Social Issues in Music: Crime and Violence Essay

Published: 2020-07-28 17:30:03
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One of the most outstanding subjects addressed in popular music today is force and crime—especially in hip hop and R & A ; B vocals. Many have speculated that blame music has been the beginning of offense and force among immature people. peculiarly within the African American community. There are many vocals. nevertheless. that do non laud that lifestyle and direct out clear messages saying that people need to halt combat. halt violent death. and halt the condemnable Acts of the Apostless.
With offense and force still being a major societal issue in today’s society. it is clear why many creative persons have decided to foreground the subject within their music ; and it is of import that people non merely listen to these vocals. but besides take into consideration what is being said in the wordss. In Kelly Rowland’s individual. Stole. she sings specifically about assorted adolescents who have a great sum of endowment and potency to be successful in life. but are killed alternatively. In the wordss. for illustration. the chorus describes a miss named Mary who is comparable to Marilyn Monroe and could be the following film star.
Unfortunately. it continues on stating Never got a opportunity to travel that far/ Her life was stole/ Now we’ll ne’er know” ( Deviller. Hosein. & A ; Kipner. 2002 ) . The rubric refers to how killing person is to steal their hereafter and. finally. rob them of making their full potency. Stole begs the inquiry. What would the universe be like if immature people were all given the opportunity to carry through their fates of being person great instead than holding their lives prematurely ended? ” The melancholic tone of this vocal is made clear from the beginning with a comparatively slow pacing and a minor cardinal signature.
Although there is non a clear audience in footings of race or ethnicity. Stole decidedly targets today’s youth. Like Rowland’s vocal. I Can by Nas besides focuses on immature people and their hereafter. The wordss describe the usage of drugs and how they can impact one’s ability to win in life ( Hammond. Remi. & A ; Jones. 2002 ) . Nas. therefore. uses this vocal to press childs to remain off from offense and force. because they can all be whatever they want to be when they grow up. Poor picks. nevertheless. will condemn them to a lesser life. In the background. there is a sample of Beethoven’s Fur Elise. which sounds as if it is being played by a novice piano player.
This conjures up images of an adolescent playing the piano. which is consistent with the message of this song—that by being involved in positive activities and utilizing one’s endowment. anyone can turn up to be successful. Although it is typically associated with female authorization. Mary J. Blige’s I Can Make Bad All by Myself besides touches on force. One of the lines in the chorus says And I don’t need no 1 to black my eye” . which most likely refers to violence that takes topographic point within the place ( Blige. Harmon. & A ; Smith. 2009 ) .
The manner that Blige sings the vocal besides gives the wordss a spot of excess power. indicating that the last thing anyone needs in their life is force. hurting. and mistreatment. Possibly one of the most celebrated vocals about offense and force is Hope by Twista. having Faith Evans. In this individual. Twista raps about everything that he wishes would alter in the universe. Some of the lines include I wish my brother woulda made bond. so I won’t have to go six hours to see him in jail” and I want that DOC could shout once more and slugs could change by reversal so Pac and Biggie breathe again” ( Mitchell. Taylor. & A ; Calloway. 2005 ) .
That one mention to Biggie Smalls is particularly emotional as Faith Evans. his widow. sings I wish” in the background straight after. This gives hearers an thought of who is affected by force and who is left behind when a loved one is killed—everyone from friends to married womans. Twista’s signature velocity of knaping besides gives this vocal a more modern sound that would appeal to younger coevalss at the clip of its release. His manner is so balanced out by Evans’ soulful vocals when singing the chorus. which is intended to arouse more emotion from the hearers.
Overall. Hope is a vocal that can be particularly applicable to the young person in poorer minority communities that are ravaged by offense. force. drugs. and anything else that ruins lives at an early age. Still. the message of the individual is that there is still hope that some immature people will do positive picks in their life-time and will avoid going involved in force and offense. Last. the vocal Where is the Love performed by The Black Eyed Peas and Justin Timberlake besides serves as a declaration that the universe needs peace.
Its moderate yet tricky pacing allows hearers to concentrate on the wordss. which mention packs such as the Bloods and Crips. along with the well-known chorus that begins with the line People violent death. people dying” ( Will. I. Am. . Taboo. Apl. De. Ap. . Fair. & A ; Board. 2003 ) . This vocal was released shortly after the United States entered into the war with Iraq. which it besides addresses. but it encompasses everyone in today’s society. Whether or non people are in a pack or committed a offense. it still points out that there is a deficit of love and peace irrespective.
