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Published: 2020-08-09 17:50:03
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Hyundai recalls 139,500 Sonatas in US on steering – Yahoo! News http://news. yahoo. com/s/ap/us_hyundai_recall New User? Register Sign In Help Trending: Rachael Ray Search Yahoo! Mail Web Search Brought to you by Yahoo! Finance HOME U. S. BUSINESS U. S. Economy WORLD ENTERTAINMENT Earnings SPORTS Opinion TECH POLITICS SCIENCE Press Releases saturday night live HEALTH Taxes nascar OPINION Marketplace fedex cup MOST POPULAR Newsmakers dallas cowboys iran Business Video Search All News Stock Markets Personal Finance bishop eddie long TRENDING NOW: TELL US WHAT YOU THINK: Vote and comment on the big issues of 2010
Top Stories Israeli building slowdown ends; settlers celebrate Witness describes ‘hell’ at NJ party shooting Buzz up! 0 votes Share 136 Ga. pastor: I’ll fight like David battled Goliath Email Print House leader: Colbert was an ’embarrassment’ – Sun Sep 26, 4:29 pm ET $93,000 cancer drug: How much is a life worth? Computer attacks linked to wealthy group or nation Vulnerable House Dems declare their independence Amgen recalls anemia drugs due to glass flakes How to Make a Balance Transfer Work for You Judge: Verdict stands in hacked Palin e-mail case More Top Stories » RELATED QUOTES ^GSPC 1,148. 67 +23. 4 WASHINGTON – Hyundai Motor Co. said it is voluntarily recalling 139,500 Sonata sedans in the U. S. because of a manufacturing defect that could cause drivers to lose steering control. The recall affects 2011 models built between Dec. 11, 2009 and Sept. 10, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted on its website Sunday. Some of the cars have steering column shafts with connections that may not have been tightened enough or were improperly assembled. As a result, the steering wheel could become separated from the column or a driver could lose the ability to properly steer the car.
The U. S. government had opened an investigation into possible steering problems in the vehicle in August. Hyundai, South Korea’s top automaker, has said there have been no related injuries or crashes reported. Owners of affected vehicles can go to their dealers for inspection. Dealers also will update power steering software. Owners may also call NHTSA at 888-327-4236 for more information. The recall comes as automakers ramp up their focus on safety and quality control in the wake of Toyota Motor Corp. ‘s massive global recall last year over gas pedal and floor mat problems.
In February, Hyundai announced a recall of about 47,000 Sonata midsize sedans, mostly sold in South Korea, to replace front door latches following a handful of customer complaints. The company said it had discovered a mechanical problem with the latches which, in rare instances, would not close properly. Earlier this month, Hyundai affiliate Kia Motors said Chung Sung-eun resigned as vice chairman following a global recall of more than 100,000 vehicles due to defective wiring. Of that total, 35,185 vehicles were recalled in the United States. Together, Kia and Hyundai form the world’s fifth-largest automotive group.
So far this year, U. S. sales are up 17 percent for Hyundai Motor America, though August sales fell 11 percent from a year-earlier record sparked by federal Cash for Clunkers rebates. The new Sonata has been selling well and nearly doubled its sales numbers to 21,399 in August. sponsored links 5 Diet Pills that Work 2010’s 5 Best Weight-Loss Pills – All-New Ratings & Reviews. www. DietRatings. org Solar Cells Solar cell for sale buy solar cells build own diy solar panels go green solarcellsstore. net Follow Yahoo! News on Buzz up! 0 votes Twitter, become a fan on Facebook Email Print Share 136 Editor’s Picks More Slideshows »
Driver’s Privacy Settlement Proposed settlement of a class action may affect licensed drivers. www. DPPAsettlement. com Featured Learn. Listen. Be Heard Colbert testimony creates awkward scene World’s largest offshore wind farm opens Lindsay Lohan freed from jail after posting bail Photo Highlight of the Day Join the Web’s social-media hub for the 2010 election. » Cast your votes More on Consumer News & Recalls Summary Box: Hyundai recalls 139,500 Sonatas in US AP Amgen recalls anemia drugs due to glass flakes AP More… Business Video: Defensive Dems Battle to Keep ‘Safe’ Seats ABC News Business Video: Obama: GOP plans disastrous”
Watch Who Knew? : There’s a new way to get the news. » More Who Knew? videos 1 of 3 9/27/2010 6:01 AM Hyundai recalls 139,500 Sonatas in US on steering – Yahoo! News http://news. yahoo. com/s/ap/us_hyundai_recall Co. recalls 190,000 ThermaCare HeatWraps Menstrual AP Reuters 91 Comments Post a Comment Show: Business Video: Debt Collectors Gone Wild ABC News Top Stories on Facebook Are you on Facebook? Join our page for top stories! » Join our Facebook page here Comments 1 – 10 of 91 First Prev Next Last Eunhee 5 minutes ago Report Abuse 1 1 iPhone App: The Scoop Looking for the best cup of coffee in NYC?
