Should Fathers Get Paternity Leave

Published: 2020-05-13 04:01:04
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Should Fathers Be Given Paternity Leave I believe that fathers should be offer paternity leave from their companies because it gives them the chance to bond with the baby and gives mothers some time to heal and rest from having the baby. Fathers being on paternity leave also helps when the mothers is recovering or suffering from post partum depression. It gives the mother a chance to return to work and not worry about finding or paying for child care at the moment. Fathers can use that time to bond with their children while mothers rest and heal from having a baby.
Fathers get to experience the joy of feeding, bathing, clothing, crying and soothing their children. It can give mothers time to herself and the ability to take care of her personal needs. Not only that but gives fathers the chance to give a helping hand around the house. It helps when mothers is recovering or suffering from post partum depression. Sometimes taking care of a new born can be very overwhelming it would be nice to have help with that. Being able to take a break or even go out with friends so you can be able to enjoy some time to yourself.
It shows that fathers are very aware of the hardship that comes along with raising a new born or children and maintaining a healthy life. Paternity leave for fathers also gives the mother a chance to return to work and not worry about childcare until you feel that the time is right. Childcare can be very expensive for a new born or even children, so while the mothers return to work the father can take their leave and take care of the children. It also can be hard trying to find the right childcare provider.
Like myself some people just don’t believe in putting their children in childcare centers until they are at least six months to one year of age. So I do believe that paternity leave for fathers should be given because it gives fathers a wonderful experience to bond with their children, gives mothers a chance to heal after having a baby, ability to take have some time to themselves, helps with not being able to get childcare and also gives fathers the chance to help around the house.

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