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Published: 2020-07-06 23:31:07
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Independence is a word frequently related to freedom from a certain force or bondage which makes a individual suffering or unhappy ; and for that individual to desire such freedom, there will be important cases or fortunes which make him or her privation that freedom. This was what led Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and three other baronial work forces to seek for the independency of the United States of America from the Crown of England.
American history had its high spot on the 4th of July, when the Unites States of America eventually became independent from the British settlement. Although at first, independency was non the primary end of the Continental Congress, it became so when the parliament denied what the legislative assembly requested, and imposed more unfair Torahs ( Morgan ix ) .
Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were two of the five Americans who wrote the Declaration of Independence. In their work, they mentioned the different grounds why they were impelled to divide from the legal power of England. They believed that these fortunes have rendered it necessary to take for independency and that the people have the right to demand for a different signifier of authorities when the bing signifier of administration no longer served the people. These gentlemen believed of equal rights among people, and life, autonomy and felicity are the first rights of each person ; and this has ever been what every individual wants until now. We ever aim for what is good for us, what makes us happy, and what satisfies our demands ; sometimes even to the point that we already affect another person ‘s rights. And because we enjoy our freedom and our rights we tend to pretermit the duties that come along with it. The Declaration of Independence mentioned foremost of the people ‘s rights before Jefferson and Adams enumerated what the King of Great Britain had done that led to their revolution, which implies that the people, as a whole, is the precedence.
It is rather hard to conceive of how the United States of America was governed during the clip of the British colonisation since it was about centuries ago, but the facts that Jefferson and Adams stated in the declaration are so elaborate that any individual who browses through it can hold on the thought of what was go oning during the 1700s. It appears that during the colonisation, the King of Great Britain entirely has the power over all the settlements, unlike what it is at present. At that clip, subjugation, maltreatment of power, unfairness and personal involvement was prevailing and really apparent. Jefferson and Adams stated the force that the King imposed on the citizens who did non stay by his orders, and that the legion requests they have made for a alteration of the policies and the pattern of administration were non heard and even answered by more force and subjugation. All these fortunes have led to the determination of the Congress of the United States of America to declare their independency from Great Britain. From how they stated the facts, any individual can sympathize to the state of affairs that happened 100s of old ages ago, and the fact that this truly happened puts a different position on the independency that the current coevals experiences. I am lucky that I was born at the clip that independency was no longer an issue and that there is no longer the bing fright of being abused by a sovereign greedy for power.
The fortunes that happened during the 1700s nevertheless, did non stop in that timeline. Oppression and maltreatment did non and does non go on merely in the United States, but besides in other parts of the universe. The recent revolution in Cairo is a modern twenty-four hours illustration of the people ‘s desire to exert their rights, to set an terminal to a authorities that no longer respects the people that gave them the chance to regulate. It is a good correspondence to the life that Jefferson and Adams experienced which brought them to recognize the demand to stand up and contend the authorities. On both state of affairss, the demand for alteration ” was the nucleus of the revolution. And on both occasions, this revolution has led to democracy.
Independence and democracy, appears to travel hand-in-hand, democracy as an consequence of independency. The signifier of authorities that the United States of America has protects the rights of all the people under its legal power and the statute laws that are created are based upon what Jefferson and Adams aimed to hold during the clip of their administration. The alteration brought approximately by the Declaration of Independence has put the United States to a different position, which is that of democracy, that is why we have elections, every bit good as equality in societal and political rights. The authorities, doing the people its precedence has given the power to the people to take the persons that will go their leaders, and that the determination of the people will be honored and respected.
The Declaration of Independence gave me a new position on independency. Learning of how independency was achieved made me recognize its true value and appreciate the attempts that our sires did to be able to accomplish it. The declaration besides gave me a position of how Jefferson and Adams saw what was go oning during their clip. At some point I wondered if it had been me, could I have done the same thing. I wondered if it happened during this clip, will person or any of our leaders stand up and fight for what is right.
Independence at this clip seems about natural, particularly for person who has no thought of how the United States of America got it. Young people are merely blinded by the being of the freedom that they have, and I think larning how we were able to go alleged freewomans will go a signifier of enlightenment to the young person. The Declaration of Independence is non simply a portion of American Literature, but even more a portion of American History. It is that declaration that separated the Americans from the subjugation of a autocrat, and created a new state where the rights of every adult male is respected, and led to a authorities of democracy. The authorities of the United States of America ne’er ceased to go to to all the demands of the people that they have pledged to function, particularly during the convulsion of recession where the attempt of lasting daily life has escalated, and the same authorities has continued to function unconditionally until now. Becoming more cognizant of the authorities ‘s attempts to function everyone in America, I realized that from the clip of Jefferson and Adams, up to show, the authorities ‘s attempts have ever been for the people, and this made me appreciate the authorities and our democracy even more.
Looking back to the past ever brings about alterations, we learn from past errors, carry on with what we know is good and right ; but the experience I had looking back at how Jefferson and Adams created the United States of America that we know of at nowadays placed a different sense of pride in me, on who I am and what I am. This experience made me see the importance and the duty that comes with our single rights ; and the Torahs that govern each of us are created to keep a civilization that respects each other ‘s rights because we are all of politically and socially equal, irrespective of colour or race. I felt fortunate that there were these great work forces in front of me who showed great bravery and wisdom to cognize and admit the demand to alter the state of affairs that they were in. If it were non for them, independency and freedom could hold meant something else and the 4th of July would hold been merely any normal twenty-four hours.

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