Some Are Born to Sweet Delight. Self Written Ending

Published: 2020-06-20 15:21:04
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Some are born to sweet delight. The end At the airport the others left him to go alone with her. He gave her another, last-minute gift for home. – Oh, Rad, where’m I going to put it? The ticket says one hand-baggage! – But she squeezed his arm in happy recognition of his thought for his family. -It can go in; easy, easy. – She gave him the last hug but Rad didn’t really respond to it. -I love you Rad. Hope to see you again. Vera went to the gate alone. She was a little nervous for the extra bag when the ticket said only one hand-baggage, even though Rad said it would go easy in.
She was very excited what the gift for home was. She went through the gate with no problems and she felt very relieved. She was comfortable in her seat and ready to go. The flight landed. She heard somebody yell her name. She looked over her shoulder but couldn’t see anybody. She went further when she heard her name again. This time she saw a big family with a sign where there stood VERA. She wondered how they knew it was her but she went over to them. They seemed nice and social. Rad’s father offered to take her hand-baggage.
In the same time a little girl came out from the crowd acting very nervously. * Why do you have two hand-baggage? * It’s a gift from Rad for home. * He’s already brought us a gift for home! The father hit the little girl softly in her head. Vera didn’t know what to do. It shocked her. She had never experienced something like that. She acted like she didn’t see it. The way home was very awkward . The father showed her to her room. It was not much. A little room with only one bed. She could see what Rad meant with no good news from home. It was not like she imagined- it was worse!
The father dragged her baggage to her room and left it in front of her door. She dragged it to a corner of the room. She didn’t unpack it because she didn’t know for how long she would stay. * Oh, shoot! He forgot to take the gift for home. I wonder what it is. She opened it and all she could see was metal and a little blackboard with a timer on it. It was counting down. Next to the timer there was a little note saying It is the best for all”. She closed it rapidly. When she closed it she heard a click and immediately realized it was the end. The place blew into a thousand pieces.

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