Turn to The Scoop. » More from NYTimes. com i won’t buy america made vehicles Because the worker drinks’ smokes marijan on their lunch houe, shame on them, Reply Education Spyder 6 minutes ago Report Abuse 1 1 Thats what you get for buying S**t Foreign vehicles. End of story Replies (1) Are You A Leader? See how the right training and education can prepare you for management! 0 1 A_cUte_gUy 7 minutes ago Report Abuse all those ignorant people here. hyundai sonata is made in america Reply Fast Facts: Online MBAs Join us as we separate online MBA facts from fiction. Mayor West 13 minutes ago Report Abuse 3 1
Toyota brakes having killing people for 20 years, we only found out about it last year. There is nothing left anymore for the Accord because the accord lost its presence, nothing wow about it. Reply Finance MARKET SUMMARY Mayor West 15 minutes ago Report Abuse 0 1 Symbol Dow Nasdaq S&P 500 10 Yr Bond(%) Oil Gold Charles C 16 minutes ago Report Abuse 3 0 Last 10,860. 26 2,381. 22 1,148. 67 2. 6120% 76. 79 1,296. 00 +0. 30 +0. 80 +197. 84 +54. 14 +23. 84 Change +1. 86% +2. 33% +2. 12% +0. 5700 +0. 39% +0. 06% The car people tend to ignore the most is Volvo cars, only sophisticated and classy people drive volvo.
Look, even thugs drive benz and bmw but you’ll never see a thug drive a volvo because the thugs are not sophisticated or educated enough. I hope to one day own a volvo. and they last forever. Reply MY country has severe economic troubles. I will be da**ed if I will make a major purchase of a foreign product in these times . I owe my county too much and there is too little I can do in return , but that much I can and will do , I will buy american cars and what ever else I still can , while I can . As gor me and my house we support american workers and american manufacturers . Period . Replies (2)
Comcast COO Burke takes top spot at NBC Universal Hyundai recalls 139,500 Sonatas in US on steering Experts question BP’s take on Gulf oil spill More from Yahoo! Finance » ADVERTISEMENT M 20 minutes ago Report Abuse 3 4 well at least the cars are being recalled before anyone gets killed. HELLO Toyota ,i have a 2008 sonota and it is by far the best car i’ve ever had,i’m ready to buy another,have over 100,000 miles on it and have never taken it to the dealer for anything it runs great. I’m a former owner of fords,chevys,hondas,mitsubishi,suzuki,dodge,lincoln and toyota and this is without a doubt the best i’ve ever had.
Reply Mayor West 21 minutes ago Report Abuse 2 3 Not good for Hyundai because they have been on top lately with the new sonata which is truly a beauty with its 4 door ‘coupe’ design and superb interior. I would choose the new sonata over the new accord or camry. Reply Keith 23 minutes ago Report Abuse 4 2 must be using old yugo parts Reply 2 of 3 9/27/2010 6:01 AM Hyundai recalls 139,500 Sonatas in US on steering – Yahoo! News http://news. yahoo. com/s/ap/us_hyundai_recall Bob 27 minutes ago Report Abuse 1 6 Honda has been the most reliable car on the market. I know many people that drive Honda’s and would buy again.
Yep! seems most cars get their turn on the recall but friends and their friends get 350,000 to 500,000 with good service on their Honda. You finally sell because after that long you just want to buy a newer vehicle. Mercedes to much money for a car that lives in the repair shop it’s whole life. Acura is your best luxury car for the money and beautiful car. Reply Home U. S. Business World Entertainment Sports Tech Politics Science Health Travel Most Popular News Opinion Odd RSS News Alerts Weather Yahoo! News Network Alerts Site Map Help Feedback Comments 1 – 10 of 91 First Prev Next Last Post a Comment
Sign in to post a comment, or Sign up for a free account. Most Viewed – Business China rises and rises, yet still gets foreign aid AP Free Stream! Watch Live NFL Football Games Online Stream in HD with Satellite Direct PRWeb Hyundai recalls nearly 140,000 Sonata sedans in US AFP White House, Dems see tax cut vote after election AP Experts question BP’s take on Gulf oil spill AP All Most Viewed » Daily Features Elsewhere on the Web Time. com: Internet Explorer 9: Microsoft’s New Browser Impresses NPR: Wildlife Films: Seeing But Not Always Believing FOXBusiness: Work-From-Home Help, Communities Abound All Comics »
Opinions & Editorials: Diverse views on news from the right, left, and center. All Opinion » Copyright 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. The information contained in the AP News report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press. Copyright 2010 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. Questions or Comments Privacy Policy About Our Ads Terms of Service Copyright/IP Policy 3 of 3 9/27/2010 6:01 AM

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