President Clinton

Published: 2020-07-06 01:51:06
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The content of President Clinton’s speech was elaborated and over zealous. His focus was directed on three topics: the past, the present, and the future. In the introduction, he started by addressing the challenges that will be bestowed upon us in the next century. His first point being the history of the United States, beginning with the 18th Century.Then went on reciting selected text from historical documents, such as, The Preamble and The Constitution.
The second point examined how the economy has come along the past four years. Americans produced the great middle class . . . ,” He insured the economical raise by the lower percent of poverty and unemployment. His main focus wasn’t on the present, but what will come in the future.

Throughout his inaugural address, the 21st Century and the future, were numerously mentioned. After the first ten minutes, I became confused and bored. He had positive points and a general idea of what he wanted to do, but no evidence of how he was going to achieve the bridge to the 21st century.” An amusing aspect occurred when sirens went off in the distant at the exact time President Bill Clinton spoke of a better economy. His speech was too formal and I think he might have had pauses written on his notes, informing the audience when to clap. The President has a respectable speaking voice, but he needs to remember who his audience is. He doesn’t need to exhibit how many complex words he can jumble into a sentence, just notify the American citizens of his plans to improve the 21st Century.

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