Social work theory and practice

Published: 2020-08-09 12:20:04
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Over the past 30 years there have been a lot of changes in social work. The demand for social workers has risen and the way we care for these families has been moulded by different theories. Social work started off as a way to make individuals enhance their standard of living through charity work and dealing with poverty. The goal was to advance the quality of life and the growth of every person in the society. In 1985 computers were intro deuced into work, this brought concerns about lack of privacy; another concern being that face to face contact would decrease.
By the end of the 20th century technology and the way can use it in social work had changed. Computers were more user-friendly; meaning the use of computers at work became more common. Also, there was focus on what citizens would do with all this technology at home in terms of neighbourhood websites and communities of interest, with the internet brought a new type” of service user. Access to the internet meant access to information quicker than ever meaning the people we were/are providing a service to know more about what they are intituled to. In social work today, computers can now be found nearly everywhere, not just for office tasks, but also to support, online counselling and the protection of client records.
Just like in 1985, respect for privacy of client information is important although how we keep the information safe has changed. Social work started off as a very hands on industry but over the years, with laws and human rights changes, if has been forced to change and, there is now a lot more paper pushing”. Social workers have to do so much report writing that it leave little time to sit down with families anymore. Also social work started off working with families as a whole and is now more focused on the children and protecting them n their rights, always putting the child’s wellbeing first.
Everything social workers do has an order and a system, those systems have been put in place as policies have changed to safeguard the social workers; if you work by the rules there is no reason for social workers to get into trouble at work. 30years ago there was less paper work because social workers were less accountable for the service users, now if things aren’t documented, whomever is missing paperwork or reports is more likely to be held accountable for the issue and be up for the chopping bored” because they haven’t followed the procedures.
Overall a lot has changed in social work, these changes have happened to keep up with the changes in society. These changes are for the benefit of service uses and social workers. Practice of theory is undertaken in a systematic way to protect everyone. Theory and practice will forever be changing because the way we work with people constantly changes. I believe the majority of the changes that have occurred have been good, improvements can still be made but the changes so far are there to protect us all

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