Stereotypes in Modern World Essay

Published: 2020-07-28 17:05:02
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The stereotype that all is good at the clip which exists in our society is one of the most stable. Harmonizing to this stereotype. the mean citizen of Kazakhstan should complete school no subsequently than 18 old ages old. complete the university at least at the age of 30. to get down his ain grownup life and leave the parental attention at someplace about 22 old ages. to get down a household and have kids – in the scope of 25 to 35 old ages old. travel to retirement at the age of 58 ( adult females ) and 63 ( for work forces ) . Harmonizing to this stereotype in Kazakhstan. the girl should be married and travel to populate in the house of her hubby at 25 old ages. and the eldest boy must ever populate in his parents’ house even being married. The remainder of kids –daughters and boies – should besides populate their parents’ house and unrecorded individually. There is another old usage of giving the eldest kid to parent for upbringing. But it is used less and less today.
Social clock is clicking all the clip in collective unconscious” in the subconscious of every individual. Many adult females over 25 may hold psychological composites due to. for illustration. that they are still non married. Young people. non enrolled to analyze in high school. worry about that they will non hold adequate clip to acquire higher instruction until they are 30. Possibly all this stereotypes have some biological grounds related with doctrine: the most optimum clip for the first childbirth for adult females is the age before 30. After this age the childbirth can go through with some complications. Young parents have more opportunities to convey up their progeny and to see their grandchildren. and be involved in their instruction.
And parents will non burthen their grownup kids with the attention of themselves ( parents ) . when it’s a clip for them ( kids ) to do a calling. In add-on. they will be born healthier kids. Scientists have shown that the older parents have more opportunities to hold kids born with Down syndrome. At last it is non really good to remain under the roof of paternal house. because it is fraught with possible struggles of coevalss. But it besides happens that people are pleased to interrupt stereotypes. And so we find out in the intelligence that the 80-year-old adult male became a pupil at the university ; or that an aged adult female in retirement. because of her love to music. went to the music school to carry through the dream of her life-time –to learn to play the piano.
Possibly antecedently she had no clip to make that. because she had to do a life and raise a household. More frequently modern Kazakh misss break stereotypes. They are non in haste to acquire married and put it off to clock up to 40 old ages. because they want to acquire married non for public sentiment. but in instance of existent love. They know all the hazards. but hope for the best. and frequently their outlooks are met. If you want to cognize my sentiment I would state that I’m strongly against any stereotypes imposed by societal clock. and I think that everyone should tune this clock harmonizing to their ain sentiment and compose the book of their lives themselves. Writer and philosopher Voltaire one time said. Best of all – to make things. that in the sentiment of others. you will ne’er be able to make. ” And I perfectly agree with that!

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