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Published: 2020-07-31 22:55:03
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GTH has an obviously plan to launch approximately 6-8 movies a year. •GTH plans to be No 1 in three categories of films: romance, horror and comedy to capture varieties of segmentation. GTH has great distribution channel via GMM Grammy connections. •GTH has generated more revenues such as the sale of its sound tracks, VCD and DVD rights in the international market as well as cable networks. Weaknesses •Internal conflict management between 3 joint ventures companies in producing and marketing movies. (different point of views between top managements and movie producers) •Duration to make one movie usually spans 8 months to 1 ? years, depending on the size of the project. Majority of movies produced will be targeted at domestic mass market with some quality movies to attract international viewers as well as international investors. Opportunities •
Thai movie industry is moving toward long-term growth due to the fact that many Thai movies have become more widely accepted abroad such as Shutter” has sell the movie rights for international production. •Thai government policy in order to create Thai local movie industry into a regional hub for movie production and post-production. The growth of the Internet and mobile phones, new technologies of digital cinema, outsourcing of media work from the West can change the consumer lifestyle and spending in order to generate more revenues. Threats •Making the wrong choice in a project that does not match viewers’ preferences because viewers demand is recentness. Thus, the variety from audience preferences can cause the movie to fail to meet revenue targets. •Competitors whose movies are released concurrently: (Competitors refer to both Thai and foreign movies that are being screened in cinemas at the same time).
In cases where competitors’ movies are more popular, this can affect the Company’s income from that movie. •Misuse of Funding: The movie requires a higher budget than the Company’s original target. •Piracy: Most frequent incidences are secret filming of the movie in the theatres which are then copied for sale and replication of genuine DVDs or VCDs for illegal sale. These types of piracy and reduce revenue flow from the sale of movie VCDs and DVDs, which affects revenue received from copyrights.

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