By doing the chief lyrical line Where is the love? ” this vocal inquiries the audience and urges them to believe about what they can make personally to do a difference and travel towards a universe that does non hold so much offense. force. and enduring. It is no inquiry that offense and force are both illustrated greatly in much of today’s popular music. as demonstrated by the predating five singles by five different creative persons and groups.
Johnson and Coonan besides discuss the strong connexion between music and force by saying. Perhaps the most basic connexion is to be found in musical narrations about force people or violent Acts of the Apostless. Violent imagination in dad music has become so commonplace that it would be gratuitous and sponsoring to get down an inventory” ( 2009. p. 65 ) . This merely refers to the presence of violent subjects in music. and non needfully whether or non an creative person is lauding offense or talking out against it.
There is besides another connexion that offense and force has had to the music industry in that artists themselves are going more involved with their communities and seeking to take action against these issues personally. An illustration is in Isadora Rangel’s article about a Adolescent Acme that took topographic point in Miami. where R & A ; B vocalist Betty Wright was one of the invitees ( 2010 ) . This article shows that music creative persons are non merely turn toing offense and force in their music. but besides make an attempt to demo support outside of the music industry.
An article in the Journal of Broadcasting & A ; Electronic Media outlines one survey that was conducted in order to find how the media influences the audience’s positions on race. force. and offense. As a consequence. the survey showed that music and media did in fact impact how both work forces and adult females profile an person as a felon and that stereotypes are frequently implemented ( Mastro. Lapinski. Kopacz. & A ; Behm-Morawitz. 2009 ) . The article so concluded that popular media has the ability to act upon people’s perceptual experiences about offense. force. and the types of people who commit them.
This survey does non openly province that certain genres of music promote force and are to fault for high rates of offense. but instead that today’s music has affected what society now thinks about these issues. It is of import that people do non instantly stereotype hip hop and R & A ; B music as genres that glorify offense and force. Although there are some rappers and creative persons who may non needfully order that such actions should be avoided. there are many who record vocals talking out against these issues and who try to advance love and peace.
The five vocals that were antecedently mentioned all portray a really realistic image of how the universe is today and what needs to alter. showing how current events and issues can change what is produced by the amusement industry and media. Mentions Blige. M. J. . Harmon. C. . & A ; Smith. S. ( 2009 ) . I Can Make Bad [ Recorded by Mary J. Blige ] . On I Can Make Ball All by Myself Soundtrack [ CD ] . Atlanta. GA: EMI April Music Inc. . and Universal Music Publishing Group Deviller. D. . Hosein. S. . & A ; Kipner. S. ( 2002 ) . Stole [ Recorded by Kelly Rowland ] .
On Simply Deep [ CD ] . Hollywood. Calcium: Columbia. Hammond. R. . Remi. S. . & A ; Jones. N. ( 2002 ) I Can [ Recorded by Nas ] . On God’s Son [ CD ] . Hollywood. Calcium: Columbia. Johnson. B. . & A ; Cloonan. M. ( 2009 ) . Dark Side of the Tune: Popular Music and Violence. Surrey: Ashgate Publishing Limited. Mastro. D. . Lapinski. M. K. . Kopacz. M. A. . & A ; Behm-Morawitz. E. ( 2009 ) . The Influence of Exposure of Depictions of Race and Crime in Television News on Viewer’s Social Jugements. Journal of Broadcasting & A ; Electronic Media. 53. 615-635. Mitchell. C. T. . Taylor. F.
. & A ; Calloway. T. ( 2005 ) . Hope [ Recorded by Twista foot. Faith Evans ] . On Coach Carter Soundtrack [ CD ] . USA: Atlantic Recording Corporation and Capitol Records. Rangel. I. Liberty City ‘Teen Summit’ Grapples with Crime. Violence. In Miami Herald. Retrieved July 29. 2010. from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. miamiherald. com/2010/06/15/1682770/liberty-city-teen-summit-grapples. hypertext markup language. Will. I. Am. . Taboo. Apl. De. Ap. . Fair. R. . & A ; Board. P. ( 2003 ) . Where is the Love [ Recorded by The Black Eyed Peas ft. Justin Timberlake ] . On Elephunk [ CD ] . USA: A & A ; M and Interscope.

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