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(A) an ability to live without any apparent source of energy (B) of feedback loops that provide control of biological inputs and outputs through cycles, like a locomotive engine that can not run out of control, so that even in complex pathways ‘life works in cycles’ (C) biochemical processes that consist of a series of linear reactions that will use all of the available resources until they are extinguished (D) of organisms that can spontaneously generate from inorganic matter (E) an evidenced based external life force that guides all life.

2. ‘Life’ is said to be opportunistic and is present in nearly every environment on the planet because: (A) of variation and differences in a population of organisms that will be genetically selected for survival and reproductive success (B) each individual organism chooses where to live
(C) living organisms all exhibit a strong will to live no matter what (D) the ends justify the means and organisms and biological organisms given half a chance will always decide to cheat in order to survive (E) there is strong evidence for the purpose and planning of organisms 3. A cellular structure that captures sunlight to produce sugar using CO2 is called a: (A) chloroplast
(B) nucleus
(C) ribosome
(D) chromosome
(E) transcriptome
4. Water is important to life on earth because:
(A) it is everywhere, like air, so it is in every environment on earth (B) it forms strong bonds with itself, has low surface tension and is nonpolar (C) it is always a liquid so it can form compartments, using lipid membranes (D) most biological molecules and compounds important to life dissolve in liquid water (E) it only occurs on the planet Earth
5. Rachel Carson is famous as the author of ‘Silent Spring’ (1962) which discussed the broad effects of the insecticide DDT on the ‘web of life’. The ecology of a coral reef is another good example that: (A) extinction doesn’t matter because something will always take its place (B) every organism can exist on its own
(C) life is interconnected and interdependent
(D) the diversity of life makes it resistant toxic pollutants and effect of global climate change (E) life on earth quickly corrects for environmental pollutants
6. Complex biological structures like the horn of a ram, a chambered nautilus shell or a growing plant tendril seem complex but are actually the
result of: (A) environmental pollutants
(B) a purpose created by the organism
(C) infections from a virus causing disease
(D) emergent patterns that result in complex structures when simple units follow simple rules (E) intentional will of the organism to change
7. Emergent patterns and self assembly are wide spread phenomena in biology. Through the application of a few very simple rules: (A) synthetic life will be generated

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