teenagers who get pregnant have a lower chance of completing their secondary education. They are also most likely to go on welfare.
They are also at greater risk of abuse and neglect. Report show that sons of teenagers have a 13% higher chance of ending up in prison, while daughters of teenagers have a 22% likelihood of becoming pregnant themselves when they reach their teen. Teenagers who suddenly learn they are pregnant are gripped with fear and are confused. Some of them take responsibility for their actions, but there are guys out there who would rather walk out. Therefore, parent should be concerned about their child.

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