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We are a major seismal geophysical house name left out for confidentiality that on a regular basis undergo seismal study undertakings that runs from a lower limit of 35 yearss continuance till a upper limit of 2 old ages during the fiscal crunch period. Our client scope from major oil companies, research institute and Governmental constitutions. These Undertakings had multiple trade-offs ( project diamond )
The Introduction of a new merchandise / new engineering that is the nautilus -sentinel engineering in line with full normal undertaking production, had a monolithic impact on undertaking procedures and some known and unknown n unexpected events. The resulted in stakeholders and supply concatenation issues. It was a high seeable merely do it project with variable restraints. The undertaking was bing the client near to $ 400,000 a twenty-four hours ( seismal production merely ) with a slender net income border for my company. There were project breaks such as due to endure conditions, equipment failure etc, my company has to bear the cost for these. R-shoot due to bad information has to be discussed daily between the client representative and our party director ( at terminal of the study line ) . If accepted as no mistake from us, client so pays 50 % of day-to-day cost topic to blessing from undertaking director onshore. Cost of maintaining boat on the sea with no production runs into hundred of dollars daily this non unusual in the seismal acquisition industry. Phase spreads were set on earning and advancement studies from all sections involved. The pressing demand here was high quality informations bringing utilizing new in-house built engineering while retaining strong relationship with client.
Undertaking Background.
We were undergoing a seismal study offshore Indonesia to look into the bomber construction in peculiar an skyline where geographic expeditions wells been drilled before that shows the presence of hydrocarbons. One of the purposes was to measure the extent of the reservoir utile in gauging in million of barrels its volume. Other aims are been discussed subsequently. In add-on to roll uping these seismal information. My section has to run algorithms to take external and internal related artifacts in these informations per line acquired and so processed them up the phase that it could be interpreted.
Our client for the undertaking was a major oil company that was that had the duty to transport such study with a clip frame. The undertaking was capable to a batch of limitation, politically, natural sea catastrophe, economically and affected the support of most fisherman on the site of study.
The undertaking ran into holds due to unanticipated major human mistakes ( equipments failures, lost a Barovane during deployment and bad navel in demand of replacing which ran to provide concatenation issues followed purchase one of its pursuit boat hit with a fisherman ‘s boat in which two fisherman lost their lives. Besides defects in nautilus birds ( engineering ) calls for a hebdomad of production loss to re- install old and tested engineering for work continuance.
I was an active participants in the bringing in portion of the procedure that is the geophysical acquisition and processing of the merchandise ( seismal information in this instance ) . This was a built-in portion of the critical concatenation of the undertaking. This undertaking is alone because it was the first full Marine plan a streamer that could be separately controlled to counterbalance ( swell conditions etc ) to follow the pilotage trends therefore minimising sum of tallies for full study coverage. There was no anterior internal information prior to project executing on procedure to be undertaken but a 2 hours briefing with departmental caputs on aims to be achieved.
Stakeholders aims:
Objective 1.
Maintain strong CRM ( client relationship ) with our client as a major oil manufacturer as a precursor to future seismal contract among the capital intensive monetary value rivals.
Activities for nonsubjective 1
Our contract command is been driven by our new engineering to make a niche within the market. Our net income border inducement changed to quality of bringing and successfully finishing undertakings on clip. Showing clients what need procedure we can use to better informations quality at phase gate usually add pecuniary value to the on-going undertakings.
Objective 2
Introduce new engineering emphases better quality in merchandise bringing
Activities for nonsubjective 2
We co host industry conferences when we shown our latest engineering with a series of talks on how its an betterment to cognize engineerings. We use the chance to demo possible client in its economic value it can add to their procedures and other chances that it keep. When this commands was accepted, we discussed the chance to seek this new engineering with no cost as a trail stage. It was accepted so we re-engineered undertaking procedure to accommodate the engineering. In other words we implement new engineering with older 1 on standby in instance of failure during full production tallies.
Objective 3
Variable trade-offs throughout the undertaking such as company on cost decrease to maximize net income, Client / oil company involvement in quality to place militias aim, external stakeholder e.g. the Indonesia Government on clip due to fisherman ‘s season and environmental factors such as hurricane periods from conditions prognosis etc, economic inducements etc
Activities for nonsubjective 3
Undertaking monitoring: Multiple hebdomadal meeting to discourse undertaking public presentation and affairs as it arises
Objective 4
External – the Government: Political as an economic inducement on oil geographic expedition, a status during the licensing unit of ammunition
Activities for nonsubjective 4
Risk appraisal before and during study with the purpose to minimised little on no undertaking impact to the environment ( less environmental jeopardies ) , extenuating geo jeopardies hazards, etc.
