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Published: 2020-05-15 13:06:04
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A Report on Snowflakes Dessert Cafe, SS15, Subang Jaya INTRODUCTION : You might be wondering what is it about Snowflakes that makes a lot of people would line up just to enjoy a bowl of shaved ice. Well, it’s not just an ordinary bowl of dessert. Jimmy Tsai, owner of Snowflakes Dessert Cafe, came up with the idea of this business because he missed the Taiwanese desserts that his mother and grandmother used to make back in his hometown, Taichung district in Taiwan. Started with a small shop in SS15 area in Subang Jaya, Jimmy opened and run the cafe with his Malaysian wife.
Slowly, more and more people came to Snowflakes because of the affordable price and the very big portion of the desserts offered, which then makes the business grow bigger and makes Jimmy open 3 branches, in Pavilion KL, Kota Damansara and in Kuchai Lama. RESEARCH METHOD : In order to retrieve data for the research on Snowflakes, we use 2 kinds of method. The first one is to give questionnaire to Snowflake’s customer to know their satisfaction level towards the Taiwanese dessert cafe.
And the second method is to pick up information and reviews about Snowflakes from food bloggers in Malaysia. SELECTION CRITERIA : When we go into Snowflakes, we know that it is a successful shop straight away. If you go to Snowflakes around 9pm to 11pm in the weekends, you will be faced with a super long queue just to order a bowl of refreshing dessert. But you won’t be waiting for too long, because their service is quite fast and to prepare 1 bowl of Snowflakes dessert, it only takes about 10 minutes. So in terms of service, they have trained their staff well.
To know if this cafe lift up to our expectation, we decided to make a questionnaire for the customers. From 20 people that we have surveyed, most of them said that they enjoyed the atmosphere of the place although we think that the shop is quite small despite the number of customers they have every day. They also said that the desserts offered in Snowflakes is nice and affordable for most of them are students. But they feel that the service is just the same as any other shops. EVALUATION OF RESTAURANT : Location
Snowflakes is located in the famous area of Subang Jaya, SS15. With Asia Cafe opposite, Snowflakes can easily attract those who are still hungry and craving for dessert after a filling dinner. And it is located near 2 colleges, which is Taylor’s College and INTI College. A lot of students come to hang out or to just have a bowl of dessert. Concept Of Restaurant The owner of this cafe, Jimmy, wanted Snowflakes to be a place where people can enjoy time by hanging out and fellowshipping with their friends while eating up their dessert.
Although from our point of view, it cannot be called comfortable when you need to sit on a stool. But it is still acceptable because the shop in SS15 is quite small so you can’t expect much on the comfortable part. Prices A bowl of Snowflakes dessert will cost you RM 6. 00 and it does not include service charge because it is a self-service cafe. After you place your order, they will give you a vibrating UFO which is a fascinating gadget to the Malaysian crowd.
When your order is ready to be pick up, the ‘UFO’ will vibrate vigorously to let you know that you can take your order at the counter. It is considered affordable when you talk about the price. Especially when the patrons are students from Taylor’s and INTI. But compared to a bowl of Ais Kacang sold in the mamak stall, it is rated expensive. RECOMMENDATIONS : We would like to give out a few suggestion for Snowflakes, the first thing is that it would be better if they expand the SS15 shop or move it to another bigger and more spacious place so that there won’t be a long queue.
Secondly, it would be nice if they train their staff to be more cautious of the cleanliness, because sadly, whenever a group of people leave their table, the next customers will need to clean the table themselves and give back the empty bowls to the staff instead of the staff clean the table for you. CONCLUSION To summarize it all, we feel that Snowflakes is a great place to hang out despite the small shop. With the affordable price and fast service, Snowflakes able to attract people to come to their cafe times and times again.

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