Qualities of a Good Book

Published: 2020-06-19 08:36:04
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Though, the character should be normal enough to identify with, yet special enough to go on adventures (in fictional books) and unique in their own ways. Another factor that comes into play in the qualities of a good book is the fact that it should captivate the reader; should be wholly absorbing and keep the readers not only reading the first few pages but reading till the very end. I myself have left many books through the middle, seeing as they had lost my interest.
A good book should have a very unique original plot and story line. The readers should be able to enjoy what they are reading; and to do that the story must be original, since I (and presumably many others) find no pleasure n reading books with similar or identical plots of situations. Not only that, but the plot must have twists and tensions to make the book more appealing to the human minds analyzing it. A good plot never comes without tensions in my point Of view- it should be a whole package.
The book should keep the readers on edge, reading and turning page after page wanting to know what will happen next. That, for me, is the post important quality a book should have. It is quite easy to get the interest of many people into reading a book, but to have the readers finish it anxiously till the very last page is something hat takes skill, talent and quality, and not all have those critical traits. Thus, tensions to say the least, are a must, since the book should give you something to think about. A good book is unpredictable.
What’s the point in reading a book where one can easily predict the ending, or the future events that were to happen? The book should keep your mind flooded with options, keep the reader pondering, yet at the same time throw the reader completely off guard when the time comes. It should be exciting, surprising flabbergasting and memorable; the reader should absentmindedly be able to causally cross a tuition and remember and think of the book. A great book is inexhaustible, so no reading of it is a final reading, and no discussion ever runs it dry.
You can never say you’re done with it except in a provisional sense. If you take a break and come back to it, you’ll find more in it. Good grammar and style are also very important- A great book is well crafted. For me, I like to read the best which has been thought and said. For us, the two have to go together. It needs to be clear and straight to the point- the reader must understand it with undying clarity. What if somebody had a retreat idea but wrote about it badly?
We need to be able to lean on every sentence, and not have it suddenly give way and crumble beneath the weight of our analysis. The style is also important, as well as the meaning behind the words. Should be clear, yet with a twinge of mysterious in it, yet not confuse and baffle the reader with bad grammar or sequencing. Well, he said this, but maybe he meant something else. ” Last but not least, I think a good book should always have romance and drama. If not, even a little romantic twist always fills in the empty gaps, don’t you think?

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