Objective 5
External stakeholder – the client/ Oil company: decrease in cost during economic state of affairs, run intoing geographic expedition mark with less to zero jeopardies in conformity with licencing command regulations, successful new engineering application
Activities for nonsubjective 5
Phase spread inserted to reexamine undertaking. At each phase a reappraisal is held to measure the following measure in the procedure.
As in all undertakings there a hazard direction based on other known undertakings of similar nature was done. Known hazards accounted for daily ‘s are changeless day-to-day maritime conditions update to account for crestless waves greater that 1.5 metres, among other things has inauspicious consequence on informations quality and calls for excess crestless wave noise fading processing. Submarine structures in country to avoid obstructors or to account for noise artifacts in the information which besides result in remotion ( additive noise remotion or suppression ) . Boat capacity/resources ( forces & A ; stuffs ) is day-to-day monitored in a day-to-day logs with changeless refillings hebdomadal. Mammalian activity from surveies taken and changeless 24 hr mammalian ticker is performed 1hrs before soft start and during full production tallies to adhered to project certification and biodiversity issues ( environmental jeopardies ) . Fisher adult male ( stakeholder ) season activity while holding a no fishing zone for seismal activity was invariably monitored by four pursuit boats and eventually nautical path care and updates monitored at all times.
We encountered a series of unknown hazards partially written about earlier these includes equipment failures – navel and vane and human related mistake – suicidal hasty hit from fisherman determine to traverse zone possibly cognizant / non of the no fishing zone neglecting to head changeless warning from boat the vas and pursuit boats and the undertaking.
Problems encountered as consequence of unknown hazard
A consequence of these unknown hazard consequences in legion holds such as supply concatenation jobs needed for a new umbilicus lead to 5 yearss no production. Infrequently, proficient failures occur and line starts are delayed. Engine job ensuing in production utilizing a individual engine this was bad for the undertaking resulted in forces petition to its fixs and dry-dock care for 5 yearss. Stakeholders issues caused decease to two fisherman ( mentioned before ) lead to protract undertaking completion. With new engineering tests, two R & A ; D expert introduced but related fishing net jobs were non accounted for it new merchandise design. A demand of more resources to get by with extra work was non accounted for, this understaffing at other critical undertakings esp. in the pilotage and processing section. resulted in low motive lesson ( motive theory ) .
Chemical reactions to Risk
A. Umbilicus:
5 yearss downtime as a consequence of expecting parts SCN issues for both, vas demands 6 – 8 navel. there should ever be excess onboard as its a critical machinery for production. All boats study boats been upgraded and stock clasp now has 2 – 3 trim navel
a. fig 1: navel, replacing non in boat -an air gun expiration system see below
B. Barovane ( fig 2 ) – really big, pandemonium in high sea – trouble in replacing has to be built at dock a critical portion of the critical concatenation in the procedure, losing one due to hazardous wave action uncommon in the industry. Problem here was that the 1 on board was of different size and specification to that needed. this would easy be rectified when offloaded at dock. All trim are now checked that it meets specifications.
C. Nautilus. This is an incorporate Streamer control device engineering. Its trails needs full information to internal stakeholder/ squad members prior to deployment to let for full apprehension of what is needed and etc. No proper downward communicating on its procedure anterior executing with unrealistic ends from R & A ; D to co-workers affect prior to project executing. This resulted in low morale among workers on been detach from the system as predicted by Herzberg ‘s Motivator- Hygiene Theory and The Hawthorne surveies. [ 6 ] chp12 pg 275
Besides failures due to the merchandise pin downing fisherman ‘s cyberspaces due to its structural constellation led to multiple downtime for its remotion, issues in migrating the system with pilotage. Finally the test was abandoned t There should hold been communicating as to jobs to be encountered prior to the design stage of the equipment. Presently failure has led to its been redesigned which would hold been avoided if all internal stakeholders has been contacted prior to its development.
D. Fatal accident to local fishermen resulted in Kelvin TOP-SET accident probe and coverage process. this caused a 2 yearss downtime / no seismal activity and another 8 yearss downtime while expecting clearance and military protection. This would hold been avoided by informing all stakeholders involved in this activity. Or instead if they have adhered to the no fisherman zone. this called for military protection of the zone after the probe.
The elements below influenced the result of the undertaking, three I have chosen are
Undertaking limitations / restraints
Stakeholders aims and communicating direction.
Undertaking hazards
Undertaking restraints
( Theory of Constraints ; [ 6 ] chapter 3 & A ; 7 )
Define undertaking procedures upfront and identify restraints and take it ( clip, cost, quality, proficient. other public presentation related parametric quantities, legal. environmental, political relations etc )
Constraints unexpected e.g. Equipment failures jobs in SCN lead to 10 yearss downtime
Improvement in SCN processs sought and stocking of necessities equipment from undertaking reappraisal on all vass.
Stakeholders, its aims and precedences ( [ 6 ] Chapter 4 & A ; 9 )
Ensure the patron approves scope alteration petition but Been effectual requires placing all stakeholders to minimise obstructions
Information given provinces that all been informed. if that was the instance human death resulted from five fisherman non heading the no fishing zone would hold been avoided.
Trouble in reference variable aims with the undertakings calls for prioritisation.
Dialogue with all stakeholders such as related authorities bureaus, research workers, industries, community and NGOs are of import.
In real property a town meeting should hold been called to turn to issues as respects project disposal hence making an vitamin E seeable environment where the undertaking could be discussed, analysed for all stakeholder involved.
Uncertain undertaking hazards ( [ 6 ] chapter 10 )
Identify hazard upfront and go on accessing them throughout undertaking
Known Risk appraisal done but unknown non accounted for as ne’er been heard of within the industry
Equipment failure addressed.
Political influence of affecting local villagers with undertaking program initiated after compensation of lives lost followed my military patrol on no fishing zone for the continuance of the undertaking
Monitoring that all stakeholders been informed before beginnings of undertaking. Covering with unexpected events such as hazard is non included in PM theoretical accounts.
Anders Soderholm [ 2 ] , showed that puting up intensive meetings agendas and dialogues on undertakings conditions are ways to trades with unexpected events / hazards
Could it be avoided / what its deductions: They all could hold been avoided. Remedies the company took are stated below.
Supply Chain was reversed all through the company in footings of stuff petition from departmental members to Departmental caputs as a focal point would non take to negligence
Besides a alteration to do certain that there is changeless refillings before beginning during crew alteration or at dry-dock particularly of critical way resources allotment
A reappraisal procedure documented across the web in a general cognition certification for all vass accessible via electronic mails and in company insite site that is larning from past experiences
All new engineering demands thoughts from operational members before traveling on full production. There been a alteration in design and the engineering soon used in a 5 twelvemonth contract in the Gulf of Mexico.
With mention to Rumsfeld ‘s unknown terra incognitas all Project carries risk through uncertainness, a quotation mark from Donald Rumsfeld speaks of such like uncertainness. … as we know, there are known knows ; there are things we know we know. we besides know there are known terra incognitas ; that is to state we know there are some things we do non cognize. But there are besides unknowns terra incognitas – the 1s we do n’t cognize we do n’t cognize ‘ ( Donald Rumsfeld ) . [ 5 ] chapter 10
Scheduled hazard could be managed in assorted ways, The seismal study industry we on a regular basis repeats what we do with different specifications harmonizing to the contracts acquired. We use past public presentation as a manner to pull off known hazards,
Seismic industry undertakings to dated, we are ever involved with hazard as other industry been known and unknown, know hazard such as conditions conditions as sea can non be analysed qualitatively though clip continuance put unneeded emphasis on other stakeholder activities such as angling etc and unknown unknown hazards.
This is an country I think would ever necessitate betterment in Project Management that Risk direction.
How make one quantify unknown hazards in classs, what is it ‘s likely impact in footings the quality, cost and clip and range to undertakings. What pecuniary value can be placed on it etc. How can one reacting to unknown hazard and command it. So one demand a method of unknown hazard appraisal on a regular basis throughout the on-going undertaking. One might used brainstorming with stakeholders, squad and undertaking patron to place some of this suspected hazard from old undertakings but its impact to the undertaking would be hard to quantify.
The cardinal direction hazard techniques used today steams from hazard avoidance/ eliminate to put on the line transfer/insure/outsource, hazard mitigation/ decrease, acceptance/budget/retention and ongoing hazard reappraisal /monitoring and control via hazard registry. Operational /Equipment related hazard, stakeholders related could easy be avoided or even outsourced, but its hard to place and pull off unknown hazards such as some conditions related hazards in the industry. some hazard due to employee/human mistake might fall within unknown hazard e.g. that that led to lost of Barovane at sea and even political and economic related hazards. We need a method to place the best hazard techniques for undertakings within this study industry.
There a several hazard direction tools and techniques today. But most risk direction package tools use is harmonizing to the user specification and cognition, if he/she has no strong background in hazard direction, he /she can be lost in most of the maps that is where his/her hazard direction stops refering to the undertaking he/she is working on.
Therefore the best effectual hazard direction tool should be able to steer the user and to coerce him / her to follow a proven engineering, this does non be soon.

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