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Published: 2020-06-02 09:01:03
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There is more than one way to be an educated man is what comes to mind when think of Schooling versus Education. When looking at the difference between education and schooling we see that education is the process of learning, which imparts knowledge to optimally nurture human consciousness, enabling the attainment of socio-economic mobility, physical and mental health, sound public and private institutions and society that promotes values of equality and justice whereas Schooling is the institutionalized process of learning, which aims to provide an education.
After taking all this into consideration my view of both is that none is dependent on the other. We don’t have to attend a school to gain education but should see it as a stepping stone in our development through life. Although schooling is mandated as the sole passage of education there is a vast difference between the two, one can go to school and get educated or not go to school and get educated. Schooling would now be seen as more of a choice than rather a jail sentence.
As the environment around us changes so does the means of getting an education now varies. Children no longer need to be confined to a classroom environment to learn this now gives everyone the right to an education. Traditions of society are what push being schooled rather than being educated. Education happens anywhere, it starts in the home, in our churches, all around us hence the statement there’s more than one way to be educated. ” Education is ever revolving always growing so it wouldn’t be fair to say the one place to get education is through schooling